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Standard #3:

Observing, Documenting and Assessing To Support Young Children and Families

I think standard three is about the importance of doing observation, and using the
observations to support both the child and family. Moreover, it is about the importance of using
observation tools in order to understand an individual childs development and all four domains.
An early childhood professional needs to document every observation. The standard is also about
using observations in order to create a lesson plan that meets every childs needs. It is important
to look back on the observations and reflect on them.
I have chosen an artifact from CHD 165: Observation and Participation. In this course, I
had to perform an event sample. I did an event sample on my nephew. The purpose of this
observation was to find out what happened before, during and after the event. Once I finished
doing the event sample I had to go back and reflect on what I observed. I had to explain my
thoughts on the reason for the childs behavior. Upon completion of CHD 165 I have learned
about many different observation tools, as well as, the purpose of each observation tool and how
to use them. It is vital to do observations and assessments in order see where a child is at
developmentally. It is important to document all observations. Documenting observations will
allow teachers to show parents their childs progress. Also, it shows the parents certain areas the
child needs assistance in.
I would definitely use observation, documentation and assessment to support young
children and families. From my experience of taking CHD courses, I have learned that doing
observations is one the strongest tools to learning more about a child. Similar to the case study, I
will continue to do observations, assessments, and documentation in order to learn about a
childs interest, areas of strength, and areas of improvement. I will perform observations in order
to understand a childs behavior, development, or family. I will continue to discuss the
documentation of the observations with the parents. In conclusion, if parents are concerned about
their child, I will support them by doing observations.