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Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY 1a 3e7 15 December 2015 UNDERSECRETARY LUISITO G. MONTALBO Executive Director Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Office of the President of the Philippines 7/F, Agustin I Building, F. Ortigas Jr, Road Ortigas Center, Pasig City Fax No. 638-2216 Subject: DOE-PAMANA 2015 projects Dear Usee. Montalbo: Enclosed, please find, for your information and appropriate action, the attached 4'* Quarter implementation update for the subject project. Thank you. Very truly yours, en te IRMA C, EXCONDE OIC-Director Electric Power Industry Management Bureau p Ce BVRNV CC: Dir, Araceli S. Soluta, DOE OPAPP PAMANA Monitoring Energy Center, Merrit Rd, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines Tol. Nos.: (Trunkline) 840-1401 to 21; Fax 840-1731; 840-2138; 840-2067 ; (632) 840-1731; (632) 840-2196, Telefax (632) 840-2067 Website: wwiw.doe gov.ph, E-mail info@doe.gov.ph DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT BUREAU DOE-PAMANA 2015 4" QUARTER 2015 PROJECT ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT 1 ‘TRODUCTION Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA) is the national government's peace and development framework to respond and strengthen peace building, reconstruction and development in conflict-affected areas. ‘As support to the above national government’s program, the Department of Energy (DOF), in coordination with Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (OPAPP), has endorsed the PAMANA project, for implementation in FY 2015, by electrifying the conflict-affected and ‘vulnerable areas in two (2) Provinces in Mindanao using Solar PV System, targeting 150 households with total estimated budget of Php 3,320,000.00. Below is the summary of PAMANA projects for FY 2015: Regions Arex Target | No. of Projects Allocation (PhP) 2 i Households | XT] Brgy. Tandik, Maragisan, | 25 7 7,000,000.00 Compostela Valley otal Region XI PAE 7-000, 000.00 xl 20,000.00 () Sitios, namely: | 123 @ Toka Na Oleis, Palao, | HHs/Sitio Kababan, Aleing and ‘Campo & Sr. Malao all in Brgy. Balatikan, Pikit, North Cotabato _ Total Region XII 5 2,320,000.00 TOTAL | __150_ 6 projects 3,320,000.00 I STATUS OF PHYSICAL IMPLEMENTATION & FUND UTILIZATION There are a total of six (6) projects located in two (2) municipalities of two (2) provinces. The DOE fully coordinated the implementation strategies with the concerned Electric Cooperatives (DANECO and COTELCO-PPALMA) for the solar electrification projects in the above PAMANA target areas. ‘Accordingly, the Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) have been finalized based on the inputs/suggestions of said ECs and have been forwarded back to them for signature. As previously reported, the service delivery model for the above projects is through EC-based partnership, I is expected that DOE will be able to receive the signed MOA from the ECs as well as obligate the project funds by I" quarter of 2016. IIL, Project Issues/Concerns and Recommendations Issues and Concerns Action taken/Recommendation/s | 1. For the DOE-PAMANA project in five (&) itios in Barangay Balatikan, Pikit, North | Cotabato, the DOE has presented’ to the concemed officials of COTELCO-PPALMA the raft MOA and Implementation Arrangement for stid project. We are still awaiting said EC's submittal of the project implementation plan for DOE’s review and approval We shall follow-up from the concemed Electric Cooperative the immediate submission of the Project Implementation Plan for the DOE- PAMANA 2015 project. 3. For the DOE-PAMANA project in Barangay ‘Tandik, Maragusan, Compostela Valley, the DOE has already forwarded the MOA’ for DANECO’s signature, Said EC has yet to submit the Project Implementation Plan for said project. We shall immediately request the concemed Electric Cooperative to return the duly signed MOA and submit a Project Implementation Plan for the DOE-PAMANA 2015. project. We wish to note that the implementation arrangement for each project shall be presented to the concerned LGU officials, concerned electric cooperative, OPAPP and AFP to smoothen the roles and responsibilities ‘of each concerned stakeholders and realize success in the implementation as well as ensure project sustainability. - Request for 4th Quarter 2015 PAMANA Progress Report_DOE From: pamana.npmo@opapp.net To: Mylene Capongcol Vernon Vinluan CC: Howard Cafugauan Menchie Celestial Mezzy Chua Date: Noy 25 at 8:13 PM Greetings of Peace! This is to respectfully request submission of the Department of Energy's (DOE) PAMANA Progress Report for the 4th Quarter of 2015. In line with this, may we kindly request submission of both the accomplished Excel template and narrative report (Physical and Financial Accomplishments),provide to your PAMANA Focal persons, through pamana.npmo@opapp.net on or before 20 December 2015. For clarifications, please coordinate with Michael Filio of the PAMANA-NPMO at telephone no. 636-0701 local $09 and mobile no, 0916-246-1325. ‘Thank you very much for your steadfast support to the peace process, Sincerely, PAMANA-NPMO, Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Pasig City, Philippines 636-0701 local 809 / 634.6759