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Tawny Pham

29 March 2016

Thesis: The act of trophy hunting and trading should be banned all over the country because it
falls under the definition of animal abuse, which is harmful to both animals and human beings.
I. Definition of trophy hunting.
A. trophy hunters kill thousands of exotic wild animals, representing hundreds of
different species, in foreign countries, primarily in Africa (IDAUSA).
B. The list of huntable species is usually very long and includes more common
species such as impala, black bears, common zebra, giraffes, an baboons, but also
endangered species such as elephants, leopards and wite rhinos (IDAUSA).
C. American hunters import more than 126,000 animal trophies a year or 345 a day
D. Trophy hunting is conducted in 23 African countries, with large hunting industries in
southern and East Africa and smaller industries in Central and West Africa (Lindsey).

II. The Safari Club International (SCI) promotes trophy hunting throughout the world, including
the U.S, through killing contests.
A. Participate in trophy hunting, even of rare and sensitive species, including in
cowardly canned hunts, through an elaborate awards program (IDAUSA).
B. to win so-called Grand Slam and Inner Circle titles. SCI members take short
cuts in their hurry to beat competitors by killing captive and defenseless animals in
canned hunts, both in the United States and in other countries. Hunters lure animals to
their guns with bait, shoot them from helicopters to vehicles with spotlights, or in or near
national parks (IDAUSA).
C. 74 percent of responders oppose canned hunting, where animals like lions are bred
and hunted in fenced enclosures for trophies. Two-thirds of Americans support listing
African lions under the Endangered Species Act to give the species greater federal
protections, and 64 percent support placing restrictions on trophy hunting of native
animals such as bobcats and mountain lions. By more than a three-to-one margin,
responders said that if they could travel to Africa, they would prefer to spend their
tourism dollars in a country that prohibits trophy hunting rather than one that allows it

III. Definition of animal abuse.

A. Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly taking an action that mistreats or kills any
animal without just cause, such as torturing, tormenting, mutilation, maiming, poisoning,
or abandonment (Itkowitz).
B. -from individual situations of neglect and abuse, to cockfighting or dogfighting
operations, to abusive illegal puppy mill operations and to large-scale animal cruelty
situations such as hoarding (HSUS).
IV. Animal abuse can often lead to cases of domestic violence.
A. an abusive household contains more than one victim, and that an abuser is likely
to harm both his intimate partner and domestic animals in the home (Upadhya).
B. harm or kill the animal in order to emotionally harm the human, use threats
against animal to gain control over the human (Upadhya).
C. Shelters for domestic violence victims typically do not accept animals, a departing
victim must leave their animal in the household. By doing so, she is left vulnerable to
harm through the ongoing abuse of the animal- abuse that may force her to return to her
abuser to protect it (Upadhya).
D. exploit the close, emotional bond shared by a victim and her companion to cause
harm upon the human victim (Upadhya).
V. Stopping animal abuse will prevent domestic violence and danger to the public.
A. Designating animal abuse as domestic violence would plug a prominent gap in the
criminal approach to domestic violence (Upadhya).
B. recently became aware of research that shows many serial killers have
foreshadowed their penchant for violence at an early age through animal abuse
C. other agencies will be able to see trends that will allow them to better allocate
their resources to catching animal abusers (Itkowitz).
D. Its not about protecting people or animals, its protecting them both (Itkowitz).
VI. There are many ways to prevent animal abuse.
A. Starting this year, FBI will track animal abuse
B. In 2014, after a years-long lobbying effort, the FBI agreed. And this year will be the
first time it collects data on animal crimes (Itkowitz).

C. Learn to recognize animal cruelty, set a good example for others, talk to your kids
about how to treat animals with kindness and respect (ASPCA).
VII. Learning the connection that humans and animals have together will lead to humans
developing more respect for animals.
A. Physicians and veterinarians were essentially taking care of the same disorders in
their animal and human patients: congestive heart failures, brain tumors, leukemia,
diabetes, arthritis, ALS, breast cancer, even psychiatric syndromes like depression,
anxiety, compulsions, eating disorders, and self-injury (Horowitz).
B. I no longer look at animals at the species level, I look at them as individuals and I
think about them as creatures with their own individual weather systems guiding their
behavior and informing how they respond to the world. I really believe that this has made
me more empathetic to the people I that know who are suffering with anxiety and
phobias of all manners of things (Braitman).