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Fernando Tepox

English 2010
Lynn Kilpatrick

Visual Argument Reflection

The reason why I chose the topic that I did for my visual argument
project was simple. I wanted to show how important Latino immigrants are to
the United States. This topic is important to me because I get the opportunity
to become a first generation college student in my entire Latino family. I
wanted to implement both the data and visual portion of what the Latino
immigrants contribute to the United States.
The information I gathered came from both the SLCC library database
and from looking on the internet. Most of the data were numbers, statistics,
ratios, and some graphs. This was perfect since the instructions for this
assignment was to turn writing into a visual argument. Since much of the
data was numbers I decided to use a pie chart to show how many Latinos are
in the work force, used a line to represent the population growth of Latinos in
the U.S and a YouTube video to get an emotional appeal to the future
generations of Latinos. All of this data came from articles talking about how
important the Latino population is. This was all tied in someway to the racial
comments that the presidential candidate Donald Trump has said in this
upcoming election.

The one thing Im most proud of from this assignment was getting
valuable information out and showing people that more and more Latinos are
either contributing to the U.S workforce or registering for higher education.
Im proud to be Latino student because of all the odds Ive had to overcome
and by doing this project, I give a small visual presentation on how much the
Latino people contribute to the United Sates. Although I was happy with the
outcome of my assignment, I wish I couldve spent more time researching
and adding more data. Latinos in the U.S have a lot of controversy, some
people think we are here stealing jobs and making the U.S a horrible place to
live but the numbers dont lie. I wish I couldve added more graphs, charts,
and videos to show how valuable we are to this country.
The assignment itself taught me a lot about who I am as a person, id
like to think that I am an overachiever because of the scholarships and the
ability to play college sports as a Latino student. That by itself is something
that Im proud of but I learned that I can very well be a future statistic for the
Latino culture. Im wanting to open my own business and Im hoping I cant
attribute to the U.S economy and provide jobs. This is my long term goal and
this assignment has reinforced my decision on why I chose business as my