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~ eee ee ee eee ee ee eee ewer wr ewww er eww wwrwwwws vows [title of show] MUSIC AND LYRICS BY BOOK BY Jeff Bowen Hunter Bell [title of show] was originally produced on Broadway by Kevin McCollum, Jeffrey Seller, Roy Miller, Laura Camien, Kris Stewart, Vineyard Theatre and LAMS Productions at the Lyceum Theatre, where it opened on july 17, 2008. Originally produced by the Vineyard Theatre, New York City, February 2008. [tle of show] was originally presented by Bridge Club Production at the 2004 New York Musical Theatre Festival 601 West 26th Street + Suite 312 + New York, NY 10001 ‘Tel 800/400.8160 or 212/564.4000 » Fax 212/268.1245 ‘wewe.rabtheatricats.com nae i Libreto Bdifon Copyright © 2009 by Jif Bowen and Finter Bel. Tnteraationsl Copycight Secured, All Rights Reserved COPYRIGHT WARNING Professionals and amateurs are hereby advised that this material is fully protected by ‘copyright in the United States of America and throughout the world. All rights, including, performance of any kind or nature by professionals or amateurs, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio or television broadcast, cable television, videotape, audio recording, motion pictures and rights of translation into foreign languages are strictly reserved. Any performance, copying (including photocopying), arranging, adapting, inserting or storing, in a retrieval system, transmitting in any forms or by any means whatsoever, including ‘mechanical or electronic, or any portion of this material without the prior written consent of the copyright owners is an infringement of copyright thereby entitling the copyright ‘owners to injunctive and other relief to the full extent ofthe law. CAST OF CHARACTERS Jeff —a composerhyricist ‘Hunter ~ a book writer ‘Susan ~ their actor fiend Heidi — their actor friend “The production pianist appears onstage atthe keyboard throughout the entire performance. He is referred to as “Lary.” If itis a female pianist, then “Mary.” TIME AND SETTING ‘Time: [time] Place: [place] 1A. 123. 13, 14 15, 16. 17, 18, 19. ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS Untitled Opening Number nooner eae a ‘Two Nobodies In New York 9 ‘An Original Musical. 20 Monkeys And Playbills 7 28 ‘The Tony Award Song - ‘ 40 Part Of It All. 2 TAm Playing Me. eae ‘What Kind Of Gitl Is She?... 56 Flying Die Vampite, Die! Filling Out The Form... The Mailbox oes soon Montage Part 1: September Song wo...» ese an neice ad ‘Montage Part 2: Secondary Characters... Se a ae ‘Montage Part 3: Development Medley : nee 103 Keeping The Ball In The Air - 120 ‘Change It, Don’t Change It. 124 “Avwiovard Photo Shoot... m A Way Back Tt > - 133 Nine People's Fav. Thane ; Finale Bows Piano/Vocal Untitled Opening Number we Music and Lyzies by Lights up. Jeff Bowen Adagio JERE: HUNTER: A DD DD Fshsp A will be the fist notes of our show. idea, then plant it pa per with a Di-xon Ti-con-der - 0 watch it ‘ge and then sprout in-to a mus - i - cal and then well Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) Intemational Copycight Secured All RightsReserved ‘Untied Opening Number 14) Rubato Jauntily bie-ecr No-thing guer-an- tees it will standout fuctore is un = known, So in the mean-time we will sche - dule ing room, but we Untitled Opening Number REIDY % SUSAN: well get 10 plore the Jat - est trends. and a void them when we ba - Untied Opeaing Number Book with the score, the score, peal-ing to the judge, are shapes) gent ly peal ing to the judge, fare shapes) gent - ly smudging the sa sseeeeneeaee HUNTER: Were vmudg ~ ing the sa ‘Untied Opening Number —— Och_______ Ooh tty ing hard not to s 2 i- cate what we've seen and heard before Och, a (Onis tease nanan (Qohecssaeesaueneeseees So welll Bar tol’s here hell ap ~ pre-ei- te if were zt in + ven-tive with a score pation and we'll edd 2 quar action and welll add a que - ‘Untied Opening Number ge And we'll soft-ly start the eo - da fom a verry i ~ ny we'll soft-ly start the co - da. from a) ve-ry— th = ty ' “S z And then yell get @ t-te loud-er {0 futher em-pha-size the pont And then well get a fit-tle louder to fur-ther em-pha-size the point. — you and nowwe're yelling fortis -~si-mo! United Opening Number HEIDE: SS = ee eee Yell-ing for-ti ~ si- mol. Yell-ing for- tis - si-mot its the o-pen-ing song. Tt doss-n't have a ti- tle. No, moe a co) ifs the 0-pen-ing song, WK does-nit have a ti - te Noy And its not ve-1y long, but i's the ase And i's not ve-ry tong, but its dhe ‘Untied Opening Nuenber oy, Broader the first (one) our mu Piano/Vocal Two Nobodies in New York cust HUNTER: Me too. But do you think other people will wanna watch something like that? Music and Lyries by Jeff Bowen Moderately Fast J.159 x What if this di - a-logue were set What if what we've say-ing could be 1 HUNTER: said in @ song? Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the word (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved ‘Two Nobodies fn New Yor Mu-sic in a mu-si-cal: How can we go wrong? ask sig-ni - fi-cant — ques-tions. We could We could MK sigeni - ficcant — ques- % SBER: Yeah! get im-por - tant points g-eross like “Are we wii - ting for art?” yy, Be impor - tant points a-cross like and "is 10 Two Nobodies in New York and “Will fame get__ folks to trust us?" but will they act aspting ~ board_for fame?" bout will they if its just us, me and if its just us, “Two Nobodies in New Yor Hey, 1 think it's work-ing. Were dis - cov-er-ing choice = of things to think a-bout when ‘ing a show Cre-a-ting a ve-hi-cle to HUNTER: Ub ©, show-case our voic - es and 1 don't mean our vo-cal chords; 1 mean what's be-low.