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Sofia Herrera

Joanna Hinojosa
RWS 1302 / Tuesday
Annotation #1 (Article)
NOSSITER, A., & GLADSTONE R. (2015). Paris Attacks Kill More Than 100, Police Say; Border
Controls Tightened. The New York Times, pg, 1-5.

The article summarizes some of the specific attacks that occurs at each location in Paris on

November 13, 2015. One of the attacks were in the stadium, and in a concert hall, there were suicide
bombs and shootings. There were many deaths. The authors from this article explain everything using
many details, and actually including three videos in the article, so the audience can understand better.
This article help me to understand how was the attack in Paris. In other words, I believe everything that
the authors write about the terror attack. On the bottom of the article, it said that, one of the authors is a
reported from Paris, and the other one from New York. They give me credibility, the argument of the
article is very good.

In my point of view, the article was very informative, I think that all the audience can learn

many information about the attack in Paris after reading this article, or at least that was my case. I like
how both authors explain everything; as I said before, they include three videos, and also a map, of
what happened at each location, for me, this was very helpful to figure out the attack in Paris; however,
I know that probably, that weren't the only locations that happened something horrible in Paris that day;
but this article is more about what happened on the concert hall and the stadium, the day that Paris was
attack; but it is still interesting to know. Also, they used simple words on the article, I really like that,
so it was more easy for me, to read, and understand each detail of the article.

I will definitely use this article for my research, I really like it. The article provide many

important information that I can use in my research. I think is important to know what happened in
each location in Paris, and this article explain that very good. As I said before, they are more focus on
the locations of the stadium and concert hall, but this information will help me to start my research,
giving many details as I can. Then, my audience will understand everything better. I would probably
quote the sentence, that is in the first page: What you are doing in Syria, you are going to pay for it
now, one of the gunmen shouted, a witness said. That sentence is very intense, when I read it on the
article, I feel sad about Paris. Also, I would like to include in my research this sentence, that is also on
the first page: Witnesses on French television said the scene at the concert hall, which can seat as
many as 1,500 people, was a massacre, describing how gunmen with automatic weapons shot bursts of
bullets into the crowd. The word Massacre is also a very intense word that I would add in my
research, then my audience can understand better. I really like the article, is very informative.

Sofia Herrera
Joanna Hinojosa
RWS 1302 / TR 3:00 4:20pm
Annotation #2 (Newspaper Article).
Newton-Small, Jay. (2015, Nov 23). The Cost of the Paris Attacks. TIME. Retrieved from

The Cost of the Paris Attacks, is about how the attack affects many people in Paris and also

around Paris. According to the author, France is the number one tourist destination in the world; after
the attack, Paris economy start to have problems. This means, that nobody was going to Paris in their
holidays, and nobody wants to buy nothing in Paris, everyone was scared about the attack. This was a
huge problem for the business in Paris. Everyone was afraid of being killed. Also London and Brussels
was having a bad moment in their economy, because they are near Paris. The author include some
photos of Parisians being sad after the attack, it helps to support his argument, then we can see that
Paris was having a bad time after the attack. He did a really good job on this article.

I really like this article, the author used a very good vocabulary to explain everything. He makes

me think about how the attack affects Paris in other ways, like in the economy, I never think about that,
and after reading the article, it makes me realize that Paris was having a very hard time. Is true that
France is the number one tourist destination in the world, without tourist, the economy in Paris will be
very bad. I like that the author use photos at the final of his article. He informs everything very good.

I would definitely used this source for my research, is a very good article. Using this article will

help me to provide more information about what happened after the attack in Paris. I think is important
to put information in my research about the attack in Paris and about what happened after the attack,
then I can get more attention of my audience, because in other words, I would be providing more
details. Also, I think I can used all the information of the article, but the most interesting thing that I

think everyone needs to know and that I will quote, will be: Tourism is one of the largest sectors of
the French economy, accounting for 7 percent of Frances gross domestic product. France is the
number one tourist destination in the world, with 83 million visitors annually. Those tourists spent
$45.3 billion in 2013, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and At least one estimate put the
economic impact of 9/11 at $3.3 trillion; the cost of the Paris attacks could easily reach tens, if not
hundreds, of billions of dollars, (first and last sentences in paragraph 6); with those quotes, I can
explain more about how after the attack in Paris makes a huge impact in Paris. Of course, I will be
using more information and quotes about this article, those quotes that I put here will be two of them.

