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Republic of the Philippines a Department of Social Welfare and Development 'BP Road, Batasan Pambansa Complex, Constution Hills, Quezon ily 1128 ‘Telephone Nos. (623) 931-8101 to 07; Telefax (632) 931-8191 ‘E-mail: ovec@dswd.gov.ph ‘Website: htm. dawd goon i 22 DECEMBER 2015 HON, TERESITA QUINTOS DELES Secretary Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Ortigas Center, Pasig City ATIN: HOWARD CAFAGAUAN Asst. Sec. for Programs/NPMO Dear Sec. Deles: This is to respecttully provide your office the attached 4'* Quarter Physical and Financial Accomplishment Report of PAMANA PS/LGU-Led Program, For your information and reference. Thank you. PACITA D. SARINO OlC-Director IV Protective Services Bureau By: {OSALIE D, DAGULO OIC-Assistant Bureau Director Protective Services Fnclzaestatec cc: Camo 6, Guckrafa Gticerin Srarge Office o he Undowecretery fr Operations and Programs Grove PAMANA PILLAR II PS/LGU-LED PROGRAM. PHYSICAL AND FINANCIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT 15 December 2015 ere Psat Aconpisment = = hs ere renee] cme! ] a frente rene | cms |] pret] aap | ancame | copttéront | (cians | aban | Het [etn Send rae va | conan [eon mate meet” [Saag ccnp sues aE a paps Tak] sa) | — on | — a — te] art —] apa ES ont ar [a | we seam ek | ~ a — ara) won ia ee ea a a a pe fae | — we, —— seo | sera —— aa oe — ape | rat al — ok | anal | we — as || rata emer | — Ta ofa] ae es] ook] a rout ae [ae | [|e | esl a oe er] — sn ae eae 7 aaa Te Rr m7 wes Ce SC) cs oa a © = © 2 2 oe 2a 0 Veco | 78% ane] 23900 | * a% sep et | eas | ee | se] a] ae] vai Tea ETE Seen a a a [Baenencraa aie epee a aaa re a ae [ae [ate — || oe] aaa aa cl a | Ta | a ST Physical status of the projects, as follow: + The following statusis as of 15 December: © The CY 2015 PAMANA projects, 24 n all, are divided into two categories: + PAMANA Reguiar Program - There are a total of 22 projects under this program, located in Regions X and Xi. Out of the 22 projects, 14 projects have been completed ‘while six (6) projects are under on-going construction. The remaining two (2) projects gre now under the process of delivery of materials. All remaining projects are set to be completed on or before 31 December 2015. + PAMANA Closure Program — Under this program, there are two (2) projects in Regions Viand Vi, recently included in the Negros Island Region (NIR/Region XVIII). They will bbe included in the CY 2016 target of PAMANA LGU Led as basicaly they are part of the PAMANA Closure Program. the implementation of which will commence upon signing of the Closure Agreement between the GPH and the RPMP-RPA-ABB (TPG) For CY 2014 projects. more than 74% of the total target has been completed. As for the remaining 64 [23.8% of the total target) yet-to-be completed project. 19 projects [or 7% of total target) are in an average of 85% physical complefion—they will be completed in late December 2015 or early January 2016. Another 19 projects [7% of total target), mostly around 30% completed, are set for completion in early 1° quarter of 2018, Further, 26 projects [comprising 10% of the total target] are mostly on the process of procurement of materials ‘and will be starting construction in late December 2015 to early January 2016, In Region X, the remaining two projects willbe completed before 31 December 2015, In Region Xil, only one [1) project is not yet completed. The project is in Bray. Patot, Pigcawayan, North Cotabato. The community is looking for possible fund sources 0 pay for the remaining materials needed for the completion of the building. To date, the project is 36% completed based on Program of Works (POW) which do nol cover the entire project. A financial counterpart has been committed by the BLGU and the community fo pay for the temoining section of the building (doors, jalousies for the windows and paintwork). © Asfor CY 2013 projects, 99% of the total target has been completed. Both the remaining two (2) projects are in Region Ik. The fist project In Brgy. Galas, Olutanga had just finished its installation of the project signage andis now awaiting its formal final project inspection fo be declared completed. ‘On the other hand, the second project in igat stand, Margosatubig had recently renewed its implementation. The Local Chief Executive in soid barangay has committed fo encourage completion of the project before 31 December 2015. + |As for funds utilzation, the above-indicated financial status {in table] is as of 30 November 2015: © For FY 2014 continuing appropriations fund, 94% has been uttized, © FY 2015 funds, 60% hos been uillzed, 73% for grants and 47% for admin cost. The ow utilization of admin-elated funds across all the regions is due to the utilization of the |continuing appropriations under FY 2014 to pay for the expenses incurred this year. Moreover. in ladaition fo the technical staff/community facilitators hired under the PAMANA LGU-Led Program, Imony community facilitators hired under KC-NCDDP and KC-PAMANA also provide assistance. However, all their PAMANA LGU-Led progran-related expenses have been charged to their respective fund sources. Thus, these contributed to the overall noticeably low uillization of admin- elated funds of CY 2015. {As for grant funds, it may be noted that utilization is especially low in Region X. it could be lattibuted to the folowing reasons: (I) most of projects in the municipality of Bacolod had just started {their actual construction early 4n quarter of 2015; thus, there was no need fer actual release of funds ‘during that time; (2) Iate verification by Field Office X of the availabilty of the second tranche fund [download (made available as early as September 2015 in the FO) led to the late processing of the Inecessary documents for the subsequent download of funds to the municipal of Bacolod, Lanao ‘del Norte: (3) inadequate monitoring by the NPMO focal person in the utilization of funds/cash that ‘were made available. Nonetheless, both the NEMO and the FO took some actions fo ensure that the remaining grant funds are obligated and/or uilized as targeted, before the closing of 2015. To date, the municipality of Bacolodis on the process of submitting necessary documents as laticchment to the vouchers for the release of the 25% second tranche funds in time for the setting lof remaining payments for the eight (8) projects. For Region Xl the funds for second tranche had only been issued a cheque for receipt of the 'municipaity of Midsayap, North Cotaboto frst week of December os the FO' Financial Management Unit had not authorized download of sid funds unless the municipality gives a partial iquiciation of liunds for the entire DSWO-funded programs implemented within i, such as Pantawid, Supplementary Feeding, et al NOTED 8Y: JESUSA A. CABILAO. Fodal Person Division Chief PAIMANA LGU-LED PROGRAM (Community-Based Welfare and Development Programs