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Kenneth Caselnova
Mrs. Butorac
English Foundations I Honors
26 November 2015
Experiences Change People
What defines and makes up a human being? A human, whether they be a man, a woman,
or a child, is defined by what they have experienced in their lifetime rather than merely the blood
in their veins. In the novel Lord of the Flies, Jack who is one of the main characters, was
stranded on an island along with a group of boys who were fighting for survival. He soon
became power hungry and his need to kill along with his gory experiences shaped him as a
character. Ralph, a protagonist from Lord of the Flies, has been severely traumatized by what has
transpired during his eventful time on the island. After experiencing the murders of his two true
friends, his persona as well as his beliefs molded him into the boy he was throughout the story.
Similarly, Delia Motavalli, the author of Find a Good Frog, was matured by the crucial lesson
that she learned from her mother which was that absolutely nothing in her life would be perfect
and that she needs to be optimistic with everything that comes her way. That long talk that Delia
had with her mother and the lesson that she had learned will alter how she interprets her
experiences later in life. These works of literature suggest that ones identity is shaped by their
past experiences.
Ralph and Jack's experiences in Lord of the Flies were very traumatic which shaped who
they were throughout the novel. Once Jack had experienced hunting for the first time, he was

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drastically changed and sensed the need to rapidly kill. He also became power hungry and treated
the others as if they were objects, rather than human beings. After Jack had slaughtered his first
pig, something inside of him changed. He became very elated and began to celebrate. As he was
dancing and laughing, his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling" ( Golding 64). As his laugh
changed from merry to deviant, the shift in personalities becomes clear to the reader and how the
death of this pig is actually very significant. As the story continues, we can see that his demeanor
changes and how focused he really becomes on killing. This is portrayed when Jack tried to
control his compulsion to track down and kill which was swallowing him up (Golding 51).
Jacks need to kill was beginning to show more and more each day on the island, to the point
where he would chant and reenact his kills on other boys. Similarly, Ralph also had an
experience which will change his future self. He had witnessed the deaths of his two best friends,
Simon and Piggy. At the end of the story when the naval officer came to rescue the boys from the
island, Ralph sensed a rush of uncontrollable emotion. He began to weep for the end of
innocence and was ashamed of the darkness of man's heart (Golding 202). On the island, all
of the boys had done things that they may regret, whether it was taking the life of someone in
cold blood, or killing a pig. Ralphs beginning to weep for the end of innocence is so very
important because Ralph lost his innocence, along with the rest of the boys that had survived.
Delia Motavalli, the author of Find a Good Frog, learned a motivating lesson from her
mother. She learned that there will never be a happily ever in her lifetime, and that she needs to
start accepting things that happen to her in a more optimistic way. Delia learned that she cant
just laze through life waiting for a happily ever after because she simply wouldnt be very

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happy with the outcome (Motavalli 3). In any life, doing the bare minimum will get you
nowhere. The main lesson that Delia took from this long talk is that she has to become proactive
and really apply herself to what she believes is right. Along with being proactive, she should
attempt to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Delia also realized that she cant expect
everything to be perfect and if she waits her whole life to find her prince charming, shes going
to be lonely (Motavalli 3). Delia has learned a very valuable lesson that may stick with her for
the rest of her life. Now that she has been educated on what to expect in her future life at such a
young age, she can learn to make the right decisions and apply these thoughts to how she will
live. Delia may also attempt to be more optimistic in certain situations considering what she has
just experienced with her mother.
A person's experiences play a huge role in shaping a person's identity. Delia Motavalli,
Jack, and Ralph were all changed because of what they have done and witnessed. Nothing in
anybodys life will be perfect, and everyone just has to accept that. Life was not made to be
perfect for a reason. People have to be able to think on their feet, evaluate situations, and make
the right decisions. Experiences that happen to every human in their daily lives build up, and so
do their reactions, which molds each and every person's identity.

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