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LIQUID IMMERSED DISTRIBUTION, POWER, AND REGULATING TRANSFORMERS Relationships of Nominal System ‘Lightning Impulse Insulation IBEE ‘Std C57.12.00-1993 Table 3 Voltage to Maximum System Voltage and Basic Levels (BIL) for Systems 765 kV and Below cr ae Application Distribution 50 87 15.0 25.0 345 46.0 69.0 115.0 138.0 161.0 230.0 345.0 500.0 765.0 NOTES. () BIL values in bold ‘ANSI C57.12.10-1987 [B1}, ANSI C57.12.20-1988 [B3), (€57.12.22-1989 [B5}, ANSI C57.12.23-1986 (B6], ANSI C' 1990 (B8], and ANSI C57.12.26-1992 (B13) (2) Single-phase distribution and power ratings between terminals of 8.7 KV and fare insulated for the test voltages correspond: tranaformers serves for the Y and A applications. operated and connected, are therefore higher the {3) For series windings in transformers, such as ground shall be determined by the BIL of between terminals. (4) Values listed as nomi fing to the "The test, regula ‘Maximum System Vollage (from ANSI C84.1-1989 and ANSI 92.2-1987 (KV rms) inal system voltage in some cases (particul Basie Lightning Impulse Insulation Levels (BIL) ‘in Common Use (kV crest) ) a) $57.12.24-1988 (BT), ANSI C57.12.25- transformers and regulating transformers for voltage '¥ connection #0 that a single line of voltages for such transformers, when fan needed for their voltage rating. ting transformers, the test values to "e series windings rather than by the rated voltage larly voltages 94.5 kV and pidesare applicable to other lesser voltages of approximately the same value, For example, 15 KV encompasses nominal system voltages of 14 12.600 KV, 12 470 kV, 12 000 kV, 11 950 kV, ete. ‘440 kV, 13 800 kV, 13 200 KV, 13-090 kV, 5.7 Polarity, Angular Displacement, and Terminal Markings 8.7.1 Polarity of Single-Phase Transformers. Single-phase transformers in sizes 200 KVA and below and having high-voltage ratings of 8660 V and below (winding voltage) shall have additive polarity. All other single-phase polarity. 7 transformers shall have subtractive