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MLA Header: How happy are you and why?

Double Entry Journal


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Its especially frustrating and perplexing to

be around such individuals when theyre in
the same difficult or troubling situation as we
are but seem happy in spite of it. (Pg. 179)

Yes. I can relate to this statement by the fact

that I have been through similar situations
where Ive become very agitated when
someone handles or does something better
than myself.

She sees challenge where you see only

threat. (Pg. 179)

Interesting perspective. We do need to be

challenged in order to grow as individuals.

How can we be like them? Can we ever be

as happy as they are? (Pg. 179)

I believe we are way too concerned with how

other people perceive us. I think we care too
much about what other people think verses
caring about ourselves and doing what makes
us happy. Thats why people are truly unique
because they are able to express that without
caring what others think. I thought this
statement proved my point.

Its virtually impossible to face ones

shadows alone. (Pg. 180)

I have been lonely and miserable at times in

my life, enough to feel like no one was there
for me, but once we reach out for help, we
find people who usually help us overcome our
emptiness and struggles. I agree with this

Before you can begin the process of

becoming happier, you need to determine
your present personal happiness level. (Pg.

I have never though of it this way nor have I

ever though of this idea, but I like the way it
sounds (soul-searching)

Happiness is an expression of the soul in

considered actions. (Pg. 184)

So could someone be truly happy, but never

show it through actions?

I cant wait to grow up and be happy. (Pg.


This runs through my mind often, I have to

catch myself from letting it affect myself.

Happiness more than anything, is a state

I believe it is a state of mind, although I also

of mind, a way of perceiving and

approaching ourselves and the world in
which we reside. (Pg. 185)

believe only the strongest of people are able

to control their happiness within their minds,
for most of us its a state affected by

Put those things aside in your mind for

now, (pg. 186)

I can relate to this quote because I always

find myself focused on more, more, and

50 percent Is a long way from 100 percent,

and that leaves ample room for
improvement. (Pg. 187)

Interesting way to look at it somewhat

negative and positive in my mind. Big goals
but halfway there?

But just because your happiness set point

cannot be changed doesnt mean that your
happiness level cannot be changed. (Pg.

My happiness levels are changed all the time!

Perhaps the sun shines more brightly for

some persons than others. (Pg. 193)

Or maybe the suns shining for all of us, its

just how you look at it and your ability to see
clearly. I believe that happiness starts in the
simplest form: love

Happiness consists in activity. It is a

running stream, not a stagnant pool. (Pg.

This makes sense that our happiness levels

and moods can change in the time span of
one second to the next.

Having goals in and of themselves is

strongly associated with happiness and life
satisfaction. (Pg. 195)

I disagree. Why always plan for tomorrow?

Any day could be our last so why set up
mental futures for ourselves just to satisfy our
happiness levels?