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FORMULAS Mean of a Sample =X an Range range = Xpighese — Xlowest Variance CHAPTER 6 z Score (=n) o Raw Score from a z Score X=2x0)+ me Confidence Interval for a z Test CHAPTER 9 Standard Deviation of a Sample ) Standard Error of a Sample Standard Deviation SD = VSP Standard Deviation (when we don’t al- ready have variance) SD= [2 ar Standard Error 2 Statistic for a Distribution of Means _ Mw) os z Effect Size for a z Test Cohen's d= Mf) o t Statistic for a Single-Sample t Test = Mam) Su t Degrees of Freedom for a Single-Sample t Test or a Paired-Samples t Test af=N-1 Degrees of Freedom for an Independent- Samples t Test inat = Hc + bo Pooled Variance jus (Her) * Ser)? Variance for a Distribution of Means for an Independent-Samples t Test 2 2 = feed = Shy = at Nx nee, Variance for a Distribution of Differences Between Means igen = Sic + Sy Standard Deviation of the Distribution of Differences SWELL Between Means pe “age t Statistic for an Independent-Samples tTest (My — My) ~ x Saiffrence often abbreviated as: _ Mx My) Saifrene Confidence Interval for an Independent- Samples t Test (Mx — My)inver = —# (Siigereee) + Mx — Mr)sampie (My — My)upper = t (Saigerncs) + (Mx ~ Mrcompte Effect Size for an Independent-Samples t Test ix = My) = (ax= Hn) Spo for a ¢ distribution for a difference between means Cohen's d = One-Way Between-Groups ANOVA Aficeaven = Neronps — 1 oitin = Ui + df + 02. + Dias (in which df; etc. are the degrees of freedom, N~ 1 for each sample) Foeat = Afierven + Afecibin oF fist = Nowat ~ 1 _ 20) St Nat SS = U(X — GM) for each score SSsitin = BX — M)? for each score Swerve = E(M — GM)? for each score SSwn = SSwikin + SSteroeen SSterween Sm a Sein MScitin = Ff, MSterscen PS MSitin Go- Chapter 11 formulas continued on inside back cover FORMULAS ym inside front cover) Tukey HSD post-hoc test One-Way Within-Groups ANOVA (M; — My, dq =n-1 Hsp = TAM) foe any two sample means “es =" = Garin = Grav Gres) MS xiebin = JN if equal sample sizes el reese ape a aan ae SSarsjecte = 2 Myarscpane ~ GI)? for each score ZC/N) SSitin = SSruat — SSperoeen ~ Serie SS, MSoishin =e Sus » if unequal sample sizes MS cis Waajas “CHAPTER ‘Two-Way Between-Groups ANOVA Gras = Neos ~ 1 Fostanas = Nestonns — 1 Finsrscion = Graze Fests) SS puai = AX — GM)? for each score SSseroeen(vas) = UM yp, — GM)? for each score SStezaen(atemas) = = Mesum — GML)? for each score 8s, icin SS, cen interaction) SSou (Sid — Satine SSoeencion) ~ SS, mt (Seta ~ SSsous — SSicratin) Sprain mee (Sua = Sau ~ SS) = E(X — M,,1)? for each score = Sst — SShrmeentnes) + SSseroen(otinns) + SSsibin) CHAPTER 13, Pearson Correlation Coefficient E((X — Mx)(¥ = My)) TESST =N-2 CHAPTER 14 Standardized Regression Equation 27 = (a)(e) Simple Linear Regression Equation Poatb(X) Standardized Regression Coefficient Proportionate Reduction in Error (SSrotai = Serr) SStotat r Chi-Square Statistic fz = k— 1 (for chi-square test for goodness-of-fit) ee] 4x2 = Croan ~ 1Fcolumn ~ 1) (or chi-square test for independence) Expected frequency for each cell = i, rt tals), where we use the overall number of partici- pants, N, along with the totals for the rows and columns for each particular cell. Cramer's V eae rey Spearman Correlation Coefficient i ee ms=1— Nw? 1) Mann-Whitney U Test U.= (niin) + MOY _ sry, where R is the ranks for the first sample. mz(nz + 1) Ur = (nom) + 7 = ER where R is the ranks for the second sample.