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Emily Ratliff
Grade Level:

Subject Area: Science

Length of Lesson: 1 day

Desired Results
Indiana Academic Standard(s)
3.2.4 Identify fossils and describe how they provide evidence about the plants and
animals that lived long ago and the nature of their environment at that time.

Enduring Understandings

Essential Question(s)

Teaches students about the first

forms of life on earth and how they
progressed throughout time
Teaches students the importance of
Students will understand more
about earth science and how plants,
minerals and animals all work

What are fossils?

What do fossils tell us about plants,
animals and the environment?
What are the 3 types of fossils?

Knowledge and Skill Objectives


Students will learn the 3 different types of fossils

Students will also understand how fossils have impacted everyday things in our life
Assessment Evidence

This will be the first lesson of a new unit so no test will be given after this lesson
Learning Plan

Learning Activities

Gather in reading corner to read the chapter on fossils in the students science book
Ask simple questions about what we have read
Go back to desks, show Powerpoint about fossils to students
Fun game at the end within the Powerpoint over facts given and information read

Resources and Materials


Science Fusion Textbook

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Lesson Plan Evaluation & Teaching Reflection
Was the content worth knowing? Support your response.
Yes. This content is important to their earth science unit because they gained more knowledge
about what started life on earth.
Describe how the activity was developmentally appropriate.
Third graders are only focused for so long so we read and learned new facts, then I gave them
somewhat of a break with a game about what they had learned, that was their reward.
Give an example of how you know the activity was interesting to the children.
They were all very involved in answering my questions and playing the game so I know they really
enjoyed learning, especially when a game is involved.
Describe how the activity included opportunities for the children to test their knowledge.
They are all extremely competitive so they tested their knowledge during the game of questions
about the information they had learned.
Describe a follow up activity that would build on concepts you have presented.
I would make a craft lesson and let them make their own fossils, then create a diary each day of
what was happening and how it was changing.
What behavior(s) did you observe while presenting the activity? What do you think caused the
Most of the children were very excited and involved, some lost focus early but that is usually what
happens during the day.
How did you involve the children in the closure of the activity?
I let them pick teams and I created a bonus round for the game, they love working together.
Describe what changes you would make and what you would keep the same if you presented the
activity again.
I would present more information within the Powerpoint and then I would make the game shorter
and put a video at the end instead.