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Always aim to seek the truth about a woman; the truth if you are compatible,

if she is a good kisser or anything at all.

If she's still standing there and hasn't walked away keep going.
Show status/confidence, individuality/character, and ability to vibe
/emotional, social awareness/charismatic.
When she reach waypoint, treat her like your girl-friend and do not over
As a man, you have a natural capacity to act driven, be inspired, form
connections, and handle mechanics. However, if you neglect to balance these
4 elements, itll result in failure, every time.
You cant be having an inspired conversation while driving an interaction
forward by sexually escalating the situation.
Whenever you think of female attraction, think of this graph. If youre at the
center (0,0) position then youre at your optimal attractive state.(25)
Find out what is imbalanced and what is not. (26)
Remember that the 4-EGs are already within you you just need to balance
Learn to fit the pieces together.
When you feel this urge, act on it. And the sooner you act on your drive,
the better. Let your drive guide you right back to its source: women. Hot
women. The more attraction you feel for the woman, the more drive youll
have. Dont mistake this feeling for nervousness its drive, baby! So align
with it.
Living in any other way is living in denial of your drive. In fact, its living in
denial of your manhood.
Whether its fear of talking to a girl, fear of moving an interaction forward, or
even fear of commitment men who let fear dictate their decisions arent
real men at all!
The secret to attracting girls with your drive is keeping negative thoughts and
fear from entering your head. Remember that and youll never have problems
approaching women again. The more you express your drive, the more
natural it will become.
Drive must remain present long after the initial approach.
Follow through with your drive. Focus on genuine attraction for the girl and
ignore negative thoughts.
Act on your drive shamelessly.
Nothing should be a match for your overpowering drive.
While its important to balance your drive and not come on too strong (like a
horny pervert), acting shameless is crucial to attracting women.
Let your drive overpower those thoughts of rejection. Never regret
Act on your drive immediately.
When negativity comes, stop, breathe deeply and commit yourself to the
Confidently, take the lead in an interaction to either sex and/or relationship
depending on what you want.

You can be driven but you have to respect her boundaries. Dont make a big
deal about it even if she says no but badly wants to kiss you.
Your job to approach, carry conversation at first, initiate physical contact like
touching and handholding, kiss her, ask, her to come home with you, ask her
to be your girlfriend, maybe one day ask her to be your wife.
Whenever you move an interaction forward, always make sure it comes from
a place of genuine desire, never because you think you must for her to like
you. Likewise dont ever fail to do something simply because you think she
may not like you as a result. If she opposes your move, but shes still
interacting with you, then shes simply pacing you.
Her comfort level determines how she paces you and dont make a big deal
even if she says no. Just respect her boundaries and keep using your drive to
increase her attraction for you.
Whenever you approach a woman, you should experience a burning curiosity
to learn who she is.
Dont fake the interaction if you feel shes not the girl for you, if she doesnt
make you genuinely curious or curious.
You should experience a natural drive to touch her. Dont think too much
about it.
Once she comfortable with your touch, anticipate the kiss. Let the natural
desire to kiss her be there. Dont hide it and go for it.
Shell pace if too early for her. If she kisses back, dont squeeze all the
sexuality out of it. Kiss her long enough so she invests then break it off to
preserve the feeling of tension that built up to the kiss.
If she really attracted to you, she will match your shameless escalation with
even less shame.
At this point its your turn to pace her.
Use your drive to move the interaction to whatever direction you want it to go
because it will be rude not to
Speak loud and clear, talk slowly, express positive emotion without fear,
laugh freely and easily, dont take yourself to seriously, walk upright with
good posture, get relaxed and comfy when interacting with people, genuinely
pay attention to what others have to say with curiosity.
Just force and focus on one signal and youll supercharge your confidence.
Step toward a girl with drive without trying to force an outcome or being
Focus on the girl herself and not the feeling of possessing her.
Play it cool when she does not respond to you. Like nothing ever happened.
Do not force an outcome with everyone you approach. Focus on having fun
Focus on only the girl and not the outcome. Ignore your desire to possess her
and detach from the outcome. Appreciate women as individuals and pursue
Walk up to a girl display your drive without needing an outcome.
Focus on trying to express the truth (your desire for her) rather than trying to
get the girl.

Walk up to girls and display your drive without needing an outcome.

