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Note the focus area and standard

descriptor/s the artefact / document


Note the type of artefact /


Describe the document / artefact and indicate the

possible impact or result of the artefact /
document on teaching and/ or student learning

Describe how the document / artefact

meets the standard descriptors you
have identified.

Standard 2
Know the content and how to teach it

This artefact is a
feedback sheet received
from my university
practicum advisor after
observation of the
delivery of one of my
lessons/literacy sessions
on part one of two of my
final placement.

This lesson was a morning literacy

lesson/session, which was learning and
developing skills to identify the letter Mm and its
sounds. Students the day before had begun work
on the letter M and this lesson was its
continuation. The beginning of the lesson saw
students revisit content covered the day before in
which was then built upon.

APST 2.1
The lesson was well planned and
succinct with the selected objective
clear and specific. The feedback
indicates that the lesson was
organised effectively into a well-run
sequence of learning, demonstrating
knowledge of the content and
strategies to successfully teach it.

2.1 Content and teaching strategies

of the teaching area
Demonstrate knowledge and
understanding of the concepts,
substance and structure of the content
and teaching strategies of the
teaching area.
2.2 Content selection and
Organise content into an effective
learning and teaching sequence.
2.6 Information and
Communication Technology (ICT)
Implement teaching strategies for
using ICT to expand curriculum
learning opportunities for students.

The lesson criteria was delivered explicitly and I

was recognised as a quality and strong lesson. I
used a range of teaching strategies, which in
turn, supported a range of learning styles
including audio, visual and interactive hands on.
I consistently encouraged involvement and
implemented content into a sequence that
fostered both deep knowledge and a deep
understanding of the letter Mm and its associated
Students were thoroughly engaged in the lesson
from start to finish, reinforced with constant
short tasks, implementation of ICT and suitable
content related questioning.

My advisor wrote:
Well planned, well structured in
OGER sequence. Clear LT, which is
succinct and assessable. Good
nomination of QT elements
appropriate to lesson
APST 2.2
I was very familiar with the content
and how I was going to teaching it
and additionally, what I wanted my
students to achieve in the lesson.
My advisor wrote:

The literacy routine went smoothly

and productively due to your
organisation, preparation and
confidence in knowing what you
wanted the students to complete in
the lesson
APST 2.6
A wide range of ICT was used in
order to support/engage students and
broaden learning opportunities
My advisor wrote:
You are using a wide range of ICT
in the lessons very well