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Introduction of Scene
Introduction of Characters
Soldier - Infantry worth 3 points
Soldier - MP worth 3 points
Soldier - Combat Medic worth 3 points
Introduction of Missions
Mission 1
Go to the mega car lot
Get toy cars and set the field. Best car is in middle of course.
Get transportation
Survivors will be in the main building fighting zombies.
Kill zombies
Zombie convergeance will happen here.
Rescue the 2 survivors
Play music "I can't drive 55."
Mechanic worth 2 points
Electrician worth 2 points
Newsman worth 1 point
Mission 2
Go to the Elementary School
Use cards to line out hallways and rooms.
Get food, medical supplies
After getting supplies and fighting some zombies, players will find survivors.
Rescue the 3 survivors
Zombie convergeance happens in middle of school.
School Nurse worth 2 points
Play music "School's out."
Science Teacher worth 2 points
Janitor worth 2 points
Mission 3
Go to the government building
Use cards to line up hallways and rooms for 2 floors (split the party!)
Get maps, data and rescue the mayor
After discovering and having to kill the zombie mayor
Rescue the 3 survivors
Survivors will be revealed and then the
Police Officer - worth 2 points
Zombie convergeance getting out of the building and back across the street.
Judge worth 1 point
Play "Ghostbusters" theme music (instrumental only).
Politician worth 1 point

rs will find survivors.

it the party!)

ack across the street.