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anaphylaxis e-training Certificate for successful completion of Final Assessment 4 June 2014 Martin, Elly Well done, you have passed the ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training for schools and childcare (Australasian Schools). You attempted 12 of 12 questions. You answered 12 correctly. Your final result is 100%. Diaciatmer: ‘The Australasian Society of Clinical immunology and Allergy /ASCIA) is the peat professional body of clinica! immunology and allergy specialists In Austraka and New Zealand This certificate can be provided as proof that you have completed an ASCIA anaphytans e:training Course Tha certificate dows hot however, constitute a qualiication {ASCIA hot a accrediting bay), oe ee re sare oleh ws ot pees inicio og otc Sra. Print name of ut wert proctce