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CUltcimace Leats Alejandro Melchor Contents Credits 2 Introduction Developer: Paul Tucker : 3. Prestige Classes in Your Campaign Eatior: Matthew Sprangs 8 Feats of the Arcane 25. Feats of Arms Cover Art: Scott Clark 81 Feats of Blood 92 Feats of Crafting Additional Text: August Hahn 103 yReatw ofthe Divine: Interior Illustrations: Andrew Jordan, 113 Feats of the Mind Anthea Dilly, Brent Chumley, Chad 134 Feats of the Monstrous Sergesketter, Chris Quillams, Danilo Moretti, David Esbri, Drew Langston, Eric Bergeron, Fred Rawles, Gillian Pearce, Jason Kerr, Marcio Fiorito, Nathan Webb, 146 Feats of Power 159 Feats of Skill 198 Feats of Song and Stealth Patricio Soler, Reynaldo Batista, Rich 209 Feats of the Unliving Longmore, Sarwat Chadda, Shane Coppag 216 Feats of Today and the Future Stephen Cook, Stephen Shepherd, Tony 222 Index Parker 229 Rules Summary Production Manager: Alexander Fennell 254 D20 & OGL License Proof-Reading: Lucya Szachnowski ‘Open Game Content & Copyright Information LUbimate Feats is ©2002 Mongoose Publishing. Allright reserved. Reprodition of non-Open Game Content ofthis work by any incans mthout the writen permission ofthe publisher is expres forbidden, UNimate Feats s presented under the Open Game and 120 Licences, See pages 254256 for the tex of these licences. All game mechanics and statistics derivative of Open Game Content and the Synicm Referee Document are tobe considered Open Gaming Content. AI other significant characters, names, plaesitems, ‘at and text herein are copyrighted by Mongoose Publishing. All ights reserved. Ifyou have any questions on the OpenGame Content ofthis product please conta! Mongoose Publishing. 420 System and the "220 Sytem’ logo are Trademarks ovmedby Wizards ofthe Coast and are used aevordng tothe terms of the €20 System Licence version 3.0. A copy of this Licence can befound ‘at mire izaeds om. The mention of of reference to any company or prodet in these pages isnot a challenge to thetrademark conyoght concemed, Dungeons & Dragons and Wirare ofthe Coast® are Registered Trademarks of Wizar of theCoas, and are hed with Permission. Printed im Canada. MONGOOSE PUBLISHING Mongoose Publishing, PO Box 1018, Swindon, SN3 1DG, United Kingdom info@mongoosepublishing.com Visit the Mongoose Publishing website at www.mongoosepublishing.com for regular updates. NTRODUCTION sara ivan inthe 20 sytem, Friston sme tc chants ine sel lies hay hace i ih gis an a They epee ea’ apt fr ge trephine and ae oof ena pore ‘ob reutonsag chine ira fener ate ck ansltng see ed amistad ioe of Paleo, Wiha ctl arqutin TEs the i cn bs es be ond wihin mune omit can combat a thes ny atemge on al lea Sjoatcna on oeaka ca mgistan op ‘omit penmcow of pl ‘A feat alters the way a character funetions. The strongest barbarian will not deal the same amount of damage as a weaker one who knows Power Attack and Weapon Focus, and whose rage may last longer ‘and give greater benefits. In the same way, the most dextrous rogue cannot position himself in the batilefield as advantageously as one with the Dodge and Mobility feats, not to mention one who knows new and creative ways in which to use his sneak attacks. Feats introduce variants and mind when creating it / ULTIMATE COLLECTION’ Ultimate Feats, is the second Supplementary / Rulebook of the Ultimate Series, compilingsome of the best feats available. Designed to be, slotted into any fantasy-based 420 gare ‘well asa smattering of feats for more shgdern settings, these sourcebooks offer the/bestaf the fantasy 20 games, as well as new) bbe easily included in any camp ‘Games Masters will find a wealth pf opkons40_ enrich their characters and antagonists. (Ax innovation to the characters’ features and a chance —<._\ for a player to come closer to the concept he had in. ULTIMATE FEATS, The primary purpose of this Supplementary Rulebook isto present players and Games Masters alike with a selection of the best feats for any kind of character, for any purpose. These feats are drawn. fiom the best Mongoose Publishing has printed in the past year, but also includes Open Game Content material from the Core Rulebooks, many other sources and brand new material you will not find anywhere else. From exotic combat training to the ability to cast spells in new ways, the feats cover a ‘wide range of functions and are classified into broad categories for ease of use. Such classification is not absolute, as many feats cross the boundaries between kinds of tasks, adding new dimensions to. characters” abilities and capabilities, regardless of their career choices. Players will find new areas for their characters