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Flipped Classrooms

Hint: How I am about to instruct you is NOT an example of a flipped


How Classrooms & Instruction are Situated

Teacher stands in front of 25-30 students and
lectures or writes stuff on a board
The students take noteshopefully
The various kinds of students

The dutiful note-taker

The bored
The texter
The whispering but everyone can here you
The KO

Teacher assigns HW to further engage

students in material
The next class period, HW is turned in
Teacher moves on to another topic
Cycle begins again

How Flipped Classrooms are Situated

Student watches a lecture video online
organized by the teacher of content
Student enters the class having already
listened/watched the lecture and has a
simple understanding of the content
Class time is devoted to group activity
and class discussion of the material
that advances the students
understanding of the content
HW is assigned and all the various
students excel

Shout out to the positives

A student can go as fast or slow as they
please & teachers do not leave anyone

Students no longer struggle alone outside

of class time
Students come to class prepared with an
understanding of the content

Class time can be devoted to group

Students can use lecture videos to study
for exams

Those darn disadvantages

Students who do not have
computer access
Students cannot ask questions

What about those students who do

not see the lecture before class
What about those students who are
only engaged with an instructor

Other thoughts
Teachers should create their own lectures with supplementary videos
Instruct students on how to properly watch an educational video
An entire class does NOT have to be flipped for the full semester
Certain topics/units

Our use of moodle allows professors to turn their classroom into a

flipped classroom
I am currently in a flipped classroom example