Sofia Herrera
Joanna Hinojosa
RWS 1302 / TR 3:00-4:20pm
Annotation #3 (Article newspaper).
Baxter, R. (2015, Nov 14). 3 Ways to Pray for Paris After Deadly Terrorist Attacks. CharismasNews.
Retrieved from

In the article 3 Ways to Pray for Paris After Deadly Terrorist Attacks, the author explains a

little about the attack, in other words, summaring the attack in Paris. The author and his wife actually
live near Paris since 1988, both are church planters and senior leaders of Le Bon Berger church. In the
article, the author is telling the audience for what they are praying. This is a good article, but it is a
short one. However, the author do not use many details to support his argument, but because the article
looks from a newspaper church, I believe in his argument. In other words, I believe that he is a senior
leader of Le Bon Berger.

This article is not bad either good, but I don't like it a lot. It could be better if the author

explained his argument with more details or maybe he should include a video or more photos. Not
everyone likes to read, that's why I think is important to include more photos, or at least one video.
This article is not informative. The author is summaring the attack in Paris, he did not support his
argument well; he should use more details, or more photos as I said before.

I will not use this source for my research. Is not a informative source. I should only uses sources

that will help me to inform the audience about the attack in Paris, but as I said before, this article is
only summaring the attack, and including a little more things, but is not including important details. Is
not a bad article, but I don't think I'm gonna used it for my research, I will try to put a lot of important
details as I can. Then I can inform my audience very well.

Sofia Herrera
Joanna Hinojosa
RWS 1302 / TR 3:00-4:20pm
Annotation #4 (Article).
Farmer, Ben., (2015, Nov 20). Who were the terrorists? Everything we know about the Isil attackers so
far. The Telegraph. Retrieved from

In this article, the author is talking about the terrorists, those who attacked Paris. He share to the

audience the important information about each one of them. The author used photos of the terrorists,
this is very helpful, then the audience can see how the terrorists looks. Also, he included a few videos
about the attack. In other words, he support his argument very good. The article is very informative,
because he used many information and details to support everything he said.

I really like the article, the author did a good job. He uses a good vocabulary to explains

everything well. I like to read articles where the author uses a proper and understandable vocabulary,
because if not, I always get confused. As I said before, this author used the correct words and
vocabulary to explain everything. I like that he used many photos, then I can see how looks the terrorist
that attacked Paris. The article is long, but very informative. He also included a timeline, where he put
at what time happened each attack. He put the day of the attack November 13, after that he also
included in the timeline the days of November 14 and 15. This is very important information. I like the
article, is a very good one.

This is a very good article, I'm gonna used it for my research paper to provide more information

about the Paris attackers. I am glad that I found it. Knowing who are the Paris attackers, is a very
important information that everyone needs to know; and this article provide this information. I found

many important things that I would like to used for my research paper, like the names of the attackers,
and the timeline that is the last part of the article, the connections that have each attacker, for example
two of them were brothers. I would quote, Police said the attackers were seasoned fighters by the
looks of it and perfectly trained, with witnesses describing them as quite young and cool-headed, the
quote is located in the bottom of the second map; that kind of information is very important to know, or
at least I think is important. Also, I would like to quote, That would indicate a strong chance that at
least some were among the thousands of European foreign fighters who have travelled to Syria and
Iraq to fight. If so, they will have graduated from Isils training camps, schooled by the groups leaders,
many of them veterans of Saddam Husseins Baathist army, the quote is located after first quote that I
included here. I think is important to know about the attackers. We don't know why they attack Paris,
we only know that they are very bad people, or at least that's my opinion. I want to included
information about them in my research paper, then I can provided information about the attack, the
Paris attackers, the victims, and also after the attack.

Sofia Herrera
Joanna Hinojosa
RWS 1302 / T 3:00-4:20pm
Annotation #5 (Article)
Mullen, J., Melvin D., Armstrong P. (2015, Nov 15). Terror in Paris: What we know so far. CNN.
Retrieved from

In the article, the authors are talking about the attack in Paris, giving a lot of details as they can.