to specialise, fine-tuning existing abilities or gaining entirely new ones. Games Masters will find a treasure trove of feats to spice up their campaigns, including unique skill paths and ways to make encounters if not tougher, at least more interesting, by equipping Non-Player Characters and monsters with some these feats, USING FEATS USING FEATS reese cosines abilities that influence violent conflict, from the training necessary to wield weapons, don armour and ways to do it better, to special offensive and defensive moves the character can perform during an encounter. Feats of Blood are race-specfic feats, solely available to members of particular race, that enhance or diminish features of their blood [As the dictionary definition states, a feat lets a ‘character exceed his limits and perform a... well... a feat of extraordinary ability. The number ‘of feats included in the Core Rulebooks pointed the way for others to devise their own, as the mechanic itself is fairly simple: a character receives a feat at character creation to differentiate him from others from his class, and gains more ‘ashe grows in experience. Some races receive more feats than others, and some ‘lasses’ features are nothing but feats. Players can use feats to narrow the paths of expertise they want their characters to follow. A spellcaster may spend all his available feats in metamagie, which allow him to bend the rules of spelleasting to fit his needs. Other characters may opt to enhance their skills, saving throws or any other feature upon the character sheet so that they ‘can deal with some situations better than the average person. Whatever the player's idea of his characteris, he can find feats that will help him ‘make the character into that shape, like well-aimed chisel blows that will define the fine features in a sculpture, once the general shape (race and class) is decided, ‘This book classifies feats in twelve broad categories depending on the purpose they serve, though some of them overlap a litle Feats of the Arcane are all those special abilities that let arcane spelleasters increase their power, or grant them new sources of power. Included here are specific ‘metamagic feats that are only available to arcane spelicastrs. are all those feats concerned with the creation of magical items, Feats of the Divine whether clerics, druids or paladins Feats of the Mind stand on their own as ways to se Subic fmm ce pele powers and forging psionic items 16 sf tac hor ur poe of etal to on eg aa for the creation of psionic items \ Feats of the Monstrous compres those fot that are it pres, x ‘opposed to player characters ot Non-Bgyer ‘Characters. af Feats of Power \ are metamagic feats, excepting thosd that are solely available to arcane, or divine casters The chapter therefore contains the more general metamagic feats, available to any spellcaster. Feats of ski is a catch-all chapter, containing all those feats not specifically found in one of the others, most noticeably feats intended to improve skills or non- specific spellcasting abilities ofa character >i, or the feat ai comprises thse feats ame at divine splleastes - Feats of Song and Stealth ‘contiprises thegfeats djmed at bards or rogue-type charkcless; whether the improving of a bard's song AN of a rogue. Is A FEAT Inthe €20 system, a fet is a special ability intended to give the character additonal capabilities beyond the basics set in the character's rave and clas, They ae diferent from dil, os those are specifics areas of knowledge or ability and specications that the character knows by leaning, practice o talent, A character can devote time and effort toa skill and become very good att but his actions are limited to what the sil was defined todo. Feats, onthe other hand, are things the character does tht go beyond norma laming. They can also come fro training and talent, but these are rarer expression of skill and talent, ikea spark of genius that permits the character to do things nobody with the same level of skill is able to do All fighters know how to fight defensively but only cone with the Expertise feat knows how to control that defence to suit his purposes. A 6* level rogue can ‘only add up to nine plus his Dexterity modifier toa Pick Pocket check, but a rogue ofthe same level gets to add two more thanks to his Skill Focus (pick pocket feat. strong barbarian can punch his opponents silly with his great Strength but a cleric with Improved Unarmed Strike will not elicit a pre- emptive attack of opportunity. Asa general rule, a feat is a permit for the players to bend — or even break ~ the rules of the game, mess with the numbers and give their characters the