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Our committee will provide a list of conferences in our conference handbook that the committee
deems particularly notable.
For these conferences, the delegation organiser will provide basic assistance for any individual who
would like to attend this conference.

III. Our society officially participates in a conference as a delegation when a head delegate is chosen by
the committee, and one committee member guarantees their attendance to this conference.
IV. Delegation organisers have the responsibility to oversee that the delegation completes all tasks
necessary to attend a conference.
V. The delegation organiser can decline to sponsor an event as long as we are already sponsoring one
international conference, putting the decision on the head delegate whether to continue.
VI. The committee can choose one conference as the main conference, making it supersede all other
conference in importance, and all members of the committee have to engage in organising it.
VII. Our committee has the responsibility of organising the logistics, supervising the application process
(payment), and building a delegation.

Delegation Roles
VIII. Each delegate representing our society and university has the obligation to appropriately prepare for
the conference, researching their topic and country represented, along side following MUN etiquette.
IX. Role of the head delegate is defined by the following subclauses:
1. Completing the delegation application,
2. Supervising the individual applications of the delegation members,
3. Making any group payments with the exception of group payments funded by union grants.
X. The head delegate must guarantee their attendance to the conference, and must delegate their role
to the committee guarantor with prior notice in the case of extenuating circumstances.
XI. Role of the committee guarantor, who must apply to the conference along with the head delegate,
is to take the responsibility of head delegate should extenuating circumstances not allow the head
delegate to go to the conference.

XII. Role of the treasurer in a sponsored conference is defined by the following subclauses:
1. memorise rules and disclaimers with union finances so all grants are correctly allocated,
2. supervise the head delegate with payments,
3. account for finances through a spreadsheet shared to all delegates,
4. make payments through the union when payment is subsidised by a union grant, while
discounting the grant from what delegates have to pay, unless the treasurer can guarantee
appropriate reimbursement.
XIII. Grants are not guaranteed to a delegate, and in the case that the treasurer fails in providing one, the
delegate has the responsibility to pay non-discounted prices of the conference.
XIV. Once payments are made to the conference they are non-refundable, unless the conference has a
refund policy.
Passed by Committee on 5 October, 2015
Proposed by President