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Note the focus area and

standard descriptor/s the

artefact / document

Note the type of

artefact / document

Describe the document / artefact and

indicate the possible impact or result of the
artefact / document on teaching and/ or
student learning

Describe how the document / artefact meets the

standard descriptors you have identified.

6.2 Engage in
learning and
improve practice:
Understand the
relevant and
appropriate sources
of professional
learning for teacher.

The artefact
provided is a
comment from
my mentor
teacher in

This artefact, although a comment

on my engagement in
professional learning provides
insight to the application of the

Whilst on this professional experience I

had the opportunity to engage in TEN
training where I advanced as a
professional in the mathematics strand
(APST 6.2).

As I commenced my professional
experience in 2015, I voiced a
concern of only being a student
and not being able to engage in
the daily occurrences of a real
teacher. My mentor took this on
board and I was able to attend
every training, workshop and
meeting she did.

This is evidenced through my mentor

teacher commenting on my
engagement with the training on a
weekly basis.

6.3 Engage with

colleagues and
improve practice:
Seek and apply
feedback from
supervisors and
teacher to improve
teaching practices.
6.4 Apply
learning and
improve student

I advised the
teacher I
wanted to
engage in reallife experience
as a teacher in
a school and
not just as a
student. I was
then presented
with the
opportunity to
attend the
Targeting Early

This artefact is a reflection of the

TEN training I completed. I was
able to engage as a teacher with
four other K-2 teachers in the
learning program. I was then able
to incorporate the TEN training
into my daily mathematics
lessons where the classroom and
students benefited from having

Throughout this training there was a

team of five teachers where we all
were given the learning before
engaging in professional dialogue
creating pedagogical strategies to
implement the learning in the
classroom. Constructive feedback was
then shared and offered around the
team the following week on the
success of introducing the strategy
(APST 6.3).
This is evidenced through my mentor
teacher commenting on my

Demonstrate an
understanding of
the rationale for
learning and the
implications for
improved student

(TEN) training
each week in a
release period.

both their class teacher and

myself undergoing the same
learning rather than my mentor
relaying the information to me.

engagement of professional dialogue

with colleagues on strategies that
support student learning and improve
teacher practice.

This artefact demonstrates the

benefit of myself as a student
teacher attending professional
learning first hand on a school
level and being able to program it
into my teaching. Therefore, the
students have a greater prospect
to achieve results, as I am able to
deliver and implement this
content effectively.

I took the learning and strategies from

this training and implemented it into
the classroom mathematics strand.
From here, formative assessment was
used to check the success of the
learning (APST 6.4).
This is evidenced through my mentor
teacher commenting on the use of new
knowledge and implementing it into
learning activities.