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Note the focus area and standard

descriptor/s the artefact /

document reflects

Note the type of

artefact / document

Describe the artefact / document and

indicate the possible impact or result on
teaching and/ or student learning

Describe how the artefact /

meet the standard descriptors you
have identified.

5.1 Assess student

learning: Demonstrate
understanding of
assessment strategies,
including informal and
formal, diagnostic,
formative and summative
approaches to assess
student learning.

The artefact
provided is a
learning comment
from my mentor
teacher in
Experience Two.

Whilst on my second professional

experience I was exposed to a
literacy (L3) and numeracy (TEN)
teaching and learning program
which incorporated regular
assessment and student data
interpretation in order to ensure
the students continued to progress
in their learning.

This artefact meets the

standard descriptor as it
outlines how I as a preservice teacher
demonstrated and
incorporated a range of
student assessments
including formative,
summative and diagnostic
assessments using formal
assessment and
observation (APST 5.1).

5.4 Interpret student data:

Demonstrate the capacity
to interpret student
assessment data to
evaluate student learning
and modify teaching

The TEN program allowed myself to

meet with colleagues once a week
where we would learn new
strategies to take to the classroom
and then assess the students on
their application and achievements
from these. Each week we
completed a range of informal and
formal assessments for
mathematics to take to the
professional development. At the
meeting we interpreted the data
collected and evaluated this
(plotting students on the
mathematics continuum) to then

Following on I was then

able to interpret the
student data collected
plotting my students along
the mathematic continuum
recognising what I needed
to achieve in order for
them to progress in their
learning (APST 5.4).

modify our teaching for the

following concept within the TEN
This was very successful within the
Kindergarten classroom as the
students learning was constantly
evolving and therefore I as their
teacher was also able to develop
crucial assessment skills to utilise.