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Chimes welcomes inquiries and visits

from families, caregivers, case managers
and advocates looking for the right program. To schedule a tour or obtain more
information, please call our Admissions
Coordinator at 703-267-6558.
All Chimes Virginia programs are funded
and licensed by the Commonwealth of
Chimes day program is accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, (CARF International).

3951 Pender Drive, Suite 120

Fairfax VA, 22030
Chimes, its subsidiaries and affiliates, do not
discriminate in the provision of services to persons
served and are equal opportunity employers as stated
in the Chimes Policy on Non-discrimination in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.

703-267-6558 1.888.CHIMES4
Fax 703.267.9684

Chimes Virginia
An Overview


Chimes Virginia was established in 1994 in Fairfax

County after being awarded a grant in response to a
Request for Proposals to downsize the Northern
Virginia Training Center. The grant was specifically
to provide residential services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and related
conditions. Chimes, a not-for-profit agency based in
Baltimore, Maryland, was already an established organization, recognized as a national leader in the disabilities industry. Although we had no services in the
Virginia area, we seized the opportunity and worked
with the states Department of Mental Health,
Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services to
make Chimes Virginia a reality. Within months, we
were operating our first residential homes. Over the
years, we have cultivated partnerships with the program participants, their families, advocates, Knights
of Columbus, government officials, legislators and
the various communities in which we live and work.
Working together, we have been mutually responsive

and innovative to the benefit of all stakeholders. Today, we offer residential services, in-home supports,
and day services for persons with intellectual and
developmental disabilities and co-occurring disabilities in the Northern Virginia Region. Our continued
commitment to excellence in service design and
delivery, as well as customer satisfaction, has made us
a top choice among Virginians.
Our Virginia programs focus on how a person wants
to live and spend their days, with services and supports organized around the persons needs, preferences and choices. Using a multi-disciplinary Team
approach, our staff works with the participants, their
families and advocates, and establishes an Individualized Service Plan. Each Plan includes personal goals
for the participant and corresponding plans for
achieving them. Plans are dynamic and evolve as
the person moves through life, with changing needs,
interests and priorities.

Each program participant is supported by a trained

and dedicated staff of professionals. While the level
and type of supports vary based on the persons
needs and preferences, individual program services
are coordinated by the Team. Direct Support
Professionals and Program Managers are available
to address and coordinate necessary services with
licensed professionals in the community, based on
individual needs and choices. Program participants
also have ample opportunities to enjoy community
leisure and recreational activities with staff support
and the involvement of organizations that sponsor
and volunteer their time for special events such as
the Knights of Columbus. With services tailored to
the uniqueness of each person and our emphasis
on choice and diversity of opportunities, the people
we support have a greater chance to fulfill their potential, maximize their independence and live truly
satisfying lives.

Chimes programs focus on choice and opportunities and how a person wants to live and spend their day.

Residential Services
Northern Virginia
Provides professional services and
supports to adults with multiple
disabilities in community based
homes (single family homes and
apartments). Service type, living environment and level of support vary
based on the needs and preferences
of the program participant. Supervision and monitoring are available
daily on a 24 hour basis. Examples
of services include: assistance with
activities of daily living, medication
administration, and leisure and social activities. Goals
are to enable program participants to maximize their
skills and participate fully in community life.

In-Home Support Services

Northern Virginia

Day Services
Fairfax County

Provides an array of supports

to families and individuals who
live in their own home. Type
and level of support vary based
on the needs and preferences
of the family and/or individual.
Support may be one-time-only,
such as an environmental modification, or can be on-going,
such as drop-in or friendly visitor support, to more intensive
monitoring and training. In-home supports are
very flexible and the goals are to assist individuals to stay in their own homes while maximizing
their opportunities for independence.

Based on the clubhouse

model, where choice and opportunities are the focus, this
unique program provides diverse activities for adults with
multiple and co-occurring
disabilities, both facility based
and primarily in the community. Activities and training are
geared to enhance mobility,
communication, socialization and leisure skills, while promoting community
assimilation and involvement. Goals are to assist
participants to enhance life skills, while developing
new relationships and enjoying new experiences.