Be comfortable in articulating your feelings and drive directly.
Identify the emption that youre expressing in the moment and how best to
express it.
Figure out a communication style that best expresses your persona.
Make the approach (which is expressing your desire with drive) primary and
the results secondary.
Make walking up and approaching a beautiful woman in the most expressive,
genuine and driven way is your primary focus and only focus.
Approach them in the most effective and authentic way without detaching
from any results or reaction.
When interacting with a woman step back and assess how she perceives your
Its important to listen to what a woman says when shes pacing you.
Adjust your drive when you listen to what she says when shes pacing you
and balance it moment-to-moment with inspiration.
Think of inspiration as the fun and flirtatious part of an interaction while drive
as the aggressive, ravaging and passionate counterforce.
Balance drive with inspiration she says you should slow down, I hardly know
you or any other comment that suggests youre coming on too strongly.
Just still be driven but tone it down a bit and adjust to her comments but not
in a totally submissive way. In a playful, flirty or teasing way. Do not apologize
for this because remember that you are shameless about your desire for her.
Whenever a girl indicates that youre acting with too much drive, take note of
her clue because that might be the direction she wants you to go.
Whenever she hints your drive is too much show her that you respect her
objection and show her that you respect her enough to comply. Use this as a
mindset with any romantic encounter with women.
Keep your cool around her and listen to her.
Remain emotionally calm when she disagrees with you.
Listen to her to stir in the direction she wants you to know. When she hints
youre moving in the wrong direction just remember to balance the elements.
Show more inspiration or connection often both. So simply back off for a
few minutes and flirt with her to release tension. Get into the habit of
listening to a woman.
Pay attention to her signs that she wants more drive from you.
Dont wait for her to give warning signals before using drive. Push the drive
See a girl you like dont make an excuse just approach and live in reality not
hope. Take responsibility for your drive and push.
To put drive into action, walk directly up to her and ignore everything else.
Hold eye contact with her even she doesnt do it back. Do it 80% of the time
of your interaction with her. Talk in a slow matter of fact voice that is not over
the top but solid true. Touch her freely and genuinely because you want to
and not because it would make her like you.
Use drive state interest directly or hint it strongly(no needy connotations)

If response favorable keep using drive until she hints you need to balance
with inspiration. But until then keep going and keep enjoying yourself.
If she objects then balance with inspiration. Make observation about
something (her coat, hair) but with transparency. Agree with whatever
objections she may say but use slight humor and wit. Tease and start flirting
(accuse her of something absurd).
For the rest of the relationship is just rhythm. Drive then inspiration and then
back to drive unless inspiration needed again.
Be active with drive but you need to chill with inspiration and let it come to
you passively. Display your personality who you are and it reciprocates.
Use prompts and remember this is just a quest for the truth of who you are,
who she is and the truth of who you are together. Mix and match prompts
until you find the best way of expressing yourself in a way you communicates
your unique identity.
Narrow the focus by making it specific and concentrating on those specifics
when you run out of things to say and redirect the conversation to add a twist
and make it funny and let it express your own genuine personality.
Take clichs and commonly known phrases and add your own spin on them
use them generously but not overboard. Best times: when you approach,
when shes losing interest, right before you say something important.
Overwhelm her by overselling everything in your life, but not everything
about yourself. Be humble about accomplishments but exaggerate your
hobbies, music, friends like as if she is missing something in her life. Oversell
with passion not logic. Dont prove the oversell just show it. Just get her
emotional just when shes about to make a decision thatll affect you like
leaving her friends to go with you etc.
Use the oversell with tact; whenever a woman is on the fence about
Agree with her objection about whatever shes on the fence about, show you
understand her objection, and oversell activity anyway. See page 61(72) 62(73)
Create the us vibe. The you and her rather than the you vs. her Play it
humorous.make a pop culture referencebe upfront and direct. See
page 63(74)
The theme of you and her should appear throughout the conversation and
ideally the relationship.
Be inspired by whats in front of you. Use everything from hows shes
dressed to the venue, to the environment and people around you. Keep it
funny, entertaining, and sexual when possible. Allow whats in front of you to
spark inspiration.
Use role-playing and scenarios as long as they reinforce an us vibe and
they play off whats in front of you.
Observe a behavior, describe the effects of that behavior and describe your
reaction to those effects.
Dont get stuck on a topic for too long. Keep her on her toes. Whenever you
see shes falling into a rhythm, abruptly change the topic.

