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Age Friendly

OTF Perspective
November 5th, 2013

Looking Back

10 Years of Investing in Seniors

In the past 10 years OTF has invested over $75

million in programs to help seniors across the
province to remain active, healthy and engaged
in their communities.
At an average expenditure of $7.5 million per
year funding to seniors represents a significant
target group for OTF funding.

Types of Investments by OTF

Recreational Programs
Increased Physical Activity
Increased Health and Well-being
Community Engagement
Helping Organizations Serve Seniors Better
Transportation and Mobility
Improved Access to Programs and Services
Capacity Building and System Transformation

Recreational Programs
Senior Tamils Society: $103,200 over
36 months to hire a part time
coordinator to organize volunteers to
run a range of recreational
programming for isolated Senior Tamils
that will improve their physical and
social well-being.

Increased physical activity

Health and Community Services:
$62,500 over two years to improve
physical activity programs targeted to
older adults and to enhance training
and support to leaders and volunteer
fitness and program instructors
through a collaborative partnership in
a rural area.

Increased health & wellbeing

Community Care: $282,500 over five
years to provide programming for lowincome South Asian seniors that will
allow them to become more
independent, have a healthier lifestyle
and opportunities to socialize while
learning about what supports are
available in their communities.

Community Engagement
Centre for Ecology: $80,000 over two years
to engage youth, seniors and community
members from low-income communities to
create a vision for the future of their own
neighbourhoods. Participants will join with
urban design practitioners to capture ideas to
make their surroundings more livable. Out of
the working sessions, 3D virtual plans will be
developed and participants will have the
knowledge, tools and confidence to discuss
their vision for their neighbourhood.

Helping Orgs Better Serve Seniors

The Good Neighbours' Club:
$225,000 over 36 months to hire a
coordinator to develop a more formal
volunteer management system that will
allow for more homeless men age 50
and over to participate in outreach and
recreational programs

Mobility & Transportation

Community and Home Assistance
to Seniors: $66,200 over 12 months
to increase organizational and
program capacity. Funding will be
used to purchase an automated
scheduling system to support the
organization's transportation program
which serves 70,000 Seniors.

Better Access to Services

Meals on Wheels: $142,800 over 24
months to support a community
outreach manager who will conduct
community awareness activities and
contact seniors who are isolated and
may be in need of meal programs or
other social and support programs
offered by this organization.

Capacity Building and System Change

Alzheimer Society of Ontario $225,000 over one year to

support staff and external
expertise to integrate services
and develop common
operational and human
resource functions for chapter
organizations across the

So What?

Looking Forward

In Conclusion