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Discovering the World: Preparing for Take-Off

Aubrey Moncure

Behavior Contingency Plan (BCP)

Undesirable Behavior Targeted: Students are spending too much time getting prepared to learn at the
beginning of class. At the beginning of class, students are walking around, chatting with their friends,
on their phones, etc. It takes students about 5 minutes after the bell rings to get on-task. By doing this,
the amount of learning time for each class is reduced, and students are not receiving the intended
amount of instruction because most lesson plans rely on using the entire class time.
Desirable (expected) Behavior Targeted: The expected behavior is that when the bell rings signaling the
start of class, students are in their assigned seats with the materials needed for that day out on their
desks (the white board will have the days needed material written on it). The students are quiet with
all unnecessary things (phones, other classwork) put in their backpack, under their desk. The students
are looking at the teacher waiting for instruction.
Types of positive reinforcements - Reinforced when & how?
1. Immediate R+: Each student that is modeling the expected behavior when the bell rings will be given a
sticker, which they can put on the Discovering the World bulletin board at the end of class to show
the classrooms progress.
2. Ongoing R+: As students receive stickers for modeling the expected behavior, they will be able to add
this sticker to the Discovering the World bulletin board, which is a world map. The students will
need enough stickers to go from Texas to Greece on the map.
3. Overall R+ - Once the goal is met and the class has earned enough stickers to reach from Texas to
Greece, the students will be rewarded with a Greek Day, which is a class day dedicated to learning
about Greek democracy, complete with togas and Greek food.
4. To administer immediate R+, I will quickly hand out stickers at the beginning of class to whoever is
modeling the expected behavior. At the end of class, once the bell rings, the students can put their
sticker on the map.
Interactive Learning Activity
6.b.(12): Government. The student understands various ways in which people organize government. The
student is expected to identify historical origins of democratic forms of government such as Ancient
Once the students have earned enough stickers to reach from Texas to Greece on the map, we will have a
Greek day. The students will be encouraged to bring Greek food and wear togas/other Greek clothes.
Greek Day will be spent learning about democracy in Ancient Greece. The class day will follow the
process of Greek democracy. For example, the class will start with an elite group of students in
charge. This will show the discontent of the majority of Greeks. Then, we will implement Greek
democracy in the class to explain how Greeks somewhat earned representation in their government.
Similar to how the Greeks did it, students names will be randomly drawn to determine who gets to be
a representative for each of Ancient Greeces 10 tribes. The day will be spent eating Greek food,
learning about Greek culture, and experiencing Greek democracy.
Explain HOW you will Teach the Desired Behaviors:
In order to teach the expected behavior, I will first explain the expected behavior to the students. Then, I
will model the expected behavior for them at the beginning of class. Then, I will ask the students to model
the expected behavior at the beginning of class. Lastly, the entire class will practice the expected
behavior. This process will help the expected behavior become more automatic for the students.
Explain HOW you will Teach the Plan:

First, I will create the classroom Discovering the World bulletin board, which will have the starting and
ending points labeled on the map, along with a clear and understandable description of the expected
behavior. I will show students the bulletin board, explain that their goal is to get enough stickers to reach
from Texas to Greece, and I will show students the stickers so they can get an idea of the size of them and
about how many theyll need to reach their overall goal. I will also demonstrate how the stickers should
be added to the bulletin board; for example, the stickers should be touching front to back. I will also tell
them about the interactive learning activity (Greek Day) to get them excited and motivated to reach their
overall goal.
Provide options
There are several options and modifications for this BCP and bulletin board. For multiple classes, each
class could have a different sticker (one class has airplanes, one has foot prints, etc.), and the map would
have several progress lines going from Texas to Greece (one line for each class). Once the first goal has
been met, another location on the map could be chosen for the students to get to next. For example, once
the students reach from Texas to Greece and have Greek day, their next goal could be to make it from
Texas to Russia. Then, their interactive learning activity could be Russia Day, in which they learned
about government in Russia (TEKS b.12.B). This extension of the bulletin board could be for two
reasons: either the original undesirable behavior has not been corrected, or the teacher would like to
correct a new undesirable behavior.
Demonstrate all Necessary Items
For bulletin board/BCP: Paper and tape/glue for the bulletin board, variety of stickers
For Greek Day: Greek Food, fabric for togas, bowl with students names folded in it