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Rachel Frazier

Final Reflection
UWRT 1101
The choices I made in creating my final portfolio include mostly using my Mini-Portfolio #1 and
Mini-Portfolio #2 to create the perfect final object with the critique and feedback given from
previously submitted assignments.
The format I chose to use for my final portfolio was a website similar to the ones I have created
previously on Weebly to submit other assignments earlier in the semester. The layout I chose for
my portfolio is a very strange picture that holds lot of meaning behind it to me personally. It
shows a picture of four kids working together, and that is somewhat my personal reflection and
opinion when looking back on this class. In this class, the very first thing we did was chose
people with common interests and shortly after we found out that we would be a team or a group
for the remainder of the semester. Working in these groups was one of my favorite things about
this class. Working with a group of people I did not know in my case turned out to be a great
success. Not long after meeting my team, we formed a bond with one another both inside and
outside of the classroom setting.
Working with this team was definitely critical to my overall success in this class this semester.
From the text reminders about readings and homework to discussing what we read and making
sure we were all on the same page before quizzes. Working with a team requires all members to
be open-minded and some important life lessons and strategies come from knowing how to be a
team member and work effectively in an environment where you must incorporate many peoples
wants and desires because that is how things will be in the working world.

Having teams was by far my favorite thing about this class at the beginning and at the end.
Having teams and a group of people to depend on and grow with was a great thing to be apart of
while making the transition to being in college. Being away from family for the first time and
being able to make your own decisions can be overwhelming and hard plus just being in a new
environment with thousands of people you dont know. My teammates very quickly became my
friends and support system in no time and as a teacher Im sure this will make you very happy
upon reading. The teams are successful and something that I highly recommend you using in the
future because it truly saved my life and made my first semester of freshman year that much
easier than even I expected.
At the beginning of the class I felt extremely frustrated and overwhelmed with how I struggled
upon the start of reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. For the first time in an
English class I had trouble comprehending the text and I must admit that was very discouraging
for me. As time went on and we kept reading the novel my confidence began to increase along
with stress being relieved as the novel became easier for me to comprehend along with my scores
on quizzes starting to increase. My feelings about this class now definitely include this class
being my favorite class by far this semester. I love the opportunities that I have been allotted this
semester in your class. As a student, I appreciate and respect the time you have taken to
communicate with us as your students. Ever since the first day of class you have made a point to
get to know each one of our names and you have become familiar with our writing styles to the
point where you can identify our writings if we have forgotten to write our names which I have
once this semester. Coming into college I never expected to have a teacher that would devote as
much of their time to their students as you have. My favorite thing about the class has always

been your responses to our submitted pieces of writing. From your responses to our journal
entries to the page responses to our portfolios it is all truly appreciated.
I anticipate using the SLOS used in this class in the rest of my time on the University to be
successful both in and outside of the classroom. In first learning about the SLOs I was very
confused about how they could be beneficial both inside and outside of the classroom but after
discussing things more it all began to unfold and make more sense. This is the first class I have
had where Student Learning Outcomes are used on a frequent basis and they have been very
helpful for me so far now that I understand what exactly they are and how to apply them to
schoolwork and other daily tasks.
I believe my skills as a writer have increased throughout my time in this class with you as my
professor. In addition to my writing skills increasing, something that I am certain of is the
increase in my ability to read critically and interpret texts that are out of my comfort zone and
different than I am used to. Reading A Clockwork Orange challenged me more than I have
ever been challenged before in comprehending a text and with each quiz and my scores
increasing I gained a new found confidence in my critical reading abilities.
In my team portfolio I made several contributions especially in the biography section where we
were required to answer questions about one another and the overall roles of all the members in
the group. Working with a team on a project was a very successful experience as has been
working with my team all year. I was fortunate enough to be able to join a team full of kind and
motivational girls I will probably remain friends with for the rest of my time at UNC-Charlotte.
Working in teams, was actually one of my favorite parts of the class. I believe working with a
small group of people was very beneficial when done properly. In our group we had the perfect
balance and we extended our relationship outside of class to just a friendship and bond in

general. In working on the team portfolio my favorite thing to use was Google Docs and that is
how we completed most of our group portfolio in addition to the time provided in class. The
team portfolio at first gave me many worries but after no time proved itself to be much easier
than I was making it out to be. In fact, I enjoyed creating the group portfolio more than my
individual ones.
In choosing which artifacts to include in my final portfolio I picked what I felt were my strongest
pieces of writing that I have submitted this semester. I also looked at the feedback and critique
attached to my papers to pick the pieces of writing you as my professor identified as my stronger
points of submission this semester.
My revision process in regards to the Mini-Portfolios previously submitted included basically
reading the critique and following your suggestions that were handed back to me with my grades
for the Mini-Portfolio. For both portfolios my SLOs in action were definitely my weakest points
in the portfolios so in my final portfolio I truly attempted to take all of your advice and use it to
fulfill the requirements and goals of the SLOs.