Inject passion into a conversation by speaking to her emotions. Use these

templates to keep your conversation balanced.
Act with drive to create sexual tension and be funny to keep the tension
To be funny blow things out of proportion by being absolutely absurd.
Think about whats expected then substitute it with something outrageous.
Throw an outrageous comment every once in a while like every 5-10miutes.
Also use outrageous humor to redirect the conversation especially at
someone whos aggressively accusing you or dissing you.
Always seek the truth even humor. Focus on the delivery. Dont focus on any
reaction in the joke. Twist expectations. Set up the joke without any preface.
Learn how to manage your reactions when telling jokes.
Imitate girls. Mimic something she does and do it in a playful. Something you
notice about her then mimic it. Try to compliment her first so you dont look
like youre trying to demean it.
Take notice, show her what her behavior looks like to you and be fun and do
not demean her.
Accuse her of something. Then use that as a spinoff to absurdity or managing
Misinterpret or accuse her whenever you want or however you want just do it
in a fun non-creepy way. Let your imagination run wild. Make sure youre not
aggressively trying to accuse her of something.
Ask yourself the questions on page 77(87) and experiment with material until
it reveals your true character.
Give her an opportunity to game you by using silences. When shes talking
with passion, shes trying, enjoy it and let her. Let her fill in those moments
with her inspiration. Once you have her emotionally invested it is now time
for her to game you.
Dont feel the need to force an outcome. Let your communications and
interaction focus on the truth.
Train yourself to realize when youre talking too much and enjoy the person in
front of you and shut up.
Chase her and let her chase you and look for the signals that shes chasing
Dont overtly display your emotions to her. Be cool and suave at all times.
Dont talk too much. Dont cling to her when you make physical contact.
Dont hunch over if youre going to lean in talk into her ear, making it more
intimate and less try hard. Do not gyrate like a maniac. You can keep your
hands somewhere like your back pockets to keep yourself calm.
Slow down and dont stutter or talk to fast.
Dont actively bring out inspiration, its passive.
If you catch destructive inspiration running wild, counter it with drive.
Break the habit of destructive inspiration. Pay attention to your breathing,
concentrate on the tingly feeling in your hands, notice your thoughts and
watch whatever entity is behind your thoughts and not the thoughts

themselves, use your body to interrupt your pattern of destructive thought.

Page 81(91).
Walk up to her fully ready to express yourself. Speak to her with enthusiasm
and dont fear embarrassing yourself or offending her. Keep the interaction
light and playful but you can still communicate your sexual interest in her. In
your head, be like lets find the truth and I can walk away at any moment
Have some familiar conversation templates just in case you need to
jumpstart your inspiration.
Be sure to avoid logic on the first few minutes. Communicate emotionally and
passionately with excitement but not overboard.
Always communicate emotion but you can still communicate sexual interest.
Once you spark a vibe, ride it. And let her invest. To check if shes interested,
just shut up. Here you move the interaction forward with your drive.
Sometimes bring inspiration like right before making a big move, when her
interest or attention sags, whenever a thirds party enters situation and when
you genuinely feel like it. Just express yourself not because youre trying to
impress but because you feel like it.
Use motifs (inside jokes you and your girl possess because of a funny
encounter earlier in the interaction). Use motifs judiciously and dont over use
them. When you find shes genuinely laughing at something you said use that
as a motif and use it wisely.
Stay connected to your personality throughout the relationship with a woman
and stay connected to your inspiration. Remember to balance inspiration and
shut up and let her express herself.
Learn to identify how much inspiration is needed at any given moment.
Remain cognizant of thought patterns that make you feel inspired and
creative and tap into that.
Focus on what the emotions that elicit from the questions youre asking.
Learn to enjoy her as a person and not as an idea.
Be genuinely curious about her.
Create fast meaningful attractions with any woman, any time.
Let our curiosity stem from wanting to know the truth.
Search hard enough until you find something to be curious about.
Establish rapport with people before connecting by explore similarities you
two share.
Generate rapport quickly using pop culture and the venue.
Do not force a connection because its passive. Just be chill and develop
habits and thinking patters that facilitate fast genuine connections.
Understand that you need to calibrate how much you connect with a woman.
Understand that deep connection not always necessary before sex but for a
worthwhile relationship.
After youre established rapport, let your guard down and be real.
Refuse to believe that a social interaction is a ballet of perfectly executed
Just be cool and comfortable with yourself.
Be comfortable with making mistakes and be brave enough to open up.

