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Documents required for obtaining an NOC from the Ahemdabad

Fire department.
1. Approved copy of Fire opinion plan and letter issued (required for
Raja chithi) from the fire authority.
2. Contract letter on Rs.100/- stamp paper for maintenance of the
installed fire prevention, Protection and Detection or any other
special system installed. (if there are different parties of different
systems then all should submit a separate contract letter). The
contract letter shall have born the name and photo of both the
parties entering the contract and their authentication. The
document shall be notarized.
3. Licence of the "FIRE LIFT" installed.
4. Photos of the building in which the system is installed, the photos
shall be floor wise and shall cover all the fire Prevention, Protection
and Detection system installed. To be submitted in a CD or a DVD.
5. Payment of Inspection charges and NOC charges to the Municipal
Corporation. The inspection charges are Rs. 4000/- for buildings of
18 metres to 30 metres height. Rs.8000/- for 31 to 40 metres
height. Rs. 12000/- for 41 to 50 metres height. Rs. 15000 for 51 to
60 metres height. Rs. 25000 for 61 to 70 metres height. (These
charges are halved for renewals every year). These charges are
for individual towers.
6. NOC charges are Rs. 1000/-.
7. Processing time 15 Days.
Contact Officer:
Mr. M.F.Dastur, Chief Fire Officer, (O) 22148466/67/68
Address : Danapith Fire station, bh. AMC Head office, Danapith, Ahmedabad