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Julia Sansom

Mindset Reading and Results
While reading this article about the mindset of intelligence and talent, I kept
thinking back to the nature versus nurture theory. The nature aspect of this theory is the
thought process that an individuals development is predisposed according to their DNA,
the nurture aspects begs to state that an individuals development is influence by
experiences and environment. I felt that this same thought applied to whether an
individual has a fixed mindset or growth mindset.
The article explains the ideology behind the Mindset, created by psychologist
Carol Dweck. The idea is that a fixed mindset is the belief that intelligence and talent is
fixed, and it is not influenced or created by outside circumstances and experiences. The
growth mindset is the idea that intelligence and talent can be affected by dedication and
hard work. This is a huge idea to consider when thinking about students and education.
Can students intelligence and talent be influenced or is it fixed? I say everyones
intelligence and talents can absolutely change! That is one of the main purposes of
education: to mold and influence students to become successful learners and citizens.
When I took the Mindset quiz, I of course scored as a growth mindset thinker! I
choose zero fixed mindset answers and 8 growth mindset answers. I strongly believe that
every individual can grow and learn. I think it is important to recognize and celebrate
small milestones, because they all lead us to where we want to go. As a teacher, this
means that I will work to help every student progress no matter their story, background,
disability, or struggles!