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Algebra 1 - Section 7.

6 Lesson Plan
Title: System of Linear Inequalities
Objective: Students will be able to solve systems of linear inequalities by graphing,
and will be able to model real-world situations using systems of linear inequalities.
This means that students will be able to create a system of linear inequalities from
the given information, and solve by graphing.

ccss.math.practice.mp1: Make sense of problem and persevere in solving

ccss.math.practice.mp2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
ccss.math.practice.mp4: Model with mathematics.

Materials: Students Pen/pencil

Teacher Power point, and smartboard

next day HW quiz

End of unit test
student participation and engagement
scale of 1-5 assessment periodically throughout the lesson (teacher ask
students to rate their understanding on a scale of 1-5 using their fingers)

7:307:35: Daily check-in with students.
7:35-7:50: Students will compare their homework answers from the previous night,
and write any questions they have up on the board. After their questions are
answered, they will take a two question homework quiz.
7:50-8:05: Teacher will introduce a system of linear inequalities and talk about how
it compares to a system of linear equations. Then the teacher will do two examples
with the students so that they can see how they will solve a system by graphing.
8:05-8:15: Students will then do 4 examples working with their table partners.
After students have completed the examples, the teacher will ask for volunteers or
choose a table group at random to share their answer with the rest of the class.
8:15-8:20: Teacher will then show students how to write a system of linear
inequalites given a graph. Teacher will also do an example with the students.
8:20-8:30: Students will then do the next 2 examples working with their table
partners. After students have completed the examples, the teacher will ask for
volunteers or choose table groups at random to share their answer with the class.
8:30-8:45: Students will then work on a word problem where they need to create a
system of linear inequalities with the given information, and then graph and solve

that system. This problem will help students see how this concept is used in the
real world.
8:45-8:55: Students will have 10 minutes to begin working on their homework.
8:55-9:00: Teacher will wrap up the lesson by talking through a business example
of how we could create a system of inequalities and solve by graphing.
Differentiation: During classwork time, teacher will walk around and help out
students who may be struggling more to help them get a better understanding.
They will also get a copy of the notes if needed. Higher level learners will be asked
to help lower level learners during classwork time, and be given a different set of
HW problems to challenge them.
Reflection: The fact that majority of the kids had a pretty good understanding of
the previous section, todays lesson went very well. We were able to have a
comfort level of 4 or higher (scale of 1-5) with majority of the class. Other than
asking the students to tell me their comfort level, I could see it in the way groups
were working together, and the answers that they were getting for the practice
problems. Students were engaged, and were even able to give me examples of
where they might use this in the real world. If I couldve changed something I would
have had students come up with their own problem and have other students answer
it, but I ran out of time and had not initially planned to do that.