— a 2 "Are we writ = “Two Nobodies in New York signi fi-cant — ques-tions sig-ni - G-cant — ques-tions get im- por - tant points___a-cross like: > tant points a-cross like: and "Will and "Is art a spring - board for fame?" B “4 out, sell = out “Two Nobodies in New Yer pay-check?” But, will a pay-check mean that were sell-outs? And if we But, will a pay-check mean that we're sell-outs? will they yell out will they yell out "me and_ you” _Key Change! Two Nobodies in New York Safety May-be some day our show will get a thea - ue and if not this fes. some-were out west HUNTER: What? JERR: Sweeter! We've been over this a million times, You know the lyric is “sweeter " HUNTER: Bu, here's the deal, one of them sounds like it two syllables and the other sounds like i's three syllables, So is lke;"swee-er" ."thee-etre" Does that rhyme? JEFF: Yes. 'm sorry Larry. From the key change could get 15 ‘Two Nobodies in New York Gl sore. Five,six, se-ven,eight! May-besome day _ourshowwill get a thea - te and ifnotthis festival then Heer ___V. as-tors in our show what___could be swee-a-ter?_ We could get that wo-man who was 16 “Two Nobodies in New Yor She's awesome! She was in GREASE. And LEADER OF THEPACK! Yeah! And LEADER OF THEPACK! ask sig-ni - fi-cant — ques-tions sig-ni = fi-cant — ques-tions. impor + tant points. a-cross like: get impor - tant points a-eross like: ” 1B “Two Nobodies in New Yore “Are we writ ~ ing for art?” “Are we weit - ing for art?” fame get___us a sit-com?" fame get___us_a_sit-com™ El-len get folks to like us?" Tike us? EL- len get folks to and "Is art aspring - board for fame?" And "Will and "Is art’ aspring - board for fame?" And "Will and "Willa sit-com get___us on ‘El-len?" and "Will and “Will-a sit-com gets on ‘El-len? and "V 2 Andif they like us will they mie us, me Andif they like us will they mic us, me Two Nobodies in New York No-bo-dies in New York! No-bo-dies in New York! eee Piano/Vocal [3 | An Original Musical cue Muse nd Lyrics by (Answering Machine Beep) “ell Bowen Funk Js20 HUNTER: can be anything you want me to be. That’ the point GO0r Vamp Vamp Cea Tm ano - ri-gi-nal ru ‘o-ther shows can step to the rear If you lend me your ear I'm goo-na Copyright © 2006 by eff Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC oviner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) 20 International Copyright Secured All Righs Reserved ‘An Original Moses ease all your fear fand prove that all you is what's right up here— HUNTER: «but its original and I lke tht! Sing with me! (Diatogie) Vamp JEFF: Okay, Iwill! (GOON) 3) Vamp "yg __ HUNTERMERE: Yim ano - si-gi-nal mu - si-cal, o - ri-gi-nal mu - st- cal tke a 2 ‘An Origin! Masict My show will be a suc-cess and not a big mess like CHESS And TH make Broad- way my e- ter- nal ad - dress JERR: ike Tony Braxton or Ashlee Vamp as VAMP (Dialogue) hit Broad-way show, 2 good ‘An Original Musil with tal-en-ted peo - ple is. theway Peo-ple dont give a shit a-bout ta- lent They want a au-di-ence wants 10 ‘An Origin! Musical ‘An Origin! Masia HUNTER: Well, if you don! like it make me say something else. Tam Blank Paper! ‘Your Blank Paper! [ll say whatever you want me to. Just put your pen tothe paper and writel er: usta eae ty Vamp Write that © - ri gi-mal mu - si-cal, 0 vicgicnal mu = siscal. O - ri-gi-mal in e-ver-y way 25 ‘an Original Musial based on a play or a pray—that Je-sus Christ will help you get to Broad-way. And you can thank him in your bi Jit tle guy, say good-bye —to_-your 26 % ‘An Original Mosical will per - se~ vere verse through the fay And you will write your b ee Great White b HUNTER: ba. ‘through my fear and wey right__ TM tra- straight. 27 Piano/Vocal Monkeys and Playbills cue Musio and Lyries HUNTER: I dortt know what to write by Jeff Bowen SUSAN: You can do this, Hunter-untersunter. Stop forcing ideaseas-eas. That shit sno fun-un-un, HIEIDE: Jeffie-ffe-cffie. Use those playbils in font of you..ont of You. ont of you SUSAN: Use what's inside of you- ide of you ide of you Rolling Larghetto ax's HEIL GOLD-EN AP-PLE and GOL-DEN RAIN-BOW, GOLD-EN BOY and Copyright © 2006 by Je Bowen, INVISIBLE JET MUSIC ovner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) 8 ‘Interstional Copyright Seewred All Rights Reserved Monkeys and Ploybils BORROWORSTEAL,BUCK WHITE,BIGDEALand BRINGBACKBIRDIE and BA-GELS AND YOX. — HUR-RY, HAR-RY, HAP-PY AS LARRY, MAR-L-LYN and VE-RY WARM FOR MAY 29 Moakeys and Piaybal 25, ‘SUSAN: Now let that image monkey drive a speedboat. And you. you waterski being i BROTHER, OHBOY,OH, CAPTAIN,OHLOOK,OH, PLEASE,OHCOWARD,OHMY DEAR, OH, SUSAN: Stay behind the image and write down i. what you see on your monkey si trip 30 GE] crisp Groove Jt60 See the mor-key ‘Montye and Playbils HEDDU TEFF_(Concerd OH Taehe SIMPLYHEAVENLY RIDE THE WINDS ‘on his speed-boat 31 Monkeys and Plyeils STEEL PLER POR-TO-FI-NO THE FIRST BAND IN BER-LIN. 4 = Ho ~ fe drives By Ge reeae CARON] - VAL IN FLAN-DERS CAR -RIE. ie and meals a landy mon-key named Asoo 5 HOUSE OF FLOWERS eee ee ‘Andy through the they me-and-er —andin a 32 Monkeys and Plybills ro tor they're on their love 4, rr yr f Dm. PER — ENT Tes WILD AND WONDERFUL Fea nice ee twas wild and won - der = fil Then one day the la - dy mon-key suid to him, 3 ‘Menkeys ad Playbill 1Gor TUGO DIS- co br Roo ds-bo. fap eee r CHANGE INTHE HER. 1L__ want SOME-THING MORE. CHANGE INTHE HEIR 1__ want SOME-THING MORE, Monkeys and Playbis ITS $0 NICE TO BE__ CI-VIL - IZED ‘And, Til miss the STARS__ IN YOUR ITSO NICE TO BE__ CL-VIL - IZED. ‘And, TH miss the STARS__IN YOUR ahd your SMILE. —————— sa your SMILE___ Moneys and Playbill CENSORED SCENESFROM KINGKONG. COME SUMMER, ay he went back 15 the speed boat ; g He Tound his fon the speed-boat Monkeys and Plabils rp? pf and my speed - boa Just me LONGI. MER-RI-LY WE ROLL A. MER-R-LY WE ROLL A. 37 Monkeys and Piaybils Mon - keys Play - bills Mon + keys iF ms Mon + keys. Play + bills Mon keys winks Ba ay sts wt ryt thn ts Mon-keys and Play-bills and Mon-Keys ond r oF et Mon-Keys end Play--bills and Mon-keys end Play-bills and Mon-keys__ Mon-keys and = Play = ills jon-ktys and Play-bills and Mon-keys and Piay-bills and Mon-keys!