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Technology Integration Matrix

Colorado Academic


for Students


1. Number Sense,
Properties, and

2. Patterns, Functions,
and Algebraic
3. Analysis, Statistics,
and Probability
4. Shape, Dimension,
and Geometric

Create a
powerpoint with
different example
equations for
students to view,
and discuss
between different
addition and
2. Number
relationships can be
used to solve addition
and subtraction
d. Use addition and
subtraction equations
to show number

Understand The
Students will use the
different examples on
the powerpoint to help
them to better
understand the
relationships between
different equations
and what they mean.

Students create a basic

powerpoint or prezi to
where each slide will
contain different aspects
of different shapes, and
how they can be broken
1. Shapes can be
described by defining
attributes and created by
composing and
d. Partition circles and
rectangles into two and
four equal shares.
b. Build and draw shapes
to possess defining

AnalyzeStudents will analyze

and fully understand
what all goes into
different shapes by
breaking them down.
The different slides of
the prezi/powerpoint
will help their step by
step process.


Student Use


Reading, Writing, and Communicating

1. Oral Expression and

2. Reading for All


Students will create a

Prezi about different
feelings, and nouns that
all start with the same
letter. They will add
images to each slide to
show that they
completely understand
their work.
1. Multiple strategies
develop and expand oral
b. Add drawings or other
visual displays to
descriptions when
appropriate to clarify
ideas, thoughts, and
a. Describe people,
places, things, and events
with relevant details,
expressing ideas and
feelings clearly.
Teachers will
create a
powerpoint about
different word
structures, and
how certain ones
can be used in
sentences. Then
have the students
practice by writing
their own
4. Understanding
word structure,
relationships, and
word families
needs to be
demonstrated to
begin to read
a. Determine or
clarify the
meaning of
unknown and
words and
phrases based on
grade 1 reading
and content,

UnderstandStudents will fully

understand emotions
and how nouns can
express different
emotions, by tying
them together with
different images on
each slide of the Prezi.

Apply- Students will

demonstrate that they
understood the the
word structures from
the powerpoint by
creating their own

choosing flexibly
from an array of

3. Writing and
4. Research and
Social Studies
1. History

2. Geography
3. Economics

Students will collaborate

with a group and create a
prezi based on their
family and cultural
traditions, and also
research a tradition that is
new to them.
2. Family and cultural
traditions in the United
States in the past
b. Discuss common and
unique characteristics of
different cultures using
multiple sources of
Teachers will
create a
powerpoint with
organizations, and
give information
based on what
common people
get from those
places. Also they
will explain how
selling and buying
earns people
1. People work at
different types of
jobs and in
different types of
organizations to
produce goods
and services and
receive an income
a. Give examples
of different types
of business and
the goods and
services they

CreatingStudents will create

and assemble a prezi
about different
information that they
obtain from their
group and various
different sources.

UnderstandingBy the end of the

powerpoint students
will be able to fully
understand how
goods and services
are created by
organizations, and
how profits can be

produce for the


4. Civics
1. Physical Science
2. Life Science

3. Earth Systems

Students will work

in a group to create
a prezi with pictures
of themselves and
their parents and
identify different
and similar
charecteristics they
share. Also they will
take pictures of the
plants they grow in
class and add them
to their powerpoint.
1. Offspring have
characteristics that
are similar to but
not exactly like their
a. Use evidence to
analyze similarities
and differences
between parents
and offspring in a
variety of organisms
including both
plants and animals
Teachers will give
examples of
different materials
in each slide of a
powerpoint, and
on a paper
students will have
to make
predictions on
what they could
be used for in
their lives.
1. Earths
materials can be
compared and
classified based
on their properties
c. Make
predictions about

ApplyingStudents will apply

themselves to the
concepts of parents
and offsprings
similarities and
differences, and also
the plants that they
grow in class to
understand traits.
The prezi will make it
easier to see these
similiarities and

EvaluatingStudents will have to

evaluate and consider
what each type of
material presented in
the PowerPoint could
be used for in the real

how a material on
Earth might be
useful based on
its properties

Students will work
in a group to create
a powerpoint on a
summary of the
topic they that are
all interested in.
They will all be
responsible for
creating 3 slides to
explain what they
have learned.

Learning Disabilities EEOs

Physical Disabilities
Gifted/ Talented

Teachers will
create a
powerpoint full of
slides, with every
few slides being a
quiz question.
Students will then
answer these
questions on a
piece of paper,
and go over
answers as a class
at the end.

CreatingStudents will each

create three slides of
a group powerpoint
based on what they

UnderstandingStudents will fully

understand each slide
covered because they
will have to answer
quiz questions about
it. And go over them
with the class at the
end of the powerpoint.

This matrix made me realize how effective powerpoints and prezis can be in helping learn and distribute information. All of the standards can definitely correlate to the creation of
a powerpoint or prezi. I did all of my matrix based on the first grade education standards. It made me realize how even in a grade with younger aged students powerpoints can be
used to express information they have gathered, and have to present. I thought at such a young age students wouldnt necessarily be able to incorporate these technologies into
their learning, but it help them really understand what they have learned. It can also help teachers to more easily distribute information to the entire class all at one time. It is
really simple to come up with lessons and assignments on the basis of powerpoints and prezis because so much can be done with them.

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