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Maribel Dominguez

January 28, 2016

Technical Writing and Communication
MW 1:30 2:50
Project Proposal Draft

Thesis Statement: What is the problem? How do you plan to solve it? Why should people
care? With all of the worlds resources and innovation, there are still millions of children
suffering. Organizations with focus on child protection should be created across the globe, an
organization that unites every country, with the same mission, to protect children. As citizens of
this world, we should join in protecting children, as they are the future of this world.

What is the problem or opportunity? The constant negligence many children around the
world, go under around the world.

Describe the problem? The main issue is, that children around the world are not treated as the
children that they are. Violence, child labor, mental and physical damage are only a few of the
factors that make a better treatment for children all around the world, a fundamental action that
must be taken.

What is the purpose of the proposal? The purpose of this proposal is to help the children all
around the world. To enforce the protection of the innocent ones, as they are the future of this
world. By protecting children, teaching that life is fair, and not only full of hate and violence, we
will raise kind future leaders of this world.

The purpose of the proposal is to describe a problem and propose activities that will
provide solutions or alternatives: The main problem is that entire governments are not capable
of protecting children from the pain of suffering at such a young age. We as citizens of the world
have to take action, to begin giving children proper care as its our responsibility as adults.

What is the scope of the proposal?

6 Research Questions:
What does the constant suffering many children undergo in their everyday lifes of our modern
society, show lack of compassion in a more materialistic society?
What is the accepted way for unfortunate children around the world to be treated?
How do we as a global society make sense, of the suffrage of children around the world?
What have been the effects of child suffrage been on the present day?
What values are being lost by having a neutral attitude of the suffrage of children?
What laws should be enforced and implemented? How can we make a worldwide commitment
on child care?
Sources of information (Academic Article):

1. Global Prevalence of Past-year Violence Against Children: A Systematic Review

and Minimum Estimates


Violence against children is a public health, human rights, and social problem, with
potentially devastating and costly consequences.

Its destructive effects harm children in every country, impacting families, communities,
and nations, and reaching across generations.

APA Reference
Hills, S., Mercy, J., Amobi, A., & Kress, H. (2016, March). Global Prevalence of Past-year
Violence against Children: A Systematic Review and Minimum Estimates.
Pediatrics, 137(3). Retrieved from

This article contains reputable evidence of well-established academic databases, provides
information that proves the great negative impact that child mistreatment has worldwide.

2. Relationship of childhood abuse and household dysfunction to many of the leading

causes of death in adults. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study.

The ACE Study reveals a powerful relation between our emotional experiences as
children and our adult emotional health, physical health, and major causes of mortality in
the United States.

Of equal importance was our observation that they had a powerful correlation to adult
health a half-century later.

APA Reference:
Felititi, V. J. (2000). Relationship of childhood abuse and household dysfunction to many of the
Leading causes of death in adults. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study. The
Permanente Journal, 6(1). Retrieved from

This article, is an important one, as it presents the evidence to the actual relationship
between child abuse and adult life expectancy and health status.

3. Building a Framework for Global Surveillance of the Public Health Implications of

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Viewing child maltreatment and related experiences as a set of exposures that have
broad implications for human development and prevention of public health problems is a
relatively new concept.

The ACE Study examines a broad range of early childhood traumatic stressors and their
relationship to numerous clinical, public health, and social problems throughout the life

APA Reference:
De Anda, R., Butchart, A., Felitti, V., & Brown, D. (2010). Building a framework for global
surveillance of the public health implications of adverse childhood experiences. American
Journal of Preventive Medicine, 39, 93-98. Retrieved from


This specific study, demonstrates that childhood experiences are a great impact for the adult
life, as well as showing the importance of this are in the field of public health.

Discuss what you proposing to do for your research: In order to project the real devastation
that the continuing unacceptable treatment of children can have on the world, it is essential to
create awareness of this worldwide issue. It is necessary to inform that the expectator tittle of
the majority of the people around the world, is not only unhuman buy irresponsible as, we are
not protecting the future generations of the world. A unity among the worlds nation, must be
created, in order to commit to the protection of children.

What is the organization of the proposal? The organizational order of my project will include
Cause and effect as well as Process. These two types of organizational process will help
validate, strengthen and properly propose change in the lifes of the innocent children around the

What are the key terms that you will use in the proposal? Key terms used: Children,
negligence, worldwide, public issue, global issue.