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College Research Project

Name: Arizona University

First Major choice: Fine arts/animation
Second choice: Psychology and consoling
History of the college:
Arizona State was founded in 1885 by John Samuel Armstrong. It was founded after the
House Bill 164 that established a normal school in the territory of Arizona. Starting off as a
small school, with only 33 students per classroom, is today the biggest college in the country.
Location and description of college:
-Tempe, AZ
-642 acres of campus
-public as well as co-ed
- http://www.asu.edu/
-AZ state is not a religious school, but does offer religious courses and clubs
Admission Requirements
- The very first requirement is a high school diploma/GED
- 3.00 GPA in competency courses (4.00= a)
- SAT Reasoning 1040 (1110 nonresidents)
- Top 25% in high school graduating class

Applicants must successfully complete the ASU competency requirement test. Students

ASU has a separate college Barrett honors college that provides the highest level of honors education, a
program for honor students and even postgrads. ASU also offers a wide variety of degrees with most of
them online as well, being the number one innovative school. They have a wide selection of elective
courses, making it very easy to double or triple major. Exchange programs are also offered with 70 different
exchange partnerships around the world. Studying abroad can be offered for a summer, semester of a year.
Surrounding Area Activities:
Personally being from this part of Arizona, a cool feature next to ASU campus is A-mountain. Its a bit of a
trail hike upward but the view of the big A symbol is pretty cool to look at.
There are also several indoor and outdoor shopping malls on college Blvd. That are in within walking
distance of other tourist attractions. (Not that you would want to walk in the heat!)
If you like sports you can watch men and women's sports at the Wells Fargo Arena. AS well as at Phoenix
Munipal stadium.
ASU does offer many Psychology courses including Neuropsychology, children and adolescent
must earn a minimum of a 2.00 in any subject area.

Tuition and Financial Aid:

Tuition costs (plus all expenses and fees): 25,000
Out of State (expenses included): 40,000
Financial aid information:
- ASU offers many scholarships as well, most being through American University Scholarships.
All cost and fees are based off of academic ability, and situations and applying for them based
of how much money you make.

- All deadlines for different types of financial aid payments are due between APR 29-JUN 9.
Campus life:


Living expenses:
Living on campus for underclassmen isnt a requirement but is heavily
suggested. ASU believes that living on campus your first years is curtail to
learning and passing all of your classes.
If I attend this college I probably wont want to live on campus and would try
to find student housing off campus but close by.