Be willing to make mistakes but obviously dont go and mess up. If you make
a mistake just laugh at it.
Be ready to be imperfect if you want to make genuine interaction with
Dont believe your game must be perfect to approach.
Focus on the girl not the idea of the girl.
Be comfortable with your imperfections, youre brave enough to be
Demonstrate you trust her by being vulnerable.
Be both vulnerable to each other when youre bonded by trust. To inspire
trust in a woman, prove you trust her first.
Laugh at your mistakes no matter how big they are. Acknowledge them and
dont make a big deal out of them so the mistake does not become and
Dont care about your mistakes because they will always happen. Just laugh
about it.
Understand that rapport is necessary before making a deep connection.
Establish rapport first before delving into more emotional topics.
Dont get stuck on rapport. Once you feel a woman I comfortable with you,
move into deeper topics. You still cycle back into rapport but you should
move things forward emotionally.
Watch for her telltale signals that she wants to transition to a deeper topic.
Shell begin talking at length and telling you stories.
Explore pop culture through conversation. Popular movies, songs, internet
clips that would be universal to be both males and females.
People not from the U.S may not understand these pop culture references so
size up fast and adjust accordingly.
For situational rapport (venue and time) always make sure your comments
translate human emotion and are specific.
Use a story that can start off as a single sentence where you describe a detail
from your life.
Dont overanalyze every detail of your words but understand what your words
reveal about you.
Moreover, you should use these aspects of storytelling to transition
conversations into deep emotional connections with women you want to
attract and date.
Youll find as an interaction with a woman progresses, it becomes more
appropriate to tell longer stories. When you first walk up to a woman, you
shouldnt talk about any one topic for more than a minute or so. You can talk
a lot (at first), but you should be jumping from topic to topic.
Whenever an interaction begins, you talk on a variety of topics (mostly
guided by inspiration). As the interaction proceeds, you zero in on a particular
topic and explore it (mostly guided by connection).
Jazz up your sentences with colorful, evocative details. When its time to
make an emotional connection, decorate your sentences with a specific
sound, smell, sight, or sensation.

To put a conflict is to identify a goal, place a hurdle in front of the goal,

resolution. Examples on Page 106(116)
The art of comparing one thing to another helps your listener connect with
the point youre trying to make. Metaphors are especially helpful when
describing something abstract such as emotions or experiences. Pepper
metaphors into your stories and dialogue generously a bad metaphor is still
better than a non-emotional detail.
When you start telling longer stories (with more emotional depth) by telling
anecdotes from your life, you give the woman a sense of the people you
surround yourself with. As explained in overselling, passionately describing
the people in your life speaks volumes about your lifestyle without bragging.
When you talk about your association with people, focus on how that quality
or idiosyncrasy that makes the individual the way they are and talk about it in
an animated way.
Use social story telling not narrative story telling as in a book or a movie. Just
relate details from your life dont emphasize the plot but the details that
connect the listener to your life, experiences and emotions.
Connect with her through emotional experiences.
Sometimes gradual connection approach as in page 109(119) or blunt
approach as in 110(120) for loud venues.
Remember the balance 4-EG system just remain harmonized with other 3
elements. Always keep cycling between topics, driving the interaction
sexually forward while remaining playful and flirty. Dont only connect with
her or it will hurt the interaction.
You can connect on any topic as long as its a common experience and it
involves emotions.
Recognize if she is or not emotionally ready to connect with some topics
understand that she is pacing you.
Make sure your story has both of you feeling emotions together.
Dispel the belief that compliments forfeit your value. Compliments augment
your value, as it takes a man who is truly comfortable with himself to
recognize another person.
Give someone props so they come to your level.
Tag her name unto a genuine compliment you mean about her not something
right off the bat and give like a 3-5 minute trial period.
Her sense of style, her sense of humor, her unique views, her creative side,
her femininity, her confidence.
Identify emotional interrupts as anything a woman does to throw the
interaction off particularly if its unprovoked. Similar to shit tests or
congruence tests. Just ignore them. But if you did something like violate her
trust, forget something important dont disregard it but take responsibility.
Relish the emotional interrupts and see them for what they are and disregard
Dont do too much connection but balance with mechanics drive and

