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Your Name: Hope Younggren

Date: Any

Total Lesson Duration: 40 minutes

Topic: Graphing and mean, median, mode

Grade: Fifth Grade

Goal(s) (What is the most important thing related to the math topic as
envisioned in your lesson plan that your students will learn in this lesson?)
Students will be able to graph data and analyze it to find the highest and the
lowest magnitude earthquake
Students will be able to visually show their understanding of ascending and
descending order.
Students will be able to calculate mean, median, mode

Materials & Resources Needed

Chart with magnitude of earthquakes
Graphing paper
Number sheets with different numbers
Worksheet to fill out mean, median , mode
Sequencing Group Work (List how your students will be working
throughout the different parts of your lesson, for instance: Whole Group
Pairs Whole Group. Explain how this sequence supports any of the 5
practices to orchestrate math discussions.)
Students will work in small groups -> whole group-> pairs
This will allow students to work together through some tougher ideas as well

as work will multiple people throughout. Discussion can happen at a larger

level as well as a pair level.

Academic, Social and Linguistic Support (Provide 3 specific ways in

which you will use academic, social, and linguistic resources to support the
learning of your students. Locate these ways across the three parts of your
lesson (Launch, Explore, Discuss). These supports should reflect ideas from
our course readings)
I will make sure to help students by providing clear instruction and directions.
I will also make sure to point out specific elements to help clds. I will let
students choose their foursome for the first activity and then I will create the
pairings in order to put students together that can help each other,
potentially higher level math learners with struggling learners. Also make
sure to know what students shouldnt work together because of behavioral

LAUNCH (10 minutes)

Assume I am your teacher substitute for this lesson. You want to ensure that I
understand what you want me to do in all three parts of your lesson. So, for
the Launch, describe what you will do and say in order to (a) help students
understand the purpose of this lesson and (b) get them interested in the
lesson. What are you going to show them? Ask them? Tell them? How are you
going to raise their curiosity? What expectations are you going to
communicate to them? How are you going to activate their in-school and outof-school experiences related to this topic? Feel free to organize all these
things that you will do and say in some order (e.g., list, diagram, visual), so I
as your substitute can follow your plan easily.
I will first ask the students if they have every experiences and earthquake or
seen the movie san Andres? I will then explain that each earthquake is
recoded at a certain magnitude. This is the measure of the strength of the

Today we are going to be working with sets of number to do lots of things.

First we are going to graph different earthquakes magnitudes and analyze our
graphs. Then we will work with ascending and descending. Can someone tell
me what ascending and descending means? Finally we are going to work in
pairs to find the mean, median and mode of a set of numbers.

EXPLORE (______ minutes)

Students will be working (describe arrangement) on the following high-level

task (include task here).

Insert your charts here displaying possible student solutions and specific
questions you will ask to assess and advance students thinking). Specify how
you will notice and record (monitor) the students ideas that are at play.
What would you do to keep students engaged? What would you do if a
student doesnt understand the task at all (e.g., cannot seem to get started)?
What would you do if a student finishes early?
Give students the list of earthquakes and their magnitude and ask them to
graph them in ascending order. Once students have done this ask them to
plot the magnitudes on the graph in descending order. And create a line that
connects the points
While students are doing this walk around and look at students work, answer
questions and dispel and issues with descending and ascending
After all students are done have them describe their graphs and talk about
what they did to make it an ascending line, descending.
Next pass out numbers to students and have them line up in ascending order.
Explain that the first time they will be able to talk but have to remain at a low
level of voice.
Watch students do this and answer questions, when they seem to be done
have them state their numbers and make changes if necessary.
Now tell the students that you want them to line up in descending order but
they cant talk and they have to switch their number with someone on the
other end of the line.
Watch students do this and answer questions, when they seem to be done
have them state their numbers and make changes if necessary.
Explain that students will now use these number to find the mean, median

and mode. Tell students who their partner will be and then have them sit
down at a table.
Pass out list of numbers and worksheet to each pair.

DISCUSS (_____ minutes)

Sequence the solution strategies that you anticipated in the previous Explore
part of this lesson.

In what order would you want these solutions to be shared/presented? In

what ways would this order contribute to develop students understanding of
the learning goal? What would you be doing during this sharing time? What
would your students be doing?

How are you going to ensure that everyone pays attention during this sharing

Write specific questions you would ask during this time so students can: (a)
expand on, debate, and question the solutions and ideas being shared, (c)
make connections across strategies presented, (d) begin to form
generalizations. Finally, state specific ways in which you will invite students
to help you reflect about what they learned.
Ask two or three student groups to share what they got for their mean,
medium and mode. Have them explain what they did to find these numbers.
Challenge students who have different answers. With multiple sharings we
will be able to see consistency or we will be able to pin point where a student
went wrong and other students can possibly relate to the mistake.
Ask students why we talked about ascending and descending order before

Ask students if this could have been done with the magnitude of the
Could you have used your graph to estimate the median?

While students are presenting tell the other students that you want them to
look at their data and see if theirs matches up.