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Title: Heatin’ Up 5 th Grade

Brooke Roberson #17 Behavior Contingency Plan

Undesirable Behavior: not having their listening ears on at all times, not raising their hands during discussion, and not having all materials ready.

1. Not having listening ears on at all times distracts student from understanding and completing their own work.

2. Shouting out answers during discussion not only takes away from individual student learning, but also distracts other students from understanding and completing their work.

3. Not being prepared and on task during class discussion leads to students not understanding the importance of their learning environment and how much of a role in plays in their every day learning.

Desirable Behavior: listening ears turned on at all times during discussion, raise your hand when it’s your turn to talk during discussion, and have needed materials ready at all times.

1. Think about your own actions during class discussions.

2. If your actions aren’t interfering with your learning, keep working, listening, and participating in the discussion.

3. If your actions are interfering with your learning, take a step back and reevaluate your situation and regain focus on your learning experience.

Types of Positive Reinforcements: When half the class participates in the desirable behaviors with 85% accuracy, the thermometer moves up 1 degree.

Immediate R+: Tickets (degrees)

Ongoing R+: A thermometer

Overall R+: The Atlas Game

o How will you administer all R+?

§ Immediate R+: The teacher walks around class during discussion and checks for the students who are portraying the desirable behaviors. If the student has their listening ears turned on during discussion, raises their hand when it’s their turn to talk during discussion, and has all the necessary materials needed for that discussion, then they will receive one ticket (degree).

§ Ongoing R+: At the end of the class period, if the class has participated in desirable behaviors with 85% accuracy, their class thermometer will move up 1 degree.

Interactive Learning Activity: The Atlas Game

Description: The class will be split into two groups and each group will have a large Atlas and a buzzer. Each group will be shown the index portion of the Atlas and will have understanding of the geographic locations in the index. The teacher will stand at the front of the class and pick a location. Each group will find the location the location in the index and read the description specifically about the location. The groups then turn to the map

portion of the Atlas and locate the location on the map. The first group to hit their buzzer wins! After the teacher checks their answer (they have to keep their finger on the location), that group who is correct gets a point!

Topic: Geography

TEK #: (7) Geography. The student understands the concept of regions in the United States.

How will you teach the desired behavior?

Listening Ears: The teacher will model discussing topics with the class and will model using her listening ears. Then, the class will practice using their listening ears on their own during a mock class discussion.

Raising Hand: The teacher will model discussing topics with the class and will model raising her hand during discussion. The class will practice by raising their hands during a mock class discussion.

Prepared with Needed Materials: The teacher will provide students with what materials are needed for each discussion so that students will be aware of what materials they will need before the discussion begins.

How will you teach the plan? Before beginning each lesson module, the teacher will explain to students that it is their job to be effective learners and part of their job to create a positive learning environment for not only themselves, but also for the other learns in their classroom. After, the teacher will introduce the plan to the class, including the desired behavior and the positive reinforcements. Each desired behavior and positive reinforcement would be modeled and practiced until class is comfortable with the plan.