They included videos and photos, then the audience can believe and understand everything better. The
article is very organized, they explain how the attack occurred step by step. The authors did a good job
in this article, I learn a lot of the attack after I finish reading it; because they included many details,
photos and videos, the article is very informative. For me, an article without photos or videos, is an
article without evidence. This article have everything that is important to know about the attack.

I like this article, it makes me feel sad when I see the videos and pictures, but it is very

informative. The most thing that I like from this article is that the authors includes what some witnesses
said about the attack; this is the first article that I read that the authors includes what the witnesses
needs to said about the attack, that's why I like it a lot, it makes the audience to believe everything from
the article.

This article is very organized and informative, that's why I'm gonna used it for my research

paper. As I said before, this article includes what some witnesses said about the attack, if I included
that in my research paper, it will looks very good, with a lot of credibility. I think this article is one of
the best that I found about the Terror Attack in Paris. It provides everything that a person needs to
know about the attack. I will included many things from the article in my research paper, but the part
that I will definetely quote is Witness: They shot at us like birds, (The quote is located below the part
Where were the attacks that includes a map, the sentence that I will like to quote is in blue), I choose

to quote that sentence, because it can help the audience to imagine how terrible was the attack. Also I
will like to quote Molins said that at least 129 people were killed and 352 wounded in the attacks.
Ninety-nine of the wounded are reported to be in a very serious condition, he said, (The quote is
located below the part of What happened in Paris?, is in the second paragraph), I will like to quote that
sentence, because all the articles about the terror attack in Paris tell us how many people died, but this
is the first article that I found that provides the information of how many people was wounded because
of the attack.

Sofia Herrera
Joanna Hinojosa
RWS 1302 / T 3:00-4:20pm

Annotation #6 (Article)
Gee, O. (2015). How will France respond to Paris terror attacks? The Local fr. Retrieved


In the article, the author wrote the opinions of many French people about the Paris attack. Some

of the French people were saying that France needs to wake up and start increasing their security.
Others were saying that it was a good move for France to take revenge into Syria. The author used
some photos from the people that he interview and other photos of people crying and putting flowers in
the streets of Paris. The author convinced me, because he used photos to support his argument, an
article without photo is not believable for me. This is a very credible source, because it is a newspaper
from France that report all the news from Europe.

I think this source is very informative, of all the research that I already made, there are not many

sources about the people opinions on the Paris attack. Most of the sources regarding this tragedy are
about the details on the attack. Honestly, I think I was very lucky to have found this source, I
considered it very helpful because it provides many different points of view from the French people. It
also provided photos about people crying and how the streets of Paris looked one day after the tragedy
happened, the streets were with a lot of flowers and letters. I really like this source because it has
everything the people needed to know and understand how the French people were feeling and their
opinions. I recommended this article to anyone that is making a research about the Paris attack or to the
people that just want to know more about the attack.

Yes, I will definitely used this source. As I said before, this source is very informative, if I

include this source in my research paper, I am sure I will provide all the important information that my
audience needs to know about the French people opinion regarding this attack. When I started doing

this research, it made me realize the importance of knowing how the people reacted about this, because
this attack affected many people lives, thats why it is important to included this source in my research
paper, not only inform my audience of what happened in Paris, but also how the people reacted to this
tragedy. Some of the part that I would like to quote, because I think is the most strongest quote of the
article, is "It may sound strong but France needs to wake up. This should ring serious alarm bells. I'm
not saying we need to go into Syria or anything, I'm saying we need to face the reality that France has
changed. We are not the same romantic and historic country we have always been (para. 5). This
quote is saying something very true, France is changing, is not the same romantic and historic country
that it was years ago. If I included this quote in my research paper, I know I can make my audience
think how bad was the latest attack in Paris. Also, I will like to quote, "But I am also scared of the
growing racism. I'm sorry to say it, but if you don't have light hair and blue eyes then you're going to be
a victim of racism. It's 2015 - it's terrible that it's still like this (para. 12). This quotes makes me
realized that racism will grow more in France, just because of the latest terrorist attack. The authorities
will begin to look more and more for Muslim people in France, even if they have nothing to do with
terrorism, they will be considered suspicious. If I include this quote in my research paper, it will make
it more informative, because racism is going back in history, and we should not allowed it.