Remember the cycle of tension and release. Connections happen in moments

of release. Create enough sexual and emotional tension then release then
can you and the woman connect emotionally.
Always cycle back to moments of tension to keep her attraction stoked.
Whenever youre vibing and connecting with a woman, you should feel
present and in the moment. Actively listen to her and try to feel the
emotions she communicates. Nothing else should concern you when youre
connecting with a woman. Since connections happen passively, relax and
enjoy the moments you make a connection with an attractive woman.
Know where you want the interaction to go. Knowing when to balance
connection: put arm around her and pull her into you if she presses her body
close to you, shes ready to connect emotionally but if she uses platonic
gestures, you need to inject tension into the reaction immediately.
Make romantic connection not platonic ones.
Establish rapport first before connection. When to establish rapport on page
Always remember the rhythm of tension and
release. As you move the interaction forward
with your drive, the tension will increase.
Whenever theres more tension, theres more
potential for a greater release. And, whenever
theres greater release, youll make a stronger
and more significant connection (because
theres more truth).
Level 1 Connect over pop culture, situational topics, funny
memories with friends, trivial things that happened in the past
few hours, and your favorite drinks, foods, etc.
Level 2 Books youre reading, places you hang out,
childhood memories, funny and embarrassing moments
Level 3 Past relationships, aspirations and goals, real
opinions and views, fears
Level 4 Falling in love, secrets about your family and
friends, failings and non-bragging successes
Level 5 Sexual fantasies, secrets about yourself, things you
never told anyone
Again, this outline is not formulaic.
Always connect with the women you want in your life,
no matter if shes a girl you met ten minutes ago or your wife of fifty
years. The joy of dating and attracting women is connecting with them,
both physically and emotionally.
If youre moving an
interaction in a sexual direction, youre going to encounter social
friction. Proper mechanics is the lubricant that transitions an
interaction moment-to-moment. While drive is the mindset that
motivates escalation, mechanics is the actual steps to escalate
five transition stages are:
Open beginning the interaction

Vibe talking until a girl is ready to invest her time and/or

emotions in you
Isolate moving a girl to a spot where you can talk to her face-to-face
Escalate driving the interaction forward physically (touching,
kissing) and emotionally (deep connection)
Close give the interaction closure (phone number exchange,
go home together)
When meeting a girl for a date, the same timeline still applies with
some transitions omitted. You dont have to worry about isolating
her since the whole purpose of a date is a face-to-face, isolated
interaction unless she brings a friend, in which case youre not on a
real date anyway. Just like you have to re-connect every time you
meet up with a girl, you must also go through the transition stages
again, as well. Never forget to smoothly transition an interaction from
meeting to sex no matter how well you know a girl.
Remember that female attraction is time dependent.
First, its important you weed out women you have no chance of
attracting. For example, if a womans walking away from you, turning
her back to you, or completely ignoring you, its probably over so dont
waste your time chasing girls you cant get! No guy can get every girl,
so theres no reason to feel bad or rejected. Its far better you
discovered the truth: shes not the right girl for youNEXT!
Modes of attraction on page 125(135) 125(135).
Assume attraction. This doesnt necessarily mean you need
to open by directly stating your interest, but you should be speaking as
if you and the girl already know youre both attracted to one another.
If a womans attracted, dont start asking her questions to pique her
curiosity or try to generate rapport. Instead, immediately move things
forward physically and emotionally.

Modes relate to the transition stages.

The instant you open your mouth you should know what you want to do.

Open requires curiosity, interest, or attraction

Vibe requires curiosity, interest, or attraction
Isolate requires interest or attraction
Escalate happens only with attraction (can happen before the
Hard close happens only with attraction (only after the
Decide in advance what youre trying to do, and let it dictate how you
structure the approach.

Situation guidelines for knowing what to do, and when you want to do it as an
end game. Page 131(141).
When opening a girl, you might want to consider the three modes of
female reaction. Are you trying to get her attracted, interested, or
curious? Knowing the reaction you intend to elicit will improve your
opening skills exponentially.
Calibrate the mode of opener you want to use. Assume attraction, assume interest or
assume curiosity.

