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Lesson plan
Class: 12th grade
Time: 40 minutes
Topic: Electric communication /lesson 1, unit2/
Skills/ sub-skills: speaking, listening and vocabulary
For teacher:

To help the students when they learn new things

To improve students speaking and listening skills

To direct students toward making knowledge

For students:

To develop their vocabulary

To be able to guess the lessons topic

To improve their listening and speaking skills

To be able to explain the pictures in own words

Visual aids/ Materials: Students book, pictures, small pieces of paper with new words, LCD
projector, example sentences related to topic
Lesson plan
Lesson stage


Teacher activities

Students activities

Teacher will ask what the last

lesson was. And she will repeat
the previous lesson. Then she
will ask the question related to
the new topic.

Students will remember the last

lesson. And they talk about the
previous lesson. Then they will
answer the question what teacher
asks. Next, they will guess the
todays topic.

1. Teacher will give the new

words related to topic. Then
she explain them after
students express the words in
their opinions. She will ask
students which word is hard
to read. Then she will correct
the mistakes after students
read new words.


Optional activity

2. Teacher will teach present

simple, comparison of
adjectives. She will use
deductive approach while she
is teaching grammar. First,
she will give examples. Then
ask what they see.
3. Teacher will explain the
grammar and comparison of
adjectives. And she will give
the extra sentences with
learnt grammar related to the

Students will learn the new words

related to topic. They will explain
new words in their own words
before the teacher tells them.
Students will read words which
are difficult to say. They correct
the mistakes after listening
Students will see the examples
and they build the knowledge
recognize the grammar from
given examples.

Students will do exercise what

teacher gives.

Students will do extra materials.
materials related to the topic.

Teacher ask the students what

they learned todays lesson.
After asking, teacher will give
extra information and talk about
Closing /10minutes/
new knowledge. After that
teacher will give homework on
their students book page 27,
exercises 2a,b, 3, 4a,b.

Students will tell about what they

learned. And they will note extra
information about todays lesson
and write the homework.

Managing the class

Teacher will use LCD projector.

And she will manage the class.
The classs atmosphere is
related to the teacher-students,

Students will follow the given

instructions. Then students will
communicate each other and built
the knowledge themselves.


Teacher will check their understanding and assess students