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Plan Title: Keep Your Cranium Up

Name: Josh Garcia

ID# 11

Behavior Contingency Plan (BCP): Grading Rubric

Undesirable Behavior Targeted:

Students not on task, having their heads down and not paying attention to the lecture. Students will be
talking to other students while the teacher is teaching the lesson for the day. Students will have their
phones out and not listening to the lecture. All behaviors contribute to students not actively
participating in class, they do not get the important information of the lesson, and they cannot answer
questions about the lesson or contribute to the class.
Desirable (expected) Behavior Targeted:
Students on task and actively participating in class. Students will have phones put away in their
backpacks and turned off. Students will have their heads up and be able to answer questions about
lesson. Students will not be talking to each other while the teacher is lecturing and will be expected to
contribute to the class lecture when called upon.
Types of positive reinforcements - Reinforced when & how?
Immediate & delayed R+ should be related to the final activity being earned.
1. Immediate R+
There will be a board on the wall with three columns (heads up, class participation, and phones put
way). Each class period when all phones are put away in backpacks, all students keep their heads up
the entire class, and participate in class, the class earns a mark. The teacher will mark a spot in each
respectable column until all 3 columns are marked. When all 3 columns have a mark the teacher will
give them one question that will be used in the game for that category.
2. Ongoing R+
With 5 marks on the board in each column the class earns one of four categories (art, performance,
fact, vocabulary) to play the board game of cranium they need all four categories.
3. Overall R+ Once all categories are collected then the class will break up into 4 teams and will play against each
other in a class history version of Cranium. All of the questions and performances will center on
American history.
4. The teacher can put the marks on the board as they see the desired behaviors being met each class
Interactive Learning Activity
113.20. Social Studies (b)(1) (A) identify the major eras and events in U.S. history through 1877,
including colonization, revolution, drafting of the Declaration of Independence, creation and ratification
of the Constitution, religious revivals such as the Second Great Awakening, early republic, the Age of
Jackson, westward expansion, reform movements, sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction, and
describe their causes and effects.
The cranium board game will be modified to include all American history themed questions. The class will
group up into 4 teams and will play against each other as a class. The board game will be displayed on the
board using a doc camera that way all students can see it. Each category will have the students complete
the task in a different way, vocabulary will have the students defining and spelling words, and solving
puzzles. Fact category will have them answer questions, or determine if something is true/false. Art
category will have them drawing the clue for teammates to guess. The performance category will have the
students perform or act like historical figures, or use silent clues.

Explain HOW you will Teach the Desired Behaviors:

The teacher will teach the desired behaviors by modeling them to the students. The students will then
reflect back on what the desired behaviors look like and model it back for the teacher. The students will
then sign a behavior contract acknowledging they understand what the desired behavior is.
Explain HOW you will Teach the Plan:
The teacher will teach the plan to the students by showing them and explaining what the board is and how
they will earn marks to reach the goal. The teacher will have one example of each category to
demonstrate to the class what the game will look like once they earn all categories.
Provide options
Implementing the plan across periods will be easy since the game can be adjusted to various material no
matter the unit the class is covering. The marks can be adjusted to reflect other undesired behavior as they
Demonstrate all Necessary Items
the teacher will need a Doc viewer, game board, timer, dice and all questions for board game premade.