Calibrate depending on where you are and the situation. Let common sense guide
you. Examples of openers on page 132(142).
Have a fun vibe, always. FUN VIBE.
Once you open, you need to transition the interaction into vibing.
Notice: YOU need to transition the interaction, not wait for the girl to
do it for you! Its your responsibility as a man to lead the interaction
where you want it to go. Once a girls open (i.e. talking to you), start
vibing by generating rapport and using inspiration to express yourself.
This balances the tension created by your drive and the mechanics of
moving things forward.
The question is not what to say! The question is: how do you want to
express yourself? Give the woman a glimpse of your personality through
your inspiration. To do so, quickly transition out of the opener and into
one of the various conversation templates outlined in the inspiration
Do NOT let a woman get caught up on the opener if its not the
direction you want the interaction moving.
Learn to align your opener with a vibe. Transition into something that inspires in case
your openers are not a representation of your unique character.
Move the
interaction away from feelings of strangeness and
awkwardness into feelings of rapport and passion. Do not let interactions become
awkward or fizzle
because you failed to transition into a vibe.
Remember: the girl will rarely if ever do this for
you. Even if you have to be abrupt, get off the
opener and quickly establish yourself as a guy
worthy of emotional investment.
Once youre vibing (and her group is cool with you), keep moving the
interaction forward. To do that, you must get your girl alone, one-onone. This is
crucial only when youre alone together can you begin to
find out if youre right for each other. This stage is hard for new guys,
because they fear making such a bold move. But understand: its
absolutely essential to get the girl.
Dont be afraid to try and isolate. It never hurts to be shameless.
Dont worry about
impressing her or fret over your next witty line. Instead, focus on
getting to know her physically and emotionally.
Instead, make it easy
on her by suggesting another activity. This takes the pressure off her
for isolating with a guy she just met.
Examples of isolation on page 136(146).
When going for the isolation, try not to pose it as a question.
Always act bold and make
confident statements, like I absolutely MUST
show you something! Then, simply take your girl
by the hand (not like a wimp, but not like a thug)
and feel certain shell follow.

Once you have her alone, utilize the full potential of the one-on-one
situation. Its the perfect time to exchange numbers, just in case you get
separated. More importantly, this is your time to have a genuine
interaction with your girl. Move things forward smoothly and casually,
all while having fun and getting to know the new, hot girl in front of
you. Take her to a place where you can kiss her.
Just remember to avoid responding negatively to any rejection. Being
unaffected is key here. Simply stay on track and proceed. Also, when
going for the kiss, just go for it.
Ways to keep yourself emotionally unaffected if trying to kiss page 137(147)
Blockbuster preview kiss. Peck her lips fast enough that she doesnt have time to turn
her head.
Dont acknowledge the kiss just talk about some random topic or tell a story.
Let her feel those emotions while you downshift for 1-2 minutes then start some light
innocent touching, then go for a blockbuster style make-out.
The soft close Getting her contact info (e.g., phone number,
email, Facebook)
The real close Having sex with her and/or
starting a relationship with her
Anything else kissing included is not a close as
it doesnt gracefully end an interaction
While its okay to take a phone number, dont
mistake collecting phone numbers for success with
women. Therefore, always shoot for a hard close,
but accept a soft close when appropriate.
To get phone number be smooth and be casual.
Relax and remember its no big deal.
Do not make it an awkward exchange like in the movies.
Simply state it as a fact not as a question
If you encounter resistance but she still standing in front of you, inject humor right
before asking.
Example on page 139(149)- 140(150)
Get her laughing to get her number

Basic structures to getting her number daytime vs night-time on page


. In fact, there are only 5 basic rules of texting girls:

1. Always move the interaction forward (i.e., set up a date)
2. Be humorous/fun
3. Dont ask questions, assume she wants to see you
4. Set up dates on off-nights (e.g., Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or
5. Make her an offer she cant refuse meaning plan an activity
cooler than anything else shed be doing on an off-night

Texting is not the time to get cute. Unless shes your girlfriend, only
use text for one purpose: to get a meet up.
During texting engage her emotionally especially with humour.

