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Alzheimers Association

Alzheimers Association National office

225. N. Michigan Ave., Fl. 17
Chicago, Il, 60601

Tierre Drane
A place for mom
3247 2nd street, Downtown
Albuquerque NM 87105

To whom it may concern,

My name is Tierre Drane and Im nurse at a place for mom. Enclosed is a proposal
for a new art program for patients with Alzheimers. We are an organization who
offers families with programs for their loved ones who have been diagnosed with
this disease. I am writing to you today to request a grant for $80,000 to get this new
art program started. This proposal will explain what the money will be going to
exactly and what exactly we will be doing with the patients. Thank you for your time
and your consideration. We hope to be working with you in the future.
Sincerely, Tierre Drane

1425 Bonito Road SW Albuquerque, NM 87105 | tdrane@unm.edu | 505-203-0693




Im a nursing student looking for a residency job in pediatric nursing.

Im hardworking and respectful. Im kind and love taking care of children. I like to cook and write



Read the kids bible stories

Did arts and crafts with kids
Sang with the kids
Gave kids snacks
2/11/2013- PRESENT

Took kids on fieldtrips

Changed baby diapers
Did arts and crafts
Had story time
Musical circle with kids
Played outside with kids




4.0 GPA
Honors student
Honor society


Working on Bachelors Degree, Third year
3.0 GPA
Powerful Movement of Educated Sisters


I was secretary of Honor Society in middle school then became president of the chapter in high

Proposal Subject: Art program for patients with Alzheimers

Amount Requested: $80,000/ $15,000 annually for a year
Organization: A Place for Mom
Organization were asking for help: Alzheimers association alz.org

Problem Statement: Taking care of patients with Alzheimers can be very

time consuming and expensive. Thats why most families choose to take care
of their loved ones instead of sending them to a nursing home. Nearly 44
million in the world have Alzheimers or a related dementia and only 1-in-4
people are actually diagnosed with Alzheimers (alzheimers.org).
Taking care of a loved with Alzheimers can take a toll on anyone. Its very
emotional to have to see someone who has always been so strong be
consumed by this disease. I myself have to go through this heartache every
day. My grandma was diagnosed with this disease about 5 years ago. Before
she was diagnosed with this disease and started suffering from she was a
bright and very outspoken woman. She would speak her mind and not care

what anyone had to say about it. She had a very big sense of humor and
loved to be around her grandchildren. She loved to cook and bake for her
family anytime they wanted. She loved taking long road trips and going
fishing. When this disease took a toll on her she became a different person.
She started cooking less and smiling less. There were no more family dinners
on Sundays and taking long road trips. She just sat there quietly and never
really said a word anymore. Her memory just started fading and suddenly it
was like she didnt know me anymore. The only thing she could do was
express herself through art and thats when this idea of an art program came
to my mind.
Project Plan:
My proposal is to create an art program that family can take their loved to so
they can have something to do during the day instead of having to sit there
all day doing nothing. This art program will include painting on canvases,
pottery and drawing still art pictures. This program will also include some
musical arts. Since some patients cant hold things themselves, there will be
some music they can listen to while volunteers help play instruments and
also sing with each other. We will hold the program 4 times a week and we
will also invite family to stay and join in on the fun. Here are the steps I plan
to take to get this program created.
1. Find a building or an old art studio in the Albuquerque area.
Since our organization is located downtown. We will search for
buildings or old studios that up for rent. We will look between 2nd street
and Copper all the way to 4th street and Central to find a building or art
studio thats within our budget.
2. Upon finding the building, we will need to remodel or at least clean up
the building.
We need to make sure we have enough tables and chairs for our loved
ones. Have a welcome desk in the front so we can greet our friends
and get the loved ones sign up for program. We also need to have a
space efficient bathroom including enough room for those in
3. Get art supplies for our program.
We need canvases, paint, markers, crayons, coloring books, stereo,
different types of music, tambourines, little wooden drums, keyboard,
pottery clay, pottery spinner, oven for pottery.
4. Get volunteers, family members, staff, art teacher
Put out fliers to get as many volunteers we can to help assist with the
patients. Also invite the family members to stay and help in on the fun.
We will need a secretary to accept calls and get patients registered for
the program and also to be at the front desk to greet people as they

walk. We need an art teacher to help teach how to make pottery and
paint still art pictures. Also to help with painting on the canvases and
5. Begin our art program!!
Invite all to come out and support our program. We will hang fliers and
out an ad in the newspaper. We will try and get our story on the news
so that everyone will know about are program. We will also add the
program to our pamphlet we have for our organization. Well have our
program on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 12pm to
6. Review our program after a year
We will go over our books to see if the program is going well. See if we
have a lot of patients are coming and see if the program is actually
making a difference. Well also ask the family and volunteers if they
feel like the program is making a difference and if there are
improvements that need to be made.
See budget below to see how the money will be broken down for the
art program.
Budget: $45,000 of the budget will go to purchasing the
building for the program. $20,000 will go to purchasing the art
supplies and the making of the fliers and then 15,000 will go to
purchasing the tables and chairs. We also would need the
15,000 annually to pay our employees.
Purchase: $40,000
Rent for year: $

Supplies for
Art supplies:
Music supplies:

Tables: $10,000
Chairs: $5,000

I am involved with the organization called A Place for Mom. We specialize in
helping families with loved ones that have Alzheimers. We have different
programs we offer for patients with Alzheimers. We have programs like care
for a patient which is where we will send a nurse who is specialized in taking
care of patients with Alzheimers to your house if you need someone to help
care for your loved ones while you go out and run errands. We also have the
nurse can come out two days a week to your house to help assist you in
taking care of your loved one. I myself am one of those nurses who help

assist in the care. I help take care of my grandmother who has Alzheimers,
two days a week.
Costs and Benefits: We are requesting the budget of $80,000 to purchase
the building, remodeling the building and buying all the supplies we need for
the programs. Once we have the program up and running we will need a
budget of $15,000 annually to pay our staff and pay for utilities like
electricity and water. We will also have a donation box at our organization
and a link on our website for donations. People can donate money and art
supplies for our program. This project will be benefiting a lot of families in
the Albuquerque area and help benefiting the patients themselves. Families
will have a safe environment to bring their loved so they can have a break
and their loved ones will be active in some way. The patients themselves will
have some fun making their own creations and keeping their minds active.
We may not be able to cure Alzheimers but we surely make a difference with
this program helping out families and their loved ones by giving them
support and to let them know that they will always have someone by their
side ready to help.

Thank you very much for considering this proposal and helping us help
families with support and love to aid in ending Alzheimers. You can reach us
at 505-203-0693 or aplaceformom@gmail.com
Sincerely, Tierre Drane
A Place for Mom.

Works cited
Alzheimers Association, What is ALZHEIMERS: How to care for your
loved one

Compose Documents. Students will develop strategies for
generating content and organizing it into a logical structure that is
appropriate for their intended users; they will consider ethical: I
used this outcome a lot for this proposal because I had to compose this
document to pertain to the Alzheimers association. I talked about how
Alzheimers not only affects the patient but their family also. I also wanted to
develop a program that would help the families like the association does.
This association wants to bring hope to families that have loved ones with
Alzheimers and I also wanted to do the same in this proposal. I organized
this proposal in an organized way thats easy for my audience to follow and
made to where those at the Alzheimers association can relate to it by
including a personal story about my grandma within the proposal. This lets
the audience know that theyre not alone in helping loved ones and others
that has this disease and that other families are out there for support.

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