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General Music

Unit Lesson #4

General music comes in many forms and styles. Students should learn this because
it is because of world music that music is changing every day. Learning about
general music will allow them to possibly form their own style of music.

After participating in the activities and completing the lesson, the students will be
able to perform beginning guitar with 80% accuracy.


7.1.1 Sing independently and in ensembles maintaining good breath control, pitch,
diction, tone quality, and posture.
7.2.1 Play melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic patterns by rote and by reading.
7.3.1 Sing or play call and response conversations led by teacher or students


Before reading Strategy

o This will allow the student to understand what the reading is about. The
activity we will be using ReQuest.
o Steps
Have students read the text silently, while you do the same
Students are asked questions about the text
Roles are reversed and students ask me questions related to the text
Whatever portion we do not finish, students are responsible to finish
the reading
Vocabulary Strategy
o This will allow students to understand any or all confusing words in this
chapter. We are going to use graphic organizers. This will allow for the
students to study words critically
o Steps
Analyze the vocabulary and list the important words
Arrange the list of words
Come up with ways for words to be remembered.

Comprehension Strategy
o In this section we will be doing QARs. This will help the students to make
predictions about how the proper way of holding the guitar is explained in
the chapter and how that relates to how they will play it on the guitar
o Steps
Introduce concept of QARs
Assign students certain sections of the text
Have them come up with questions and answers for the text.
This could be used on an exam
Writing Strategy
o We will use learning logs for this section of the unit. This will allow the
students to record their feelings and emotions to the text.
o Step
Introduce learning logs to class
Allow the students to be honest about their feelings to the text.
This allows them to reveal problems or concerns about the text
Make sure this is done at the end of class
After Reading Strategy
o For this section we will be using STAD (Students Teams Achievement
Divisions). This will be used in large groups. Which will allow us to end the
first section on guitar
o Steps
Divide class into groups
Allow groups to discuss with fellow classmates their feelings and
what they thought about the lesson to date
Have the groups share with other groups what they talked about.


Vacca, R. T., Vacca, J. L., & Mraz, M. (2011). Content Area Reading: Literacy and Learning
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