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First Sasha Speaks Saying:
Good After Noon Everyone! today we are here to tell you all about
the closest thing to magic on Earth! So lets get ready, get set, and
Theme Song Will Pay

Next Amanda(Talks):
Sickle cell disease is the name for an error with a protein in a group of
red blood cells. This protein is called hemoglobin and people with this
disease have hemoglobin S or sickle hemoglobin, in their red blood cells.
This disease is inherited from the genes of the mother and father. When
a person has two hemoglobin S genes, Hemoglobin SS, the disease is
called sickle cell anemia.These properly functioning cells are shaped like
discs and this allows the cell to be flexible.
Sasha: With the help of our treatment you, your, friends, and your
family members lives that have been affect ed and altered by sickle
cell anemia and disease can change.
Sickle Cell photos
Sasha:Our treatment is a gene injection that will be inserted into the
body by using a gene gun. Once inside the nucleus of a cell, the genes
dissolves off of the gold particle and can potentially insert into a chromosome. This
product will be used to deliver proper hemoglobin DNA to the cells.
Amanda: The reason our product is so great is because our gene gun is part of a
method called the biolistic (also known as bioballistic) method, and with our product,
normally functioning hemoglobin DNA will become sticky,
Our gene will make the life of one who has fallen victim to this disease
easier and will ultimately end up curing them completely. Our gene gun
has the ability to insert the proper hemoglobin into the persons red blood
cell. This will give the cells nucleus the proper DNA instructions to no
longer produce "sickled" cells, thus curing the patient completely after six consecutive
months of treatments per year.
Gene Gun Photo
Sasha: The only way to request or receive our product if not from one of
our renown treatment centers we have newly opened up our sales to our
online store that you can visit TODAY!!
Our product is formatted and continuously used over a year span
period of time. Injection treatments will continually be required for
affective treatment a minimum of one at least once every other month. This
treatment can be proven to achieve better outcomes with a six year injection.OUR

injections are at a start off rate of 44.99$ per injection but depending on ones bone
marrow and blood stream this may differ. This price averages as a complete total of
If Treatment is attempted to be halted there are necessary precautions needed to
be taken please contact our toll free advisors to be informed of the needed criteria.
Voice Over Portion
Amanda: This specific treatments most common symptoms include : Cough
Shaking chills
Shortness of breath
Sharp or stabbing chest pain
Excessive sweating and clammy skin
Loss of appetite,
low energy, and fatigue