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Calob Aloi
Professor Hansen
3 May 2016
History 1700

Franklin D Roosevelt
The President Who Made American into a Superpower

To this day, we cannot say that any president has served as long of a term as Franklin D.
Roosevelt (FDR). He was elected four consecutive times, but was unable to fulfill his last term as
he passed away from an unexpected cerebral hemorrhage during World War II. He served as a
president for twelve years and was known as the president who gave hope and faith to the
American people. Through his profound communication skills, his charisma and connection to
the citizens, and his political knowledge he was able to help lead America into a leading role in
shaping the 20th century.
One of the biggest components to Roosevelts popularity with the American people was
his communication skills. His main goal was to empathize and relate to the ordinary citizen. It is
said that he showed he cared and wanted to do everything to help his country. A major incident
happened in his life when he contracted polio and was paralyzed in his legs. This taught him
many lessons; one main one being that he learned what it felt like to struggle and fail, yet never
give up and continue to push forward. This played a big role in allowing him to connect with
others who had struggles, and laid a foundation for him to motivate and give advice to those in
need. A way that Roosevelt communicated with the American people was through the radio. He
spent endless time chatting with the country through these radio sessions so that the people

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could hear his voice and develop a personal, yet distant relationship with him. His wife, Eleanor,
was also known to keep notes in her journal from their different trips on issues and problems she
would see and report back to FDR regarding the things she saw. She played a major role in
helping FDR through his governing time. In US News excerpt on FDR, they made an important
statement on Roosevelt regarding his outlook on what his role was as a US president. He stated
It was the president's duty to keep in touch, personal touch, with the try to tie
together in my own mind the problems of the nation." His outlook gained him substantial
popularity with the American people because he acted upon his own brilliant intuition.
When Roosevelt was elected, it was during a time of major crises happening in the
United States, an important historical event we all know as the Great Depression. The people
were at their lowest of lows and looking for a leader to give them hope and confidence that they
could fight through this rough time. Roosevelt came up with many different programs and ideas
that would create a new foundation for America and allow it to prosper in ways it had never
experienced before. He developed unemployment insurance, pensions for the elderly, limited
work hours, regulated financial markets and helped to employ and create jobs to turn the
economic crises into a positive growth (Miller Center of Public Affairs). This created the
environment that America was looking for which was the government actually involving
themselves with the growth and change of the country and being equal to those that supported
them. Roosevelt understood that change needed to happen and he did it in a way that most
presidents havent been able to do. He gained the support of the people and was able to initiate
change because of that support. He also developed good relationships with foreign governments
as well. He was charming and charismatic which helped him become a popular and well-liked

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leader. He was smart and brilliant with politics and was able to utilize all of his attributes during
the years he served as president.
Roosevelt is well known for establishing the New Deal. As mentioned above, this was
the implementation of different experiments and programs to help regain stability in the economy
and help reestablish dignity and affluence in the American society. This was the term given to
how Roosevelt changed the governments relations with the US population ( FDR
continued to show his popularity by defeating large powers such as Germany during WWII and
Japan with the attack on Pearl Harbor. This allowed America to come out strong and take a role
in helping to shape America for the following years.
Franklin D. Roosevelt is labeled in history as one of the greatest American presidents to
ever have served in office. He had a way of communicating and relating to the people that
supported him in changing America. He was able to connect and portray himself in a way that
other presidents were not. He had a smart, persistent wife who helped him throughout his entire
presidency and he was smart and punctual when it came to analyzing the countries issues and
putting into action his ideas and programs. He was faced with substantial crises and was able to
pull America through them with a chance to succeed and prosper. Many programs he
implemented are still in effect today and America will forever be impacted by FDRs leadership.
Very Good 25/25

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