____ 38 ‘Monkeys and Plays Play - bills ——— Play ~ bills and Play- bills! 39 Esk Piano/Vocal The Tony Award Song Musie and Lyries by Jeff Bowen HUNTER: No, tm serious you guys We could wina Tony Award! A Adagio UNTER: % = 5 SI ‘What if this show won a To = ny?. ‘What if this show won a To-ny A-ward?_Pa-pa, would that change the way__you saw your JEFF: Sip, stp Ee Hunter, what are you doing? and he needs you 2 Copyright © 2006 by Je Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) a International Copyright Secared All Rights Reserved The Tony Award Song, a JEFF: Hunter, top. ’ HUNTER: Larry dont encourage him. Por if I had a shi-ry, shi-ny To-ny A~ ward, 4 Piano/Vocal Part of it All Music end Lyrics by Jeff Bowen HUNTER: Tm s 5, JeFF Twanna do this {know I'm a writer. [know you're a composer. I want the rest of the world to know it too. {just want us to figure out how to be a part ofall that. Andante Dolce 5, HUNTER: A part_ofstead-y-ing__a lifethat secms__ursta - ble___ with apaycheck in__mypock - et to help me pay —the rent A pait_of be-ing—fine__with splurging’onthe ca - ble Copyright © 2006 by JefF Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied right throughout the word (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) i International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved Par of tall ‘And no more phone calls ‘A part of duck-ing out be - fore the shows fi- na To get to the 0 - pen-ing night. at Tay-ern on the Green ‘A pat of my sheet mu - sic on sale in Shu - bert Al 3 “4 Partofit pho - to shoot for a ho-moma - ga-zine__ All our gay skills fill-ing Play bills Weill be part of it all of a price-y meal Par ofit A A pai of a house up-state__ 10 spend the week wind - ing down, while our mu - si-cals__are play - ing ftom Bos - ton to Bel- Air Tf we need a quick et to et it ‘cause we're pop-u - lar and part of 45 46 Part of All pat of it all part of it oo ‘There'll come a day when we look back atthe time we spent writ - ing this ve - ry show, four al-tempt to stay a-bove__the de-riv - active tricks__and the eri - tical un - der-tow, show, though. sina. Par oft ll of fans to cap - ti-vatet the press to na - viegate! Pat of lunch with Ber - na-dette! Past of_@ coat of mar-mo - set!__ of a night to stare at your Su-per we-some Sar- dis ca - jc-'ture! 48 Part of the roar at M__G M! Part oft lt Part of a star in Beth - le-hem! well find a place in the hist and eave be the And ifwe get. Loy to Past ofit ath a JEFFATUNTER: Shields and Yarnell! Pas oft Al [a] Slowly Gread-ing the day. they post the clos - ing no - 75. HUNTER: ‘A part of want-ing to throw. the towel in now and then f know - ing that the way welll stay a float__. and just 50 Partofit All Weill 3 Piano/Vocal TAm Playing Me cue: (Answering Machine Beep) Masic and Lyrics b y Jeff Bowen Easy Four - Swing HEDE Tmstanding bere Justleft ofcenterand some thin'ain'tclear: siga on the of this de - ere? Stuck in a show where I am play-ing me. Copyright © 2006 by JeFF Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC ovmer of publication snd allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) Intanational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved 52 1 Am Playing Me No-where to go with my role Strain-in' my neck for an ex - it that gets me fiee__ 1%, 2 HEI: Stuck in a show where I am play-ing ae 2x Pialogwe) sa 54 1A Playing Me HUNTER: You know what I mean? (OUD SUSAN: 1 totaly stopped listening. (G0 ON) w 4 Vamp Not @ chance for my ca-reer to ad - vance. and there's no straight guys here for 4, 1 Asn Playing Me the note I'm sing-ing, Jeff Stuck in a show where 1 58 Piano/Vocal What Kind of Girl is She? ewe: HEIDI: 1 just wonder what she thinks sometimes SUSAN: Funnier than me? HUNTER: Different funny. SUSAN: I don't know. HEIDI: | don't know. BOTH: | wes just wondering Bossa Nova Safety (2x) ‘Who the hell is SUSAN: Who the hell is ‘What kind of girl is she? What kind of girl is she? Copyright © 2006 by Jor Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen Her 56 lied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) International Copytight Secured All Rights Reserved What Kind of Git Is Sho? —_ Shescems to make you smi = le E mo o Spee She's got a pretty t v She's got a kick ass sty - yle__ and she owns her a-part - and mine blow. 1 sup - pose — 37 ‘What Kind of Git Is She? wl HEIDE Quel genre de fille est Susan? 2 SUSAN: ~ ost Heidi? Sheseems so "Je ne se quoi" a: Sheseemsso “Je ne se quoi" HEIDI: She's so downtown tnd funky and sassy. moi Tes just. It's just 58 ‘Wha Kind of Git She? REDE: Py SUSAN: She's so uptown and fancy and Broadway. Tm sed to bbe ing the fun-ni-est girl in the room, least my nose could take her nose in @ cage match of no - ses. 59 What Rind of Gite Stet HEIDE: Jeff, its hard to share the lady spotlight SUSAN: [ didn't sign the permission slip for any new gitly-fifends, Hunter. HEMI ao, SUSANs {didnt sign the per p for any new girly. Safety HOF She's got those got these thighs? She's got them boobs need your shoe! Plus! e FF she might try to steal my hus - band She might try to have___my ba - by.