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Holly Graves

Classroom Management Philosophy for 4th Grade General Music

Classroom management is an important part of being an effective educator. Procedures
need to be set up on day one. Procedures shouldnt be thought of as disciplinary rules and
resulting punishments. They are more like habits or routines that are established to maximize
students learning and to create a positive environment of respect for one another. If a student is
deliberately breaking one of the procedures, there has to be some sort of disciplinary action
taken. I believe the severity of the discipline should be determined by the severity of the
behavior of the student. Something minor like back-talking should be handled by the teacher.
Disciplinary actions like talking to the principal, calling home, or detention should only be
enforced if the teacher has already talked with the student about his/her behavior and attempted
to handle the situation themselves. The actions you take will vary from student to student
according to their personality, capabilities, and home life. According to Ruby Payne, a student
from middle-class is likely to react differently than a student from poverty. The differing
reactions to situations stems from what they value. For example, during lunch time, a student
from poverty might be worried about the amount of food he or she can eat while a student from
middle-class will more likely be concerned with how the food tastes. Because of the difference in
values, it is important to know your students so you can effectively meet their needs in school.
Procedures for 4th Grade General Music Classroom:

Students will quietly line up outside the classroom door

Students will enter the classroom and put backpacks against the wall and take a seat on
the designated spot on the floor

Students are only allowed to raise hand 2 times for comments or questions that are not
related to the activity or lesson (I chose to include this as a procedure because I observed
a classroom where the students were raising their hands every 30 seconds to say

Students will respect one another (For this procedure, we would discuss as a class actions
that are respectful and disrespectful on the first day. I would leave this list on the board

for the first week of class or make a poster of the list to leave up year round.)
Students will be attentive to the teacher while instructions are being given (no talking)
Two students that have been acting appropriately will be chosen at the end of class to put

supplies away
- When leaving the classroom,
o Students will get their backpack only
o Line up beside the door in the order that they entered
Disciplinary actions:
o Back-talking/ minor problems: ask them if their actions/ words are respectful or
disrespectful and discuss other ways to respond to the problem
o Repeated Behavior: talk to student privately after class. Find out if they are having
problems at home or in school. Discuss the negative effects of their behavior. Always end
on a positive note!
o Continuous Bad behavior: utilize resources outside the classroom like the principal,
calling the parents to report the behavior, or ask other teachers
Most disciplinary actions I would take care of in the classroom until I felt that I was no longer
able to handle the situation on my own or needed the advice of others. It is always helpful to
consult other teachers about behavior to see what works for them with different students. Each
class is unique and will need procedures that best fit their abilities.

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