Incorporate jokes and funny moments shared during the initial interaction into your
Keep the jokes light and obvious.
Dont abuse your text game once youve developed it.
Dont send more than two texts without pushing for a meet-up.

Oversell during texting and stand out. Suggest dates on off nights when
everyone has less going on.
By suggesting a slightly bizarre activity you stand out. Dont give yourself a
headache with the text. Just add a little finesse and artfulness and youll be
Example to set up meet up on page 142(152).
Whenever setting up a meet up, do it in the simplest way possible.
As such, its always best to minimize
your margin of error.
Dont call her unless absolutely necessary. Dont overgame by calling when not
There are some instances where calling a girl is necessary. Sometimes
girls forget you (if you wait too long to text them) or they may make
excuses for themselves about why they gave out their number, like, I
was so drunk. You know youre dealing with one of these girls
whenever you get flaked. Classic flaky behavior includes ignoring
your texts, responding with one or two-word answers, or not
responding when you suggest a meet up. For these girls, its possible to
recover them, but youre going to have to call them.
Therefore, you must begin by getting the woman
So when you call, never yell or ask her why shes not returning your
texts. Instead, pretend like shes been your girlfriend for ten years and
youre just calling to tell her something.
Have a story or social commentary ready to carry the conversation for the first
minute. A quick and punchy anecdote always greases the wheels of good
Be less focused on the call and have something else that youre doing or is
distracting you.
Keep it short and simple. Before a first date, no phone conversation should exceed
During voicemails keep it simple stupid. Just deliver the facts: a hello,
your name, and an invitation to return your call is all thats necessary.
When pulling a girl from a nightclub or bar, it helps to use momentum.
To generate momentum, move your girl around the venue several
times before suggesting you leave together.
Hotspots include:
Smoking sections

You can always make a second move to a hotspot regardless of where you isolate her.
Oversell the different venue you may chose to go to before the take home.
Also, plant the idea of leaving together early in the interaction.
Drop hints about the awesomeness of after events.
Examples of seeding the extraction on page 146(156).
If not get home that night you can set up a date.
Dont take girls on boring dates.
Robs perfect date setup on page 146(156)-148(158)
To setup a romantic supernova, you want to keep it
simple. After you exchange one or two flirty texts,
send her something like, Let's get a drink and see
if we can play nice together. Suggest meeting at a
bar or lounge thats within walking distance of your
Talk to her focusing on rapport and connection.
Be funny and lighthearted just make sure it comes off as humorous and fun see page
Make sure your apartment is dimly lit, with
everything ready to go. Light the candles, play
some music, pour a little wine, and take the
chicken dish out of the oven. Serve. Start talking.
Enjoy the girl. Listen to her. Tell her about
yourself. At some point, take her by the hand, lift her out of her seat,
and start slow dancing with her to the music. Move things forward
slowly but surely.
So always take peoples natural advantages into account when
considering their advice.
Already you
probably naturally possess one or two of the four elements. Once you
identify those elements, work on balancing them with the elements
youre lacking.
Being out of shape (especially overweight)
Having crooked or discolored teeth, bad breath
A haircut that doesnt compliment the contours of your
Any sort of hygiene issue
Bad fashion, wearing clothes that dont fit properly
Acne, paleness, or other skin issues
Remove your ugly features.
With ugly features balance with mechanics but no ugly features dont
Negate your ugly features or, as Zack and I like to say, de-uglify yourself.
Steps to de-uglify table 156(166)-157(167).
So no more excuses: get to the gym, the dentist, the hairstylist, etc. and get rid of
those ugly
features! And start today!

Do not over emphasize mechanics.

Dont get enamored with it and over-game. Simply use it tactfully

As you already know, theres a time and place for mechanics: in
transition. Use mechanics when you open, vibe, isolate, escalate, and
close. Use it, and then forget about it until its time to transition again.
Dont become one of these neurotic, game-obsessed guys who treats
picking up chicks as if its some sort of military operation, using three letter
acronyms, thinking of babes as targets, and acting super weird.
Attraction is a human emotion, and so you must be human to
understand it. And being human means making mistakes.
Use the 4-EG system as your internal compass, as your balance scale.
Even if you just skim it quickly, jotting down a
few quick reminders before heading out, itll help focus you on exactly
what you need to do to balance yourself for success tonight