— HF She might ty to steal my hus - band She might uy to have—_my ba = by What Kind of Gil le She? 1 guess Ii just To guess Pil just 3, What kind of itl is she?. What-kind of girl is she?@___ What kind of girl is she? Whot-kind of girl is she? ‘Ase you gon-na eat that pic-kle? o What kind of gitl is she? 6 Piano/Vocal Cus: Aplowe see) Lany nespove Misterioso a > 2x @iologuey x a Fees = v : ae Fi te te a Vamp SSS UNTER: Allright, you can drop the accent (G00) Vamp , be het EIDE: Jean Ay! (CO.ON) w oe 2 : peta ==: bates a = : tet aaa ee = = SS — =] = SS 7 cm . Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Bowen. INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied tights throughout the wotld (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved ALL (OXCEPT SEER): ‘Aut Wiedersehn! youre ether in our youte out 8 Piano/Vocal 1 0 Die Vampire, Die! cue: Music and Lyries by Jeff Bowen SUSAN; Tiltell you what T mean ‘and Susan Blackwell SUSAN: There ate some people inthe world who say writing stories, or composing music, or dancing sparkly, dances is easy for them; nothing interferes with their ability to create ‘While I celebrate ther creative freedom, a litle part of me wants to punch thoss motherfuckers inthe teeth, ‘This song, I sing this song for you guys and forall the rest of us. Help me out, yall. (GOON m 6) Easy Disco Feel 4x's ‘Vamp HEIDIHUNTEREF! You have 2 sto-ty to tell, a no - vel you keep in a drawer. ‘Well sing back-up. Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved 64 Die Vampire, Die! You have a painting to paint, butyoure la - zy like an old French whore Old sock drawer 1, Je suis whore oS a FF = Ja 210 a sioke ‘cause. in sweep the vam-pi-res, im. creep the vam-pi-res, knee Die Vampire, Die! a a ts - — deep in vam-pi-res, fill - ing you. with doubt, in- se-cur-i z what your art should be. In sweep the vam-pi-res, die, eee To E ‘You sketched that tur-tle you saw in an ad___on late-night ca-ble TV. Tip-py Tur-tlel_ 66 Die Vampire, Die! Oh, those vam - pi-res won't Jet you be. But your fourth grade tea-cher said, HED: 4 come, run like hell See those bats And when they HUNTERITEFR: Fuck you, Miss John son. call__on Van Hel - sing your bel - fiy, then Ooh the vam pres 68 thoughts make Die Vampire, Die! Ba-ba Ga - noush e vam pi-res, Ooh all self cOn=Soous- ness you Fill jing you with __ Die Vampire, Die! There ae so tha-ny vim - “pT>—tes. HPSide, out-sif@and fa-tion - wide b, i re-cog-nize them with this _vam-pive hunt-ing — guide SUSAN: Listen closely, my children. Vampie is any person or thought or feeling that stands between you and your creative self-expression They can assume many seductive forms ere are just afew of them, 2x 2, Sale) 69 Die Vampire, Die! SUSAN: First up are your Pygmy Vampires. They'll swarm around you like gnats, and sey things like HUNTER: Your teeth need whitening, HEIDI: You went to Stato School? JRFF: You sound weied HUNTER: Shakespeate- HEIDI: Sondheim- JERR: And Sedaris- SUSAN: . Did itbefore you, and better than you. Or they might say you cannot sing good enough tobe in a musical (coon 6, x 1 [2 Vamp. 9, ModerateR&B J.ne Or they might say Your song is re-pe-ti-tive Your song makes me tired Your To keep that song from you, but you tell them- Lp eg ee Sas sE ise SSS song is re-pet-i-tive_and it dosen't thyme Ah 70 Die Vampire, Die! SUSAN: Brothers and sisters, next up isthe Air Freshener Vampire Ic might lok Ikea Precious Moments Angel with ean a Renu nis tny cea hand ATempo i ig ie [3] 3x5 Tid d ‘i id d SUSAN: But dont be footed, ifit smells something unpleasant in what youre creating, itll urge you to- HUNTER/TELDIJEFF: psssssst SUSAN: it with some pine-fiesh smell-em-ups. The Ait Freshener Vampire dosnt want you to wslte about n n Die Vampire, Die! JERR: Bad language, HUNTER: Blood, HEIDI: Or blow jobs. SUSAN: It wants you to clean itup and clean it cut, which will leave your work toothless, gutless and cretoh-less. Bot you'll have two tight paragraphs on kittens that your memaw would be So proud of, SUSAN: You look at that Air Freshener Vampire in its doe-eyed, sweet-cheeked, judgey foekin' face and you s y jwdgey YOUSEY: realy ° 4 Vamp HEIDVBUNTERJIEFE: Mor - te vam - pir, mor - te. auf SUSAN: The last Varnpire isthe mother ofall Vampires and that is the Vampire Of Despalr. Tell wake you up at dam to say things tke JEFF: Nobody cares what you think. - HEIDI: You look like an idiot HUNTER: No matter how hard you try, ou!ll never be good enough. SUSAN: Why ist, fa stranger walked up to me on the subway platform and said these things, Ga) ‘Paine war amenay assole, br ithe Vamp nse my hed syst ifs te vie of reson? a Die Vampire, Die! Tempo Primo JERE: You have a stor-y to tell pull your no-vel out of that sock drawer! 