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Using data from the 2008-2012 American Community Survey, researchers at the Urban
Institute found that nearly a third of the 563,000 teenage dropouts left school to work. These 16to 18-year-olds were disproportionately male and Hispanic, and ended their education either at
the beginning of high school or nearing the end. Students have a massive responsibility at a
young age that causes them to bypass great opportunities. Other students drop out because they
have no focus or a lack of support from their parents. There are not enough job opportunities
for high school dropouts in Charlotte and nationally. Students end up dropping out because
they feel like there is nothing in their current high school that will help them for their
Some students that are living on a low-income have to give up receiving an education to
work so that they can provide for their families. The dropouts are not obtaining that much
money. This quote displays the lack of job opportunities for high school dropouts:Six out of 10
teenagers identified in the study earned less than $10,000 a year working in restaurants, on
construction sites or cleaning buildings, among other jobs. A third of the teens contribute more
than 20 percent of the total annual income of their households, and one-tenth contributed more
than 50 percent, the study said (Gabriel-Douglas). It is clear from this quote that teens are
giving up their futures to provide for their families. Without a high school diploma you will not
acquire as much money as those who are advanced. Also, there are more job opportunities for


those who are advanced. This quote displays the average amount of money you make if you
finish high school and the average amount of money you make if you drop out of high school:
High school dropouts earn about $23,400 on average, compared with $35,000 for those with a
high school diploma (Clare Ansberry). Statistics have proven that you can become more
successful if you have earned a high school diploma.
Although people that have completed high school earn more than those that have not they
are still earning something. Can you really survive on $7.25 an hour? This quote displays how
wages are extremely low for high school dropouts:Given that wages are stagnant and many high
paying blue collar jobs are disappearing, more low-income families may simply need more
workers in their households to stay afloat (Gabriel-Douglas). This quote states that it is
laborious to survive on a low income. Businesses are looking for workers with a high school
diploma for skilled and educational purposes. It is extremely important to acquire a high school
diploma because you will earn more money than those that gave up during their high school
There are many jobs that will hire workers without a high school diploma. Earning a high
school diploma is what determines whether you are paid minimum wage or a higher pay. This
quote displays how much money a high school dropout will obtain compared to those that do
finish high school:Seven percent of those without a high school diploma make the minimum
wage or less, compared with two percent of college graduates, (Lydia DePillis). High school
dropouts have job options even though they are not the most successful ones they can still make
a decent living.


Job Corps can help those who have dropped out of high school and qualifies as low
income. It gives young people starting at 16 years of age free education, training for a career,
earn a high school diploma, and to find and keep a good job. There should be more opportunities
like this. Especially for people who do not qualify as low income. Everyone should be given the
same choices as others. In order to keep the dropout rates low there should be plenty of
alternatives to become successful.


Most high schools start at, or around 7 in the morning. Staying up late is like a ritual for
teeneagers even though, they need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Most teenagers dread rolling out
of the bed at the crack of dawn. Due to the lack of sleep they do not feel like going to school so,
they roll over and go back to sleep. If school started an hour later then maybe teenagers would be
enthusiastic about going to school and learning.
High schools need diversity in their courses it might prevent students from dropping out.
The typical general electives are: foreign languages, CTE (Career Technical Education), Physical
Education classes, JROTC, Theatre, Debate and Art. They need more career pathway
opportunities for students. For an example, if a female wants to become a cosmetologist their
current high school should offer a cosmetology class because it will guide them to build a career
for their future. Students would be more concerned about completing high school with more
career pathway opportunities.
The curriculum should be more compelling for to keep the students wanting to learn. If
the lesson is boring then students tend to fall asleep in class. Teachers should try more diverse
strategies that will keep their students attention. For instance, if you make the lesson relatable to
them theyd be more interested into what you are trying to teach. Teenagers are more eager to
learn when it is relatable to them.
For some students graduating high school is not a main priority. It can also be from lack
of support from their parents or guardians. They are probably doing so well in school and not
receiving any credit at home so, they feel like doing well in school is useless. Teenagers need a
lot of motivation when trying to succeed. They will eventually give up if they are not succeeding.


Especially if their parents are not supporting them and guiding them on the road of success.
Failure should not be an option when it comes to wanting to succeed. All parents should do what
they possibly can to make sure their child is successful at what he or she wants to accomplish.
People dropout for various of reasons such as: going to work, lack of support from
parents and no interest in school. Dropouts do not make as much as people who finish high
school. They are struggling trying to make a decent living off of minimum wage. Some students
do not have a choice if they have to provide for their families. You will have a brighter future if
you complete high school.


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