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#AmendmentOne (AKA Antehyas Rap)

Number 1: All Im rapping is the truth

Number 2: Ima do it how I do
Number 3: Ima get it like a gangsta
Aint no OG but Im that Original Awkward
Call it establishment clause if you know what I mean
Pray to whatever God you want you dont get too badly slayed by
but wait: I have my voice high and my beat low
Trade one thing in for something else?
Como se dice quid pro quo?
And Im breaking all of these status quos,
dipping in and out like a needle you sew,
and I aint no wifey or a fifties girl
(Affirmative action opened doors).
Jay-Z is getting high and sitting low,
And Im just dropping rhymes yall aint even know.
But if I was locked up for refusing to slow,
My process would be procedural; and due.
You get it?
1-2-3. Like a beaver DAM she built it doe!
Piece by piece;you know what I mean
Burning stuff; symbolic speech.
Am I going too fast? If so, pardon me
Words are flowing out logarriacally
Incomprehensibly, but audibly,
Not like tradition wants me to be: a quiet little saint
But when I go so hard, it gives up on any prior restraint