1 MED Oh ba-by, youmustes-cape,_thengrab it___by the nape__ofits neck—__by the trach - ea HEIDVHUNTER/JEFF: B Die Vampire, Die! Fuckin’ break it Go on__drive the stake__ in. Yeah, there's___nomistak - in’, now you're now youre I seid now, Die 1 said now, Die ” Die Vampire, Die! e eanmee}® 1 he vam-pi-tes, oh my, the varn-pictes, then die the vam-pi-res, fl - lore In fly the vam-pi-res, oh my, the vam-pi-res, then die the vam-pi-res, fill A oe 15 Die Vampire, Die! Z 2 with life, ore-a-tiv-i-ty, all that your art should be, Out you cr life, cre -a-tiv-i-ty, all that your art should be. Out go the vam-pi-res! Die vam-pi-re! Die vam-pi-re! Die Vam-pi-re, Die! ir g0__vam-pi-res! Die___vam-pi-rel Die_—_vam-pi-te! pis yam-pi-t0, Die! Piano/Vocal Filling Out the Form Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen, Cue. HUNTER: Okay, Larry, evs fill out the rest of this form. Moderately Quick J= 126 HUNTER: This show fuckin’ rocks! ‘Vamp (3x) (Goon HEIDE: Doot doct dost = doo. doo dont Doot oot doo doo doot doot oot too deot oot aot doo doo doot Copyright © 2006 by JefF Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administer by WILLIAMSON MUSIC), Intemational Copyright Secured AM! Right Reserved n 8 Filling Out the Form 3p HED Fill-int out. the form—— Fill-in! out the form The form HUNTERY Le Fill-in’ out. the form__ The form. Fill-in’ out the form — HUNTER: 1 there a producer? ‘Vamp (3x) Well, not yet! (GO ON) HEIDE doo doo doot oot oot doat-—=—=— doo. doa doot doo doo doot Doct doot_-—doot Fill-in! out__ the form Fill-in’ out__ the form The form ‘UNTER, out the form form Fil ‘Vamp (3x) SUSAN: Wilt Hunter? Wi ie? WAN i Wan ie HEIDI: (G0.0N) Dost doot__—doot_©— doa doo doot Doct oot doot-~—doo__ doo doot JEFF: ? = |, Poot oot © doot- © doa doo doot oot oot doot LARRY: Nol No! Susan you're on the pint, Fill-in’ out the form Fill-in out the form Fill-in’ out__. the form LARRY: Lets uy you with Jeff Fill-in! out the form — Fill-in out. the form. n 80 Filling Out the Form, LARRY: Two, thre, four SUSAN: Fill-in’ out. the form —_ JERE: (Susan an Jeff echo pitches) LARRY: 2 Jeff Susan Fill-in! out the form — Fill-in’ out. the form —— pote can suck my note ‘eause your note is my. _note’s itch. bs Fill-in! out the form—_ Fill-in! out the LARRY: Okay, okay [i] Letstyrereryone (Everyone echos ter rots ten Larryaigns) «LARRY: Tw, thre, four LARRY: Filling Out the Form Fill-i r — Filia’ out the form —— HUNTER, Jerr ly Fillsin out the form — Fill-in’ out__ the form Fill-in’ out_— the form — out the form, 81 Piano/Vocal 1iA The Mailbox Cue: HUNTER: Wait! Musie by Jeff Bowen Mareato VAMP - Ou any time on: SUSAN: D ay that of course you were meant to have children. (QUI) Espressivo JRFF: Congratulations. (OUD) = HUNTER: Congratulations n _ be BE = Copycight © 2006 by Jet Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied righ throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved 2 Piano/Vocal Montage (Part One) - September Song Music and Lyrics by cue Jeff Bowen (Answering Machine Beep) JEFF: Hello? HUNTER: So last night 2 tranny stole my shrimp Melodramtically EDD: SUSAN: Ah. HUNTER: TH] crxtaghey —_ATempo J=120 EBDUSUSAN. Fes - HUNTEREEE: Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the wotld (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved i 84 September Song of things are hap pe ‘nin at the fes-ti-val__ in Sep-tem - ber of things ate hap pe ‘nin at the fes-ti-val___ in Sep-tem of peo - ple ae com - ing to watch us do. our stuf Our HUNTER: of peo - ple are com to watch us do. our stuff. September Song. 5 pants are what we've crap-pin' in at the fes ti val___in Sep tem ber. Wee we're crap-pin' in at the fes ti vel__in Sep tem ber Were ae +SUSAN: ner vous as ho ly efl__ and did we do © nough to get EFF: ner vous as ho ly fhell__ and did we do © nough. to get some 8s 86 September Song % _ REDE emecaat at SS ae Seca [ecco love, 1s HONTER: —+!— —— (tt pei September Song, SUSAN: Now, yall kiss Seriously, kiss Vamp JEFF: This i ridiculous. 'm not kissing ber SUSAN: Fl kiss her. (GO ON) HUNTER: Ob, my god, this show has everything! Half:naked goys and giron git action! x Vamp (3x) (Goon) HUNTERUERE: 87 September Song, Slower J=95 ‘T V actors in curshowwhatcould besweet - er? Wecould getthat women who was on"Empety Nest 36 A Tempo : 3, -Vamp (5x) (coon Cant you that I'm, 88 September Song. shined a flash - light in HEIDE: ‘are we writ - ing foi, are we writ - ing for. 89 September Song HUNTER: Hos your mom come to every sow? laste): (Gialogue coninies}, HUNTER: . i Dorm and fuck this and fuck that and msturbating JEFF: Oh, please like your mom's never masturbated. (OUT) 5, Vamp 90 September Song HEIDE: val med - ley val med - ley 2 September Song ALL: hap - pen- ing atthe fs - ti - val hhap - pening at the fes a = September Song there's a fuss. There's. may There's may fes - i-val___ in Sep - tem - ber___ fes - ti-val__. in Sep ~ tem - ber. ing at the 93 94 app - ‘cing, September Song Piano/Vocal 1 2 A Montage (Part Two) - Secondary Characters ‘Music and Lyrics by cue: Jeff Bowen JERE: Wish us luck SUSAN & HEIDI: S'luck! (The men exit) Ereely SUSAN: 2 Now its on-ly me eID All a~ lone for the first time, is-ntt it sub - lime. Fee Is-nit it sub -lime——____ with Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered ty WILLIAMSON MUSIC). International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved 95 Secondary Characters ° Power Ballad non troppo J-84 Peer: no-one tel-ling us what to do. What-'ll we do? no-one tel-ling us what to do. What-'ll we do? We dont have. much time to dance in the spot - so Tm gon - na 96 Secondary Characters —— = now may be the on ly chance 1 get__ to - night__ to en-joy the ”, plea - sure of this in-vi-si-ble cig- a rette " se-con-dar-y cha-rac-ters are sing~ing a song while the stars se-con-dar-y cha-rac-tets are sing-ing a “s6ng— while the stars ” 98 Secondary Characters — are snack - ing off-stage It was their i-dea to bring us a-long__ and now — are snack - ing off-stage It was their i-dea to bring us a-long_— and now— — we're hi-jack - ing this page of the script the ship. ing this page. script. Were e-quipped to. steer ™ sub p —'til this