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BTEC Information

Creative Technology Unit 9

Football Club Season-ticket spreadsheet
Name: Amun Gurung
Part 1
I will investigate and analyse what information is
involved in season-ticket applications

Applications for a Season Ticket

Football Club 1

Information asked for

Aldershot foot team
Full name (with title), date of birth, telephone number,
address, e-mail

Whether youre buying it for the first time or renewing


Seating information which part in the stadium you

want to seat at. Better seating location means its more
expensive. Its cheaper if youre standing instead of
booking a seat

Age more expensive for adults than for children

You can also pay cash in the ticket office

Payment details card or cheque, if paying with card,

give in card details (16 digits), card type (credit or
debit), card start and expiry date, issue number, and
security code.
If paying with cheque

Make it payable to Aldershot Town Football Club

The sort code and A/C number of the target bank account
youre paying to
Tick an agreement statement for allowing your money to
be taken out of your account (payment)

Date of application
Signature for confirmation

Applications for a Season Ticket

Football Club 2

Information asked for

Woking football club

Family tickets: amount of tickets for

different age groups( adult, children, etc)

Seating information nearer to the

ground means its more expensive
because the seats are sponsored seating
areas and those seating price also
includes VAT, hence its more expensive

Car park details - outside the stadium


Date of when you posted the application


Payment details

Name, home address, post code, telephone

number, email address card or cheque, if
paying with card, give in card details (16
digits), card type (credit or debit), card start
and expiry date, issue number, and security

Part 2 Creating a design

-For my own team club, I will consider what outputs are possible
and useful
-I will produce a summary of the purpose of my spreadsheets
and specific user requirements

I am making this spreadsheet of my football club is to

organize all the data sent by people, into a compact and
easy-to-read summary of how many tickets they
purchased, calculate the profit we made this season, and
compare the total profit to other seasons by comparing
graphs. For anyone reading, it should be easy to

First page will contain all the information of the ticket buyers and where
all the details will be organised

On the top rows, I will input different categories. Under each row will be
the information of the ticket buyer.

For names, town, address, country and post code will be have to be typed

For ticket type and Seating requested and allocated, the data will be input
form a validated list. This wont allow people to make mistakes and typos.
Income and cost will shown in pounds. If I type in wrong detail that cant
be validated, a error message will show up telling me whats wrong and
what I should proceed. I will also use cell references because it is needed
to calculate the total cost.

Second page will contain all the ticket allocation and total prize of all
the tickets

Example design
This page will be for calculation of how much total amount
of money it comes down to
How many tickets are left over
In the total income cells, the formulae will be used by the
amount of tickets sold multiplied by the cost of each ticket
In the end, I will converse those data to charts because I
can compare the data to other years and see if I made more
or less profit than previous years. By making a graph, I
dont need to read the whole spreadsheet, which saves times

Example design

Third page will be on the general

information of each ticket type:

Age range for each ticket type

How many tickets are available for each

the cost for each type of ticket

and details about the seating allocation

Assignment 3
Creating and testing my design

I have been given a sample of people

to use as example. I copied the file to
my own folder

Worksheet 1
I have input the
details into my
own spreadsheet.
This slide displays
the information
of the ticket

Worksheet 2

This slide shows the

ticket sales

Worksheet 3

This slide shows ticket

types sold and how
many are left

Validating Date and autofill

For the ticket type, the
user can only select an
option from the validated
list. If something different
is input into the cell, there
will be a error message to
inform them how to

Auto filling ticket numbers

I made up a unique
number for the first
customer. Then I used
autofill to auto generate
unique ticket numbers
for the rest of them

Expiry Date

I added the months, and applied the

formulae =edate.. which is the
atomically forms the expiry date,
which is 12 months later

If statement

If the area selected is

successful, they will get

their seat
If the area selected isnt
successful, I have used an
if statement to show a
message saying the chosen
location has been referred
to another location

vlookup formula

When the ticket type

is input, the ticket
cost cell atomically
inputs the price
because I have used
a vlookup formula
for the cell.

Form command

I used a command to

compress all the

information contained in
a row into a form
I can see all the
information of one
person without being
distracted by other data

Count if formulae
This formulae will count
the number of child
tickets in the ticket type
column in the first
worksheet, and input into
I input another formulae
in another cell that will
take that number and
multiply with the price
for each child ticket


I have made the output

of data into charts

Its easier to read the

data and have inserted
the graph on a separate


Clicking on it will take

you to the desired
worksheet, without
selecting the worksheet


I also put a filter in

every column, in which
it can allow me to list
the data in a particular
order depending on
what filter I select

Here, I can choose what

order of ticket type to list

Pivot table

From a pivot table, I

can easily choose to
create an organized
table that contains little
or many information
depending on what type
of data(s) I wish to see

e.g. Here I have

created a table to
see the number of
tickets sold in a

Freeze pane

Even If I scroll across, or

no matter how zoomed in
or zoomed the worksheet
is, the frozen data wont be
hidden and will still be in
view, because of the freeze
pane feature I have applied

Formulas of worksheet 1

Formulas of worksheet 2

I have reviewed my

spreadsheet and decided

to make some
improvements, I have
decided to add conditional
formatting and advanced
cell properties.

For advanced format cell

properties, I have made the
long headlines into a vertical
style. This wastes less space
and show can show more
information without scrolling
for it

For conditional formatting, I

have added colour to the cell
colour to show see the
different ticket cost without
reading them

Alternative Solutions
Using Microsoft Word to present individual ticket buyers

Page 1

Page 2

Pros and cons of alternative solution

Family ticket option

available so each family

member dont need tot apply
for a ticket individually

For people that arent good

with computers, its easier to

just fill in a paper and send it

More trustworthy than doing

it online as they are prone to
viruses and hackers online


People would need to print out a

physical form sheet by themselves or

get a sheet from the headquarters

People would need to hand-write all

the information

People also need to manually post it,

the post package may get lost in the

Handwriting may be hard to

understand or recognised by the staff

Depending on where you live, your

form might arrive late so you might

get bad seats or you might not be able
to get your tickets on time

Why my alternative idea was rejected

it required too many information to be hand-written by
the people

It would be easier to just do it online.

The calculations done online were quicker and more

Online, you wont really lose the personal information

because its stored on a server and have multiple copies,

whereas you could easily lost the physical form paper

Test, Plan, Data, Feedback

I have created an online
survey using
surveymonkey.com to get
feedback for my spreadsheet
from my teacher. I could see
what I exceled at, and I
needed to improve.

Link to survey


Examples of feedback


Quality of graphs