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Sierra Nevada College Lesson Plan

Teacher Candidate:
Lesson Content:

Brian Flint
U.S. Government

SNC Supervisor:

Ronald Seckler

Judicial Branch/ Selecting a Supreme

Court Justice.

Lead Teacher:

Jason Saville
Reed High School

Time Allotted:

2 Days

Materials, including technology:

Hand-out (work sheet) Powerpoint.

Standard(s), including literacy for all content areas and/or SMP

C14.[9-12].12 Describe the structure and jurisdiction of the federal court system and analyze the power of
judicial review.

Literacy Standard: Process or synthesize information through writing using note taking, graphic
organizers, summaries, proper sequencing of events, and/or formulating thesis statements that
examine why as well as how.

How will learning be assessed at the end of the unit/learning cycle (summative):

Unit Test, Graded worksheet.

Objective(s): high cognitive demand for diverse learners

Cognitive Level (DOK or Blooms)

1.Students will be able understand and describe the factors which

influence the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice by analyzing
current justices and how a new justice would affect cases regarding
constitutional issues.


Connections to past learning or experience, building background

Students will review the context of the Judicial Branch to the other branches already covered. Students
will also make connections with previous lessons on the Supreme Court.
Essential Vocabulary
Review of old vocabulary


Sierra Nevada College Lesson Plan

Strategy for teaching new vocabulary

Students are responsible for researching the

definitions. Vocabulary for this lesson will be
reviewed and reinforced frequently via direct
instruction throughout the lesson.

Sequence and Scope of Instruction (include instructional

strategies, questions, opportunities for meaning making
through discourse and other engagement strategies,
formative assessments, opportunities for metacognition,
grouping, differentiation and transitions)

Instructional Strategy


Introductionary Exercise/ Hand out lesson packet.

Individual Student Work

5 Mins.

Discuss introductory responses and explain objectives,

explain instructions for first part of activity.

Teacher Led Discussion

5-10 Mins.

Students work individually on first section.

Individual Student Work

10 Mins.

Discuss first section. Emphasize difference between

requirements and desired traits.

Teacher Led Discussion

5 Mins.

Students complete Knowledge Inventory

Individual Student Work

5 Mins.

Correct and Discuss Knowledge Inventory

Teacher Led Discussion

5-10 Mins.

Hand out Supreme Court Justices biographies and give

instructions on filling out chart.

Teacher Led Instruction

3-5 Mins.

Students work individually or in small groups to

complete chart.

Individual Student Work

10-15 Mins.

Discuss chart with class, displaying the correct answers

on white board.

Teacher Led Discussion

Have students recall their warm-up activity regarding

Bill of Rights. Explain how these rights are affected by
the Supreme Court and its poltical make up. Instruct
students how to create a resume for a justice which
would protect those rights the student found most

Teacher Led Instruction

10-15 Mins.
5 Mins.

15-20 Mins

Sierra Nevada College Lesson Plan

Students to work on their justice resume.

Individual Student Work

Have one student volunteer their resume from each

political party.

Teacher Led Discussion

Closure : specific activity to review content

Concluding remarks regarding the process of nominating a justice to replace Antonin Scalia .

Teacher Candidate Reflection on the lesson (after delivery)

[Type text]
SNC: April 3, 2014

5-10 Mins