trip - py skit_ends and by the end of this song, we'll be best friends. iil this trip - py skit_ends and by the end of this song, we'll be best friends. Scoondary Characters ‘Me too. It can be real-ly 1 want to a-plo-io gizefor a-ny weird-ness. sear-y be-ing the new__Kid 1 bet you bet oT eoeieas ans, all we've been trough. I'm so glad we've___ met. Ba - by! The ienderty 1 feel__the sameway, ba - by! The Secondary Characters We've been left in charge of it all__whilethe plot's__ua-fold - ing like" TheLotd of the Rings" gy. lll be youand me—to the ve - ry—end And,like Frodo and_Sam-wise— you'llbe gy. It'll be youand me___tothe ve - ry_end And,like Frodo end__Sam-wise, you'llbe 100 my best fiend ry best friend. ‘Secondary Characters, friend! Sing! b best fiend! hol hon wan hal al woo whoo hoo! hee ch ee end, Su - san and Het = di 101 Secondary Characters Sus-an and Hei - di Su-san and Hei-di and Sus-an and Hei-di and Sus-an and 102 Piano/Vocal 12B Montage (Part Three): Development Medley Cue : Music and Lyris by HUNTER: Shhhht pie flea Freely UNTER: ae hap-pen-ing a - ter the fos - ti val 4 of things HUNTER: JEFF: Lots of things Theyre happ- ‘ning Copyright © 2006 by Jett Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) 103 International Copyright Sceured All Rights Resorved Development Medley Allegretto con moto ‘ HEIDI De - velop ment_med -_|ey. De - vel-op - ment med - ley. De = vel-op - ment med-ley. py, ae — HUNTER: 7 De - vel-op - ment med-ley De~ 108 Development Medley IPF: inthe red shir isstaight. (OUT) UNTER: So is spaghet unl it gets ot and et 10s 106 Development Medley de ~ vel Fur- ther HUNTER: Fur Fur - ther de op - ment med Fur - vel op = ment med op-ment op- ment ther ther de ae vel Fur - ther de - vel : = 9p - ment Fur = ther de - vel op - ment Fur - ther de op ~ ment Further de - vel - op- ment med - ley, = med - ley —= SSS = Fa Further de = vel - opment med ey, med - ey Fur - ther de - vel - op - ment 107 Development Medley HEIDI: You guys. [till of show] is opening Of Broadway! (coon) Vamp HEIDUSUSAN: 4 nunterserr, We'e all so 108 Development ely Drunk with. e- la - tion__ at the Vine-yard the - ‘tre off- Broad - way__ Drunk with e- la - tion. at the Vine-yard the - ‘te off- Broad - way. This is where it all star - ted__ for the folks of A - VE-NUE Q This is where. it all star - ted___ for the folks of A - VE-NUE Q. 109 M0 Development Medley wun - der- way uum ~ der- way we will have. a new slew we will havea new slew Development Medley 0 rr some-ones.._ who will get more some-ones__ to like ust SUSAN fF JERR: some-ones_____ who will get more some-ones__ trust us! HUNTER: Allright But if someone were ‘comfortable with fll frontal nudity we'd boost sales, 4, oe Vamp (00% m1 Development Medley ALL: One Two. Three (Off Broadway! Oh my god this is it__ Here we go. Ho ly fucking —shit Oh my god this is it__ Here we go— Holy fuck - ing shit Tempo Primo 59, 2X(Ixon repeat) m2 Developmeat Medley HUNTER: 4 ‘Vamp_ Oe ts ote mouth and sek my Haine Off broad - way med HUNTERUEEF: Off broad - way med ley, S : a : : a oe Off broad - way med - ley 2 - = 3 Development Medley Half Time J=+ SUSAN: You know what's fun? ‘When your heroes come sce you ina play Safety (Goom — Faster 4 Development Medley 1 Half Time J=) SF Lots of fan - ple aie com-ing to see us off-Brond - way. ple are coming to see us off-Broad - way. Evry night Ev! ry night it seems there's dis - cuss. Theyre us evelopment Mestey comin back - stage to meet at the Vine - yard off-Broad - way. where Vine - yard off-Broad - way where comin! back - stage to meet at the are hap - pen-ing are hap ~ pen-ing to 6 Development Medley the mo - men mp There's no stop-ing nt ne Development Medley Vine-yard Thea - tre off-Broad-way. Who knows what will all__come from. the Vine-yard Thea - tre off: Broad-way. Who knows what will all__eome from the Vine -yard Thea - tre off-Broad- way? its the fi-nal show. Vineyard Thea - tre off Broad- way? is the fi-nel show. Developnet Medley off Broad-way! said i's the S-nal show! - said is the fi-nal show! ns Piano/Vocal 13 120 Keeping the Ball in the Air Music by Jeff Bowen JEFF: Hunter, we got into the festival, we gota producer and we had en amazing run but we've been closed ten months. If it wes going to happen, it would have happened, Maybe is time to move on HUNTER: I don't want to move on. I want our show to go to Broadway. (beat) {have another idea JERR: About what? HUNTER: I'm coming over. (0) Allegro O a 98 JEFF: Wait how come you called me out for sliding my chair over earlier but it's okay for you to do it now? HUNTER: Because this time we had litle underscore/ music thingy, so people know it's like (ive mimics the metody in measures 1 and 2 above) "This is some time that has passed " Okay. Camera on. and record (HUNTER presses remote for video camera. We here "ba Beep" to indicate the unseen camcorder that t+ recording them) HUNTER: (cont'd) Here we go! Hi. Im Hunter Say "I'm Jeff" SDFR: What are you .? UNTER: Just say "Tm Jef" SEER: I'm Jeff HUNTER: We are coming to you live on the internet! JEFF: And by live you mean taped HUNTER: Welcome to the first pilot episode of "the [tile oF show] show." JEEF: As opposed to the second pilot episode? HUNTER: Now, a Jot of people ask what's gonna happen to [title of show] and the answer is. Drurn col please. {ttle of show] is going to Broadway JEFF: Broadway? HUNTER: We don't know how or when or where..so those are three things we gotta work on... but keep checking beck on ttleofshow com and YouTube for further updates Bye! Say "bye" Jeff SBEF: Bye Jeff (HUNTER presses remote to turn aff camera ) SURF: What are you doing? HUNTER: 1'm putting out a video "press release" that ttle of show is gonna open on Brosdway. SDF: Well that should seal the deal (G0 ON) Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Bowen INVISIBLE JET MUSIC owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC). Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved Kecping the Ballin the Air nf FIUNTER: So..hi everybody. Weird huh, HEIDE: J know. You guys, how long has it been since we've all been inthe same room? JEFF: A vihile HELE: Hi Lary, FONTER: So know youre wondering why called you here tonight. [tile of show]... is moving to Broadway! HEIDI: Oh my god! Really? HUNTER: Yes! Now what I need to know from each of you is. dots anyone have a million dollars? HEIDE: Hunter! Be serious. HUNTER: Okay, we're not transferring .yet But someone from New York One must be watching the [litle of show) show, because during this week's "OnStage” telecast they actually mentioned that we might be moving to Broadway HEIDE: Shut i ‘SUSAN: T'm gonna go on YouTube and announce that I want a golden pony. LARRY: Will I getto talk on Broadway? JERR: Probably not LARRY: Okey SEER: Anyway, if weve recily gona go for Broadway, we've got to get our faces back out there MUNTER: Tm telling you, our public isnot done with us people! Vamp JEEE: This moming we got an invitation to perforen at this Garden Party event to kick-off Gay Pride ‘Week, and I think we should do i SUSAN: Well what do they want us to do? JEFF: Just lke an opening number. HEIDE: When is it? HUNTER: Two weeks fiom Monday. HEBLDI: As long.es you can work around Little Mermaid rehearsals, 'm good. JERR: Susan? SUSAN: Absolutely. Any chance I get to curse and jump around in front of some drag queens and lesbians, count me in (inne eens) Rt Keeping the Ballin the Air fe SUSAN: Here's a question: Little Suse's day job makes USAN: ZehndesOlver Capital, this is Susan, 4 Jo InFF Gnyoue ber A: Campy, Mirgy, C-Allof estore JEFF: lis B: Mumpy. Hey we got another request. (This underscores the following scene ) Vamp (Goon HUNTER: Hey Heids i's Hunter. HEIDE: Hey. HUNTER: You got a second? ea crese. poco a poco (lathe clear) (aderscore) HIBIDI: Yeah like a second, Im on a five ffom "roller-skating eel” rehearsal. HUNTER: We've got another invite SUSAN: Whatever itis, Im in! I need some mare creative funtime with fiends! HUNTER: Its to perform at the Actors Fund black te gala HEIDE: Ooh, docs that mean I get to wear a fancy dress and play me again? HUNTER: Yep HEIDI: Count me inl (GO ON) aed Safety 122 ‘eeping the Bellin the Ait JEFF: You guys, episode six of the [title of show] show has over 10,000 bits, SUSAN: Really? HUNTER: And the big news is. (nthe clear) (Uaderscore) SBFR: Hunter and I had a the show to Broadway for rea some mesting with the producer today and he's talking about moving, Safety UNTER: We are back, people! JEFE: Break up with your Broadway show and come be on Brosdway with us! HELDI: Oh my god! You guys, is this finally, really happening? HUNTER: Yes! We just need to get him to pretn-light anew Broadway draft, 80 the sooner we make some changes, the sooner we'll it the big time! Safety Gegue) 123 Piano/Vocal Change It, Don't Change It L Music by Jeff Bowen Driving = 150 ce Change it, Don't change it Youve got 10 change it Donlt change it, You've got to change it Don't change it. Don't change @ thing. Don't change it You¥e got to change it’ Don't change it Youve got to Copyright © 2007 INVISIBLE JET MUSIC Allied Rights Administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC throughout the world International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved 128 ‘Change Tt, Don't Change It HUNTER: Oity 50 Jeff and have done a new pass atthe show incorporating potential changes from the Of- Broadway drait change it, Dorit change it. Don't change a thing, SEER: I'm gonna add musical bridges in "What Kind of ie is She?" and "Part of it All." HUNTER: Also since we want o include everything thas happening now, the whole OfF- Broadway run will go 8 into the old festival medley so we ean keep the running time around ninety mninates, Ss s ——= SUSAN: Ninety minutes? Why east we rock tke Coast of Utopie? Just serving you nine glorious hour of [tle of show} Change it. Don't chenge it You've got to change it Don't change it You've got Bs Change I, Don't Change Tt HUNTER: So we got some new feedback. m6, SUSAN: Uph. Feedback. change it. Don't change it. Don't change a thing, be HUNTER: Move "Vampire" earlier I's seems preachy ift comes too late in the show. SUSAN: agree with that 0 HEIDE: Me too, ‘Thats for Jeff Oh, do you think we need to cut Heid tak a JERF: Why would you eut that? JEFF: (Cont) That was every straight guy's favorite part of the show. Change it Don't change it Youve got change it Don't change it Shaker _ 126 Change It, Don't Change It HUNTER: Dear Talkin’ Broadway's "All That Chat, isi ue tte of show] ha its eye on Brosdvay/? HEIDI: CHANGE TT. HUNTER: Why anyone would think tiny, insider" downtown show would appeal toa wider audience is beyond me 44, SEER: DON'T CHANGE IT HUNTER: Yim sory, but four chits end a keyboard donot « Broedway musical make SUSAN: YOU'VE GOT 10 CHANGEIT. HUNTER: That sai, 1 would' be surprised if their crappy show ctuslly does get to Broadway and HUNTER: (cont) ‘they just put this entre posting in t word for word. Signed, sweeneyluve!2. Send HUNTER: HEIDE: TEER SAN: HUNTER! HEIDE: Change it Don't change it You've got to change it Don't change it You've got to lhunreny HEIDE: “eRe SUSAN: HUNTER Howl: [ change it. Don't change it. Don't change a thing ie Change it. Don't change it You've got to 127 128 Change It, Don't Change It HUNTER’ ALL: HEIDE: I change it, Dorit change it Youve got to change it, Don't change il, Dorit change a You guys, t's not even my part and you shoulé see how much they're spending on this stuff. 7 Thave this custom-molded back brace thing that has these humongous tentacles that come out HUNTER: Can we get stared? SUSAN: It's okay, you're fine. He's just "ABH ® HEIDI: What's ABH? SUSAN: All-Business-Hunter JEFF: Can we order Food? } don't want to get hangry 'SUSAN: T lrondy ate Joffand | dont want to go 10 late toniat. Ihave to getup eaty For work JEFF: Wel, | gotta eat something HUNTER: Y'all can we please focus? think the show has too many obscure references JEEF: What? HEIDI: So what, you wouldn't say, lke, "Mary Stout gothit by hotdog ear?" _ HUNTER: No, we should say like” "Al Roker got hit by «hot dog estt™ (Change It, Don't Change It JERE: But Mary Stout wally did ge hit by a hot dog cart. Why would we change that? HUNTER: Jef, you iid me yourself that your brother has no idea who May Stow i. ‘We nec to star thinking shout average ticket buyers, aroup sales, tourist, JEFF: Since when did you start worrying about group sales? ® HUNTER: Since I started worrying about group sles zg = JEFF: (onphona) Hunter. Ifyoure there, Bick up. Come on. You were just on that confecence call Anyway, I'm fine to lose the stuff about Donna Murphy, but I dont agree at all with that suggestion to ext Hei’ song and Tow you don't ether. Ym proud ofthat song. [wish you would support me more at these mesings. Call me or ALL: al Don't change it~ Dont change HUNTER: think we should clean up the language inthe show — SUSAN: You're joking right? UNTER: No, 'm not In the script counted, and we say “motherfucker sx times and “fuck eleven times. HEIDE: Well now its seven and twelve oy SUSAN: How do you clean up the language ina show that has & song lke "Die empire, Die?! 129 130 Change It, Don't Change It HUNTER: Do you honeslly think Im gonna get a new Broadway dre approved without adjusting the language? ‘What about families. sweet gray-haired matinee ladies? SUSAN: Those matinee-Iadies have lived through death, divorce, kids, world wars T think they can handle me » dropping the bom in a musical, SUTTON FosTER (V0) (Geop) Hey Homer, i Sutton Foster. Listen, couldnt really tel from your email if Heidi ‘wasn't staying with the show or what exactly butwe should talk T mean you know how much Tloved the sow atthe Vineyard snd.well, we should definitely tak Okay, 1 0 Took forward oi. Bye, (beep) HUNTER: Oh my god, Sutton Foster called and said she's interested in talking to us about the show. ww, SEFF: What? HUNTER: | think she could be great in Heidi's track HEIDE: I, Change Dont i Dont change (Change I, Don't Change Jt HUNTER: Look, Heidt already has unotber job, Sutton Foster is like THE it git of Broadway tight now 11) WEIDUSUSAN: liz, Change it Don't change it You've got to change it Dont change it Youve got to Tony-winner, multiple Tony-nor . =, That makes a difference In geting investors Don't change it Dont change Don't change it You've got to change it Don't change it You've got to ae HUNTER: Then we rewrite the show. SER; Are you out of your mind? change it Dont change Dont change BI Change It, Dont Change It HUNTER: Jeff, us just being us i nt gonna be enough 1 kno lacing Hed is shity but need this show to happen lz, Change it Don't change it You've got to change it Donit change it Youve got to ag sb thatmight be what takes! Dont change it. Don't JERE: os Hunter! We're not replacing Heiil God! 1am so sick of this This used tobe about all of us ust being together, las, Change it Dont change it Youve got to change it Dont change it, Youve got to getting i right" change it Don't change it. Don't change ® thing Change it. Don't change it. You've got to 132 (Change It, Don't Change It jg - HUNTER: We ae trying to getitright. JEFF: Well who decides what's “ight Hunter? lao, change it, Don't change it. You've got to change it. Dorit change it, Don't change ® thing JEFF: (Cont) Show me the magic formula for & successful Broadway show HUNTER: Why ist always ano with you lately? JERR: Why is italwaysa yes wth you? HUNTER: Because I'm trying to get my show to Broadway. JERR: YOUR show? HUNTER: You know what | mean Our show. JEFF: Thave so idea what OUR show is anymore! 133 Piano/Vocal 15] Awkward Photo Shoot Music and Lyrics Cue: by Jeff Bowen JEFF: I don't know what our show is enymore! feel ridiculous i: [feel hot. I'm giving you “broken doll"! (lash) HUNTER: You guys, can we take this seriously? EIDE: Itsall right He's just ABH. (fash) JEFF: What's this photo shoot for again? rackets for Broadway investors. Read your email. flash) ‘ou guys, before we go any further, I think its time we formally discuss what each ‘of our contributions to this piece was and how we should be compensated. (lash) JEFF: You're right; this isa great time to tak about profit sharing Allegro Agitato a SUSAN: I didn't say it had to be this second, ace. flack) (GOON) Vamp (x's) HEIDI: By the way, f the show really is happening, are you gonna be able to use these photos, or will you just e-shoot them when you bring in Sutton Foster? (OUT) HUNTER: Awkward. Copytight © 2006 by Jeff Bowen INVISIBLE IET MUSIC over of publication and allied sights throughout the world (administered by WILLIAMSON MUSIC) be International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved