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Steven Waters

71 Clinton Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735

516.551.2804 s2k88@aol.com
Profile A young professional with a unique combination of educational, business, interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to
adapt to and enhance any program or system's practice or structure.

Professional Goals include continuing to grow in leadership and knowledge, contributing to and creating innovative
learning strategies, collaborating with team members and colleagues, and developing effective solutions to real world

Touro College School of Health Sciences

Bay Shore, NY

M.S. Degree in Childhood Education & Special Education (Grades 1-6), 2016

State University of New York at Farmingdale

Farmingdale, NY B.S.

Business Management (3.91 GPA), May 2011

2013-Present Bethpage Public Schools
Bethpage, NY
Teaching Assistant
Assisted in the implementation of an individualized educational program aimed at
maintaining core learning and social skills.
Communicated and practiced unique activities with an assigned student on a daily basis to
promote, enhance, and establish skills through a reward/encouragement system.
Established positive reinforcement with student, and observed how behavior is affected
by environment. Assisted with the identifying antecedents to disruptive behaviors, and the
development of behavioral plans to address said behaviors.
Collaborated with teacher, administrators, related services and peers to assist students in generalizing
mastered skills.
Assisted students in the use of augmentative/alternative communication technologies during
academic, social, and recreational activities.
Facilitated an environment that encourages peer-to-peer learning, reflection, and cooperation in
academic activities.
2011-2013 Boys & Girls Club of America
Head Counselor

Oyster Bay, NY

Provided primary leadership for the development and implementation of all activities on-site, as well as the
direction and interaction between counselors and members.
Organized and conducted the Clubs daily schedule of on-site activities to promote interest in art, athletics,
and critical thinking. Designed alternative activities to further promote friendship, sportsmanship, and
achievement among participants.
Worked with fellow counselors to develop a close rapport with members and parents.


Supervised members and guided personal development through positive social interactions and cooperative
Lead and conducted iKids program to educate children and promote computer awareness, safety and
Conferred with co-workers in preparing lesson plans and instructional materials for members.

Proficient in:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Proloquo2Go MathTalk