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Connie N.

Kyrene de la Mariposa Elementary School
50 East Knox Road
Tempe, AZ. 85284
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing a letter of recommendation on behalf of my ASU student teacher, Chandler Hovik. As a veteran
physical education teacher of 31 years with elementary children, it was my honor to be Chandler Hoviks
mentor teacher.
Chandler implemented several teaching strategies to bridge learning for all students: Station Teaching,
Alternative Teaching, Team Teaching, and Parallel Teaching. He drafted his own lesson plans from the Pangrazi
P.E. Curriculum which were: standard based, age appropriate, and provided regular accommodations for
individual students needs. Chandler instructed numerous P.E. classes with the following units being taught:
Classroom Management & Team Building Initiative Challenges, Hula Hoops, Wands, Climbing Wall,
Gymnastics, Benches, Throwing, Football #1 & #2, Long Rope, Individual Rope, Jogging, Running, Cross
Country, and lastly a Tennis Unit. Chandler enthusiasm and his insight to the students needs make him a great
asset to any school. He also has a good handle on appropriate discipline procedures, which of course is a key
element for being a good teacher. Chandlers communication with children is one of his strengths as well. He
takes the time to actively listen and find a way to consistently teach in conversation. His classes were well
informed of the P.E rules, regulations, and learning goals for each day. Chandlers teaching was well-organized
and displayed an efficient learning environment for his students to develop: content knowledge, motor skills,
performing lifetime physical activities/sports, and implementing personal fitness.
In his student teaching experience with me at Kyrene de la Mariposa Elementary School, Chandler took a lot of
extra initiative. Some examples of his extra participation are: helping set-up the Staff Health Fitness Room,
directed a 5th grade Lunch-Time Cross Country Meet, attending the Mariposa Curriculum Night, P.E. InService Meeting, and assisted in the Jump Rope for Heart Event. One of the extra events that Chandler also
assisted in was the Annual K-5th grade Turkey Trot Fun Run. In this special event, there where over 350 parents
and 650 staff/ students who participated in this community activity. Chandler helped set-up at 5:00 am and
directed parents where to go for job assignments. He also assisted in all of the directions, demonstrations,
supervision and lastly, the clean-up at the end. The Turkey Trot is a big undertaking and he handled it with
professionalism. Not only did Chandler help in all of the Turkey Trot responsibilities but he also went above
and beyond by dressing up as a Referee. This act shows his character and dedication to the kids and how he
does the extras in whatever job he is undertaking!
Finally, Chandler is a phenomenal role model for ALL students to learn from. The kids truly bonded with him. I
would truly say Chandler, has a special charisma with children. He also exemplifies: flexibility, wit, patience,
congeniality with staff members and teachers and the passion for teaching physical education.
I feel that Chandler teaching abilities are superior, and I would highly recommend him for a position teaching
physical education classes.
Connie N. Allen
Mariposa P.E. Specialist