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Dear Mr Kilmer

by Anne Schraff

The story about one boy , Richard, who has a soft spot on
nature and poetry whereas hunting like his dad and his
brother, Gus, doesn't entice him at all. He would rather
sitby himself disapproving of what his dad and brother
do. They shoot animals! That certainly strike his inner
soul telling him that it isn't supposed to be the right
thing to do.

Mr Joyce Kilmer is a poet, a naturalist, a journalist plus

he's now serving a military army. How can one be poetic
and be brave simultaneously? That has alerted Richard to
send him aletter to Sergeant Joyce Kilmer. Surprisingly,
he gets a reply. They constantly keepcontacting until one
day which rips his heart and the heart of the nation.-the
death of Sergeant Joyce Kilmer. People get inspired by
the story once they read it from the weekly bulletin.
Finally his dad accepts the way he trudges, that is not a
usual way like any man could do.Mr. Kilmer proves to the
world of something we could learn.

Chapter 1
Early morning during the above freezing February air,Richard,Gus and Pa went to dear
hunting. Pa bet Richard was going to get his first deer on that day. However, Richard
deliberately misfired to avoid killing the beautiful young buck. Gus tried to encourage his
brother to more sociable and scolding him for missing the shot.
Gus was active in sports meanwhile Richard loves farming. After dinner,Pa nad Gus
started talk about sports. Richard went to the kitchen to help his sister Angie who has
taking care of the house after their mother die. PA and Gus always took it for granted.
Richard explained to Pa that he did nit have the right to kill the animals. PA confessed
that he grieving everytime he shot an animal. In past eye, maybe he was remembering
his wife or his brother ,Roland who was killed in a war in Cuba. Richard felt satisfied after
he shared his feeling with Pa.
Richard went to his room, and took a piece of paper and pen and started writing a poem
about How a Deer been killed and he put it in the drawer on top of other poems and he
did not want anyone to know about it.

Chapter 2
The snow has come to an end. The school has started again in the month of April.
America declares war on Germany. One morning, Richard's English teacher, Mrs
Hansen, tells the class that a famous poet, Joyce Kilmer has just volunteered for
army service in the ongoing world war. She reads a poem entitled "Tree" written
by Joyce Kilmer to the class, Richard is fascinated by the beauty of the simple
poem. Richard borrows Mrs Hansen poetry book and secretly jotted down the New
York Times editors office address .On the way back home. Richard meets Hannah
Schermers,the pretty girl of German crying in the hallway because someone had
returned her "dirty Hun "on her book cover.
Richard confronts his classmates who then reveal their hatred toward Germans.
After back home, Richard decide to write to Mr Kilmer ,he introduces himself and
tells him that he likes his simple poems and shares about his secret poetry
writing. He sent the letter to the New York Times

Chapter 3
A terrible incident has happen at the tavern own by Hannah Schermers parents.
It has been vandalised. To instil good values in students, Mrs Hansen encourages
her students to sign a card to expressing their sympathy for Hannah and her
family. Mrs Hansen shocked at the protest by more vocal student and the culture of
fear created by the class bullies which stop some sincere students from signing. In
the end, only Richard sign the card. Richard action caused the students taunt him
for supporting the German.Richard approaches his teacher and asked for the card
and he want to personally delivered it to the Schermers. Abruptly, Richard was
attacked by Abner and Harry but he manages to win the fight. Richard feels
terrible as he wals home and keep pondering about the people of Turtle Lake. On
his way home, he climbs an old oak tree to watch a train pass by. He sees
passenger happily travelling. As he reaches home, Angie running excitedly towards
him with news that he has received a letter from New York. It is from Joyce Kilmer.

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