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Standard 5.

Using Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum

This standard is about the teacher knowing the content they want to teach the children. In
addition to knowing how to teach their lesson. It is important for a teacher to educate themselves
on the developmental domains and standards such as the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Early
Learning, Virginias Milestones of Child Development, and Virginia Standard of Learning
(SOL). The educator should have knowledge and understanding of different subjects. Also, they
should know how to apply content in a curriculum. The educator should use their knowledge of
the different standards in order to create a developmentally appropriate and challenging
The artifact I have chosen to demonstrates my competency is from CHD 145: Art, Music
and Movement. In this assignment, we had to create an integrative curriculum. My integrative
curriculum was on giving thanks. The children had to do a language arts, history, and art activity
on thanksgiving and being thankful. After creating the integrated curriculum, I have learned how
to teach a curriculum that involved more than one subject. I learned the process of implementing
a theme into subjects such as language arts, art, and history. I also learned the importance of
having knowledge about content when creating a curriculum. This artifact is a good
representation of standard five because I had to apply my knowledge about the subjects and
Virginia Foundation Blocks of Learning in order to create a developmentally appropriate,
integrated curriculum.
In the future, I will use what I learned in my CHD courses in order to teach each child to
their developmental needs. I will also teach the whole child by using all of the developmental
domains. I am going to continue to create an integrated curriculum. I intended to use content
properly when creating a curriculum. Furthermore, I will also use the VA standards in order to
create a meaningful, developmentally appropriate, and challenging curriculum.