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You are required to answer all questions and answers must be in accordance with the step-by-step


How to create a Table.

Fistly, you must open the Microsoft access and click a blank database.

Then, it will look like the picture below, you must create your file name [ect : KELUARGA
SAYA] then click create;

Only follow the step below : Click create then click the table.

It will be like this :-


How to create a Query.

Firstly, you must click Query Design

Secondly, it will come out like this :- Click at KELUARGA ABAH and KELUARGA MAMA
table 2 then click add.

Thirdly, the two table are now represented in the top pane. Choose the fields youd
like to be represented in the results of your query.

After that, you can either double click on the field name or click drag it down to a
column in the bottom pane.

Click RUN button at the top-left part of the ribbon:

Then, now you can see the results of the query. Heres mine :

Save the query by clicking at the right on the query.

Lastly, save the file as name is KELUARGA MAMA ABAH then click ok. It will save


How to create a Form.

First, you must click form.

Then, it will come out like this :-

Lastly, click button save to save your forms.


How to create a Reports.

Fistly, you must click button report.

After that, it will be happen like the picture below :

Lastly, by the clicking-right the button save to save your reports.


How to create a Relationships.

Firstly, click the button relationships.

Secondly, click at the two table KELUARGA ABAH and KELUARGA MAMA then click button

After that, it come out like the picture below.

Lastly, by right-clicking, save the relationships.