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Eisenhower & Dulles. Produce a SWOT analysis of the new US administration.

starter activity

How did US foreign

policy develop
under Truman,
Eisenhower &
To identify key characteristics of
To identify key characteristics of
the New Look
To assess the extent it marked a
change from previous US foreign

Your task

Read p.81 and note down the key

characteristics of Eisenhowers New

Characteristics of the
New Look

Hard-line approach
USSR & Communist allies were
pursuing expansionist foreign policy
Military means to contain
Massive retaliation
Covert operations

Your task

Read p.82 and find evidence of

compromise & conciliation in
Eisenhowers foreign policy

Nixon, Eisenhower & Dulles

Evidence of

Eisenhower keen to avoid military

Economic pressures by 1954, 12% US GNP
spent on armaments
Drive for smaller army & more efficient
weapons more bang for your buck
Eisenhower less prone to scaremongering
than Truman
U-2 spy planes gave USA greater

Produce a
factoid on the
career and
achievements of

Your task

How similar or different were

Eisenhowers foreign policy
objectives to those of Truman?
Complete a Venn diagram.

Read John Foster Dulles obituary. Imagine you are Molotov reading this text. Underline an
what you would challenge or what would make you angry

Your task

Study the sources on p.83 and complete a

chart similar to the one below:

Answer Qs 1 & 2 on p.84

Your task

Read p.84 and note the impact that

Kennedys decisions had on US foreign

Kennedys foreign policy

Flexible Response range of responses

including conventional weapons, covert
operations, economic aid & nuclear
We intend to have a wider choice than
humiliation or all-out nuclear war
Economic aid e.g. $20bn to Latin-Am.
Covert operations e.g. Cuba, Bay of Pigs
Military expansion increased to 2.7m
(1964); specialist units, e.g. Green Berets

Your task

Produce a timeline charting the

achievements of Cold War. Plot the
achievements and failures either
side of the timeline. Use p.85-6


What were the characteristics of

Trumans approach to foreign policy
How was Eisenhowers approach
How significant was the influence of